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Foot Fetish

Discussion in 'BDSM & Fetish Forums' started by Cuteclive4u, 5 June 2016.

Who likes woman's feet

  1. Small feet

  2. Large feet

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. I've got a massive foot fetish for just woman's feet sorry guys lol
    I'll love to sit for hours massarging feet rubbing them kissing sucking toes licking them
    Has anyone eles into feet or likes their feet played with
    I'm open for offers to play with your feet
    Pm me
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  2. Not a foot lover I'm afraid and not keen on having mine played with. Maybe a massage, that's about it.
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  3. I don't mind just a massarges lol x
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  4. I hate getting my feet out. They're swollen and my nails are terrible
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  5. Admin

    Admin Admin

    So full of optimism and joy.. ;) x
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  6. Therapon

    Therapon Admin PV Sprtr

    I had to smile when I read this. I'm very ticklish and there is no way anyone is going to anywhere near my feet :rofl:
    Having said that I do know someone who loves having their feet massaged and although it's not a direct turn on for me I know this person really enjoys the sensation so I'm happy to oblige after all its part of the foreplay.
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  7. :eek: not for me.. do like dainty feet though with nice painted toes..
    You really wouldnt want to come anywhere, near mine... after the shift ive just done.. although i'll peel my socks off first, if you like.. :love:
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  8. MP386

    MP386 PV Sprtr

    Are they a bit funky ? :eek::sick:
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  9. Theyre not to bad.. just a bit sore. :D
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  10. Miss-Sexy-Legs

    Miss-Sexy-Legs Admin PV Sprtr

    omg i adore having my feet touched i admit i find it a massive turn on yes i know im a nutter but ooof the after effects are mmm :giggle::giggle::giggle:
  11. Therapon

    Therapon Admin PV Sprtr

    Ooo do you, I'll try to remember that and yep, your a nutter, that I do know :rofl::rofl:
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  12. Miss-Sexy-Legs

    Miss-Sexy-Legs Admin PV Sprtr

    bloody cheek ya old bugga :rofl::rofl: anyway takes 1 to know 1
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  13. Lola

    Lola PV

    I very much have a receiving foot fetish..... X

    Attached Files:

  14. Admin

    Admin Admin

    What a photo... :) x
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  15. Pearls

    Pearls #PearlsTechSupport

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  16. Pearls

    Pearls #PearlsTechSupport

    Not a foot lover, hate feet, I have lovely feet of course :D
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  17. Therapon

    Therapon Admin PV Sprtr

    And nice green wellies to go em :p
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  18. Pearls

    Pearls #PearlsTechSupport

    Yep love wellies :whistle::p
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  19. My girl LOVES her feet being played with the teased and rubbed.
    Can't tell you how much it turns her on!
    This is a guaranteed way to get her going!
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  20. If you want your feet played with I'm your man xx
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  21. Oooh nooooo nobody touches my feet. Cant abide it lol. I kick like a mule at just the tiniest touch lol. Will pass on this one xxx
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  22. Lovernotfighter

    Lovernotfighter PV Sprtr

    Are you sure you haven't stole my legs since I do exactly the same
  23. I hate it hun lol. My feet are an absolute no go zone lol xxx
  24. Meandlis

    Meandlis PV Sprtr

    Sexually, it does nothing for me, but Lis likes a toesucking, now and then.
    I will say, though.. I used to know an aromatherapist, called Anna, that did an incredible foot massage. It wasn't sexual but, by god, it was wonderful!
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