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Cougarsandcubs The Radlett Asylum Party

Event: Cougarsandcubs THE RADLETT ASYLUM party
Discussion in 'Club Promotions / Events' started by ThePlaygrounds, 2 October 2016.

Cougarsandcubs party

The Asylum for the sexually insane

for the care and treatment of the slightly insane, sexy and down right naughty "


Only the crazy and medically naughty need attend

... This is a night to blow your mind in more ways than one ...

A complete mansion makeover full of surprises.


The infamous speed dating games

Theme of an insane sanatorium

BBQ food available

Soft drinks available

From 8pm till late

50ft heated indoor pool

5 x playrooms

8 seater Jacuzzi

DJ, dancefloor, dance pole and music

Plus loads more
  1. ThePlaygrounds

    ThePlaygrounds VIP Member PV

    ThePlaygrounds created a new event:

    Cougarsandcubs THE RADLETT ASYLUM party

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  2. Admin

    Admin Administrator Admin

    Your parties just sound amazing..
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  3. Pearls

    Pearls Site Owner Staff Admin

    Very creative and yes they sound fantastic :)
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  4. Lola

    Lola PV

    I am so looking forward to this. Last months was extremely fun......
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  5. This was an amazing night!!!! Loved every minute.
    The hostess works soooooo hard to ensure everyone has a fantastic time.
    The house was transformed... so much so no way I was going up in that attic haha!!!
    Bring on the next one :) xxx
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