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Friends With Benefits Can It Work And Can You Maintain The Friendship☺

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by louise1970, 26 October 2016.

  1. I am interested in what thoughts you have on this :)
  2. Ms_kinky_Emma

    Ms_kinky_Emma PV Sprtr

    I think they do work I have 2 and we are as good friends now then we was before xx
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  3. Yes. I have three. They are equally as opposed to getting serious and it suits my lifestyle. Each one is different. Man. Woman. Dominant. Switch. All are big. I fantasise about them all meeting.
  4. Bi not big. Or maybe both. ;)
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  5. Well I would have to say yes but it as to work both ways wouldn't you say @MickeyBlueBalls x
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  6. I've had what I call swinging buddies, we only met at clubs and played as a couple, but could meet solo.
    Never did cinema dates or shiz.
    One buddy would take me out for a meal every week, but as friends.
    I'm a cold hearted biatch, so never fell for my buddies.
    I did however become fond, as friends, nothing else and although I no longer swing with them, I still see them in clubs and we'll have a catch up.

    I've met a lovely couple, where everything is on a completely different level. It's new, exciting, but also very scary and I'm struggling to keep them at arms length.
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  7. Absolutamundo!
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  8. Maintaining the friendship is a plus I have to say even if you don't talk daily as it isn't all about the sex x
  9. So you didn't need my reply numpty lol
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  10. I see freinds, on a regular basis..
    Freinds with benefits.. ohhhh you betcha.. so i guess so. :) xx
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  11. I'm seeing an old buddy on Friday, known him over 4 years now, although we've not played for over a year, it's nice to just catch up with him.
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  12. Hope you both have a wonderful catch up too vv xx
  13. Thank you, we'll probably hog the hot tub!
  14. Stay out my corner :rofl:
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  15. Well you started the thread .... I was merely asking what your take on it is.....number!! lol :)
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  16. I has my own corner :p
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  17. I know you was joking with you x
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  18. Dirty mare.. x
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  19. Now now.. no numptying allowed....

    Numptiesssssss :p
  20. Is it left or right? Wheres @Therapon :rofl:
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  21. RLJ

    RLJ PV

    I have 1 and seems to be working just fine. No feelings, just sex.......bloody good sex too!
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  22. to the left :giggle:
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  23. Thatsssss my corner grrrrr
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