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Chat 'ghosts'

Discussion in 'FAQ's, Help & Suggestions' started by SteLinda, 19 December 2016.

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  1. One of the problems we have at the moment is the fact that we show a large number of people in chat but most of them aren't actually even there. To illustrate my point one person I just looked at chat now says they are online but if you look at their profile it says last signed on 3rd November. Is it possible that at a pre arrange time the whole lot could be switched off, reset and then all those who show as online from then onwards will actually be there? It would probably be best if this was done on regular occasions say once a month?
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    Admin Admin

    We have discussed this before, several times. It's due to the amount of people who may have the app, and are still active within chat but not necessarily active on the main site - which is achievable.
    Thank you.
    Additionally, for your information we do carry out regular scheduled monthly maintenance.
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