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Buy Sex Toys & Adult Toys Online @ Carvaka Sex Toys Uk

Discussion in 'Swinging Club Reviews' started by Admin, 20 April 2018.

  1. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Admin submitted a new link:


    Buy Sex Toys & Adult Toys Online @ Carvaka Sex Toys UK
    Choose from over 1000 sex toys all available with free & next day UK shipping. Buy adult toys online in confidence with free returns on all orders. Buy sex toys with peace of mind with discreet shipping and no mention of Carvaka on credit card statement. Choose from vibrators, dildos, gay & lesbian sex toys & more.
  2. Admin

    Admin Admin

    I'd like to say a huge thank you to Carvaka who are happy to help sponsor one of our upcoming events. x
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  3. Have to ask. Has anyone used a penis pump? Have been considering for a while...not for size improvements but wondered on masterbating capabilities??
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  4. Pearls

    Pearls #PearlsTechSupport

    They can be good from my perspective but have you had a look at Fleshlights :whistle:
  5. Have fleshlight mini which is great x :whistle:
  6. @Pearls dont have much but do enjoy this also recently combined with some beads :whistle: ;) :eek:
  7. Sorry no video evidence. Well none posted here anyway :whistle:(y)
  8. Vanezza

    Vanezza PV Sprtr

    Neil has so he's the best one to answer this one i'll get him to drop by this thread :D

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  9. Vanezza

    Vanezza PV Sprtr

    Good site and good prices too, off to have another mooch :D

  10. Vanezza

    Vanezza PV Sprtr

    I now have a wish list best not tell Neil just yet :D:sneaky:

  11. Carpediem2008

    Carpediem2008 PV Sprtr

    i wouldn't bother myself its a bit of a gimmick however i would recommend some of the wand attachments we have 2 for hubby and they are mind blowing :)
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  12. Most of those dildos are eye-wateringly huuuge :eek:
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