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Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sex Toys/adult Toys Discount 25%


Interested in the above? :sneaky:
Well I've not long spoken to someone who is interested in advertising on here and will not only give Social Swinging members a fixed discount, but for Black Friday - Cyber Monday, a flat 25% discount across all products..
Keep your eyes peeled for more info as it comes in.
Thanks all!
Admin x


Dear members,
We're proud to announce a new site who is happy to send you, our members, a direct 25% constant discount in show of support of Social Swinging.

So without further ado, Alternative Pleasure are a new company who have many years in the Swinging Lifestyle and are now branching out into adult novelty toys.
Alternative Pleasure

They're prepared to allow you, our members (SS only!) A consistent percentage discount on ALL items they have online for you to buy...

For this weekend only, they are allowing a generous 25% on toys for you to buy right now, online and delivered within 2-3 working days..

There are no gimmicks and we don't get commission for doing this either. (y)
So please, if you want some extra goodies and wish to support a local friendly shop over a chain, then make that order now.. plus you save a whopping 25% per order until Monday!

Staff x