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Club Bizarre Fetish

Event: Club Bizarre Fetish
Discussion in 'Club Promotions / Events' started by Arousal, 28 December 2016.

Mistresses, Masters, submissive’s, slaves, switches, TVs, TSs & Fetish Players of any and all kinds are invited to attend Arousal’s monthly Club Bizarre Fetish Parties to play, punish, chat, fantasise, fornicate, dance, watch fetish films on the (very) big screen & enjoy the club atmosphere with like-minded people. The dungeon equipment includes a St Andrew’s Cross, Throne, Suspension Swing, Stirrups, Whipping Benches, Glory Holes and a Cave. Please bring your own cuffs, paddles etc.

A member of staff will gladly show you around. The dance floor has a pole, podium, cage. Club Bizarre Fetish has a strict dress code of fetish wear or minimum all black

Where all your fantasies can be explored in this safe sexy environment.. emphasis will be on sexy fun nights. We are a smoke free venue, smoking gazebo outside


Door contribution costs 10pm till 3am
Couples £25

Single Guy’s £25

Single Females £10
  1. Arousal

    Arousal VIP Member PV

    Arousal created a new event:

    Club Bizarre Fetish

    Read more about this event...
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  2. SarahD72

    SarahD72 PV Sprtr

    Sounds fantastic and just the event I enjoy attending. Am I treated as and pay as a single lady?
    Sarah x
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  3. SarahD72

    SarahD72 PV Sprtr

    Plus it's very close to me so win win x
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  4. SarahD72

    SarahD72 PV Sprtr

    Hopefully I'll get a response on the event as I really want to go.
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  5. Admin

    Admin Admin

    I've sent a message so hopefully they will respond. x
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  6. SarahD72

    SarahD72 PV Sprtr

    Thank you very much xx

    I emailed them earlier so hopefully get a response xx
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  7. Admin

    Admin Admin

    You're welcome Sarah, hopefully they will respond to you soon. xx
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  8. SarahD72

    SarahD72 PV Sprtr

    Tgirls are £15 entry it appears
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