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Chat Now Doesn't Scroll

Discussion in 'FAQ's, Help & Suggestions' started by Lola, 16 March 2016.

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  1. Lola

    Lola PV

    My chat now doesn't scroll down.
    That means I can only see 10 profile names there, even if it says there are 14 available.
    When I try to scroll down it just doesn't move.
    Is this just my particular phone, is it a glitch,or is it supposed to be like that?
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  2. Mootje

    Mootje SS Bad Boy! PV

    It moves here with Me @Lola xxx and Good morning to you Hunnie
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  3. Admin

    Admin Admin

    It's set to be like this so it doesn't flood your screen with names.
    We have it as so - the number of users in Who's Online list after which search bar will be displayed - 10.
    So any more than 10 you will have to then use the search function, because it will flood the screen.

    I can increase it to 20 if you want? :)
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  4. Admin

    Admin Admin

    As discussed in chat with @Lola I have increased this to 40, after 40 members showing online then the search tab will show.
    Hope this helps.
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  5. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Locked, thanks for your contributions all. :) x
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