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  • Best Club Sexual Experience.

    Discussion in 'Swinging Chats - Public' started by Lips_Pearls, 10 August 2018 at 19:47.

    1. Lips_Pearls

      Lips_Pearls PV P Sprtr

      We always discuss the highs and lows of swinging. It’s also always discussed, usually in detail :sneaky: the fun we have.... but what’s your best club experience?
      That may also mean the clubs’ facilities and surroundings too ofc.
      We want details please. :sneaky: :D
      Not who etc but what happened, did you enjoy it? Maybe you didn’t but went ahead anyway...
      all yours ;) x

      (FWIW we don’t ‘play’ in clubs..)
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      • Wonderful group that got going at VA on one of our first visits there. The right combination of people that just seemed to click.

        Come to think there was quite a bit of squelching too if my memory serves ;)
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        • T&C

          T&C PV Sprtr

          There are a couple that spring to mind:
          @Xtasia first visit...fantastic club and we met great people from SS. Sitting in the hot tub chatting, trying out the BSDM room with a very obliging lady, and then the climax, excuse the pun was to join in with some very sexy people on the bed for all out fun....phew. Looking forward to the next one :licking:
          The VA snow SS. Limited people attended but those that did wow we had a great time. Some special fun was had with a lovely couple who traveled so far @Westcoastcouple to join us. Always a great experience in the hot tub at the VA...(n)

          So, yes we do play at clubs, is it fun 100% and are we looking forward to the next one...bloody right we are xxxx :0)) T&C
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          • SuperKing1981

            SuperKing1981 PV Sprtr

            Well said the suave Mr. T and sensual Miss C
          • We have had some great nights at clubs. Thinking back i guess it would have to be @the town house when it was 1 of those super sunday evenings when the whole place was full of sexy folks and everyone was getting it on in 1 massive pile of bodies
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            • meandlis

              meandlis Quiz Meister Admin Sprtr

              One night, at the now-defunct Adventures In Lust, a group of us guys were blindfolded and the ladies took turns in licking, sucking and slurping on our cocks with the premise that we had to guess whose mouth belonged to who. It quickly turned into something a bit more debauched than that :sneaky:
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