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Cpu Usage

Discussion in 'FAQ's, Help & Suggestions' started by Haitink, 5 July 2016.

  1. Just an observation, when I am in a message thread eg Couple + 1, the CPU usage on the Windows Thread (it is IE, sorry) goes up to 15% - I notice it because I have a noisy fan which usually enters takeoff mode when I am in Yahoo and other objectionable sites with lots of JavaScript ads, but it starts doing it when I go into one of your message threads.
    I am not expecting you to do anything as it may be a local phenomenon - I have had to nobble the Windows Update Service for the same sin, 25% CPU, grrr! I just wanted you to be aware in case there is a design issue floating about!
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  2. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Okay noted and thank you for your observation. It's most likely pulling cycles while rendering the page. (which is expected) But will check for spikes.
    Many thanks.

    You'll note that your percentages and cycles will also go up on a news page such as this for example;
    Baghdad explosion: Crowd throws stones at Iraq PM's convoy - BBC News
    The CPU is there to be used of course, and as long as there are no time delays, then I shouldn't be too overly concerned about it if I were you, but as I say noted anyway.
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  3. that's because my thread couple+1 is too hot for your CPU :p
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  4. Meandlis

    Meandlis PV Sprtr

    I read the title as 'CUP usage'. I thought someone was brewing up.

    Disappointed now. :cautious:
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  5. No shug ta ;)
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  6. Bloody noisy fans it'll be all those deb does dallas type of sights you freqerrrrrnt! ;)

    Chuck a towel overt fan :D
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  7. Meandlis

    Meandlis PV Sprtr

    Knew I'd get conned into it.
    OK, what's everyone having?
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  8. Coffee pls oh blimey can you bring it over there >>>> ta very.....
    Spam eeeek..
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  9. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Not guilty... :p
  10. Meandlis

    Meandlis PV Sprtr

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  11. Admin

    Admin Admin

    I haven't said a word :D
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  12. that sounds a little low for the fan to run in turbo mode, have you tried cleaning out the fan air vents with a hoover ? just a thought...
  13. Suck out your fan with your hoover.. Works wonders on mine..
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