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Back To School Sports Day

Discussion in 'Club Promotions / Events' started by ThePlaygrounds, 26 July 2016.

THE PLAYGROUNDS proud sponsors of Swingfields 2016 presents:
Saturday 27th August 2016
Afternoon Splash & Sun from 3.00pm
Main party from 9.30pm till dawn

With summer hols coming to a close the first thing we thought was the kids are back to school, yay, so what better way to close the summer but with a Back to School theme, which we know is a huge favourite with many of our guests. So grab the old school sports gear or simply dress as those naughty school boys and girls. As always its not a requirement to dress as the theme for the night, but it simply adds a little bit more fun xxx

For these parties we are opening up the house mid afternoon, 6 hours early, to guests who wish to indulge in the magnificent lush Radlett lawns & gardens, the 50ft heated pool, sample the now legendary BBQ while we all attempt to relax, chill, socialise or more in the sun.

Guests who wish to take advantage of this offer will then be allowed to shower change and party on into the main party where the temperature always sores to new highs of naughty, sexy indulgent fun till the morning.

If you would like to come to the afternoons party for the fun, food and a quick dip, then just message us to be included. A suggested contribution to the afternoons gathering to cover the cost of food etc.is £5.00 per person, bargain.

Expect all the fabulous facilities and features from a Playgrounds party, with a back to school sports day flavour were the ginger beer will continue to flow, full buffet + BBQ, heated 50ft pool, hot tub Jacuzzi, 5 x playrooms, DJ, music & dance plus lots more.

Don't forget we offer a free sleep over in the house to anyone who wishes to grab some sleep before there journey home on the Sunday along with some coffee, toast and party gossip with fun party memories. There is also plenty of space for campervans to park up too along with tents if you fancy for no extra charge.

Suggested contributions:
Couples £50.00 (Evening party) + £10.00 (Splash & Sun)
Single ladies £15.00 (evening party) + £5.00 (Splash & Sun)

  1. ThePlaygrounds

    ThePlaygrounds VIP Member PV

    ThePlaygrounds created a new event:


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  2. Lola

    Lola PV

    I so would love to come but I can't make it is and always on a family holiday in Devon. I will be back to your parties hopefully from September...
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  3. very interesting.... now if we had kids to send back to school pmsl... think tigs and I need to look at our schedules to see if this one is doable...
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  4. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Will be added to our newsletters.. :)
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  5. This event sounds awesome. Shame I'm so far away :cry:
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