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  • From one swinging site to another.. my experience.

    My experience of another swinging site. This is not a sob story...this is a story of resilience This story isn't pretty reading and believe me...
    By Lips_Pearls · 10 May 2018 ·
    1. Lips_Pearls

      Lips_Pearls PV P Sprtr

      Lips_Pearls submitted a new Article:

      From one swinging site to another.. my experience.

      Read more about this article here...
    2. Sammy

      Sammy PV Sprtr

      Fabulous article
      Sorry to hear of the awful experiences

      Respect to the author for the honesty in the article

      Well done for challenging the system !!

      Of course I agree totally with everything you've said about this community
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      • Lips_Pearls

        Lips_Pearls PV P Sprtr

        Agreed. I won't really pass comment as this time I think it would be a bit unfair to, given the fact we've been asked to post it? But it's a harrowing account - but and sadly, one we're familiar with at the same time. x
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        • Lips_Pearls

          Lips_Pearls PV P Sprtr

          Have to mention something on this...
          What's worrying me in particular, is another instance of a very similar issue again very recently.
          Why on earth is it allowed to be so prevalent and most of all, why do so many people put up with it?
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          • Thats dead easy to answer. First of all most people dont even know it goes on and secondly the site dont give a shit what goes on. If they start to moderate a bit as they did before using any bugger then the Mods become power drunk i am sure we have all seen that. Then the Mods need mods and before you know it you have to get shut of the lot so its just easier to let everyone for themselves and sit back and keep checking that bank balance.
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            • Lips_Pearls

              Lips_Pearls PV P Sprtr

              Amen to that! (y)
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              • Recently had abusive messages on another site. Such cowards when they delete their account straight after, or block you so you can't reply.
                Yup, just cowatds for sure. They wouldn't dream of saying it to my face, just jealous keyboard warriors. Keep the messages coming, it's great entertainment, my sister and I have a good giggle over them.
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