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Bristol Gardens Health Spa

Discussion in 'Swinging Club Reviews' started by Admin, 22 January 2018.

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  2. One of my most favourite places to hang out naked and an absolutely gorgeous spa! Cannot recommend this place enough. It's perfect for relaxing and catching up with friends, but not the right environment for a raucous gangbang. Follow the rules and you will have a lovely experience x
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  3. Anyone been recently? Never been before. Maybe on my own may not be, so just wondered what the lay of the land was. Spend time down that neck of the woods quite regularly so seemed a shame not to pop in!
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  4. Relaxing time in a relaxed liberated atmosphere. Good mix of rest areas, social and spa areas with the steam room being my personal favourite. Was quiet on a Thursday evening with mainly men in there, I guess to be expected, but a couple of women and couple also about. Probably nice to have it quiet for a first visit which means you can have a nose round at the areas without seeming like you're stalking! haha. Liberating and for those who are body conscious there's no reason to be! As it was my first visit a lovely member of staff showed me round briefly and then left me to it. There are rest areas that the staff don't go and make of that what you will ;) but follow the rules!
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