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Cat And Tag's Mega Huge Super Joint Birthday Bash . . . Sat 17 March At Atlantisevolution, Stoke!

Discussion in 'Club Promotions / Events' started by CatEvolution, 10 March 2018.

  1. CatEvolution

    CatEvolution VIP Member PV

    It's Cat & Tag's MEGA HUGE SUPER DUPER Joint Birthday & you are invited!
    Come & join us for our super sexy MEGA busy party night for couples/single fems.
    It's one of the busiest & best of the year!
    The theme is the easy 'Open Fancy Dress Theme'. . . so the only think that is holding you back is your imagination! So dress up if you can!
    The atmosphere is welcoming & friendly. You won't get a better welcome anywhere!
    ID essential for your first visit. 9p - 3am. BYOB.
    FREE Buffet, bubbles, balloons, top music & the best party atmosphere ANYWHERE.
    Stay over for FREE.
    See you there & get ready to party!
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  2. Yet another club who thinks single gents shouldn't be part of the seen .....
  3. I wouldn't quite accuse them of that Steve.
    They do have other specific nights and we're very welcoming to me when I went last year.
    My vote of disappointed is that it's another big party that single guys are excluded from.
  4. My point was single gents are only welcome when it suits so in that sense they are no different to most clubs.
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  5. CatEvolution

    CatEvolution VIP Member PV

    You are making a very large assumption about a club and it's owners when you have never visited.

    We have three big parties upto the beginnig of April where single gents are very welcome.

    It's a balancing act for clubs . . . some people like single guys, some don't . . . try to please everyone.

    If you had ever attended the club you would see that there is lots on offer for single guys and the welcome and inclusion s second to none.
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