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Decadence & Desire

Event: Decadence & Desire
Discussion in 'Club Promotions / Events' started by Mingles, 9 June 2016.


Decadence & Desire
A night with a difference is coming to Mingles, launching on Thursday 23rd June 2016…. Lights low, powerful rousing classic background music sets the ambience for a perfectly sensual and truly decadent evening….

See where the night will take you on this pleasurable journey of passion...

Event Details:
8pm – 9.30pm: A light social time before play commences, time to chat to others about your desires, fantasies & forbidden pleasures. You can truly discover & indulge your wildest fantasies in a spectacularly seductive safe environment.

9.30pm – 12.00am – Quiet play in groups. Low lighting, background music, no voices just groans from pleasure, you’ll discover a whole new world of ecstasy & arousal taking you to a deeper level of eroticism you never knew could exist.

12.00am – 1.00am – A little more time to unwind and relax before the end of the night.

More details:
Rope play, blindfolds, floggers, handcuffs, candle wax, electric play, all quiet and erotic sensual play with or without equipment. Bring your own sensual play equipment and come and act out your desires in decadence.

This is not a Fetish night, rather a quiet, sensual night of sexual play with your partners or others.

Full play allowed in all areas of the club.

Mistress Desire and others will be on hand to help ensure all participants are safe, get play started and on occasion join in with your fantasy’s.

Dress code:
Extravagant, sexy, dark, restrictive & seductive.

Safety: ** Don’t forget the house rules & our “safe words”.

Red- STOP immediately. Orange- Nearing personal limits/boundaries.

Come and experience a truly different night at the launch event on Thursday 23rd June 2016!

We look forward to seeing you at Decadence & Desire soon x

  1. Mingles

    Mingles VIP Member PV

    Mingles created a new event:

    Decadence & Desire

    Read more about this event...
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  2. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Will add to newsletters.. :) Tweeted too etc x
    Sounds good fun!
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  3. Mingles

    Mingles VIP Member PV

    Thanks! We have bough the most amazing lighting / flamless candles etc and other stuff to create a very decadent mood! So looking forward to it! xxx
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  4. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Oh now that sounds amazing! I will make this a featured event. Sounds a lot of fun and some people will be getting into all sorts of mischief xx
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  5. We are both looking forward to a fun night. We will book in the morning.
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  6. Mingles

    Mingles VIP Member PV

    All booked in guys :) xxxx
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  7. Mingles

    Mingles VIP Member PV

    Thanks guys, so glad you enjoyed it! Can't wait til next months now! lol xxx
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