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15 October 2015
greetings from the outback I'm 63 not a stick thin model type (far from it) but i do have a good sense of humour and a well educated tongue fluent in cunnilingus. I frequent the clubf spa club in Stanley where I have met quite a few friends with benefits but am always available to meet any and all who seek pleasure in the form of orgasms single or multiple. 100% straight should you wish to know, confident in my own body shape and have no problem performing with or without an audience.
If three is your perfect number get in touch I love all women especially those who want sexual relief on the end of my tongue.
seriously though I am clean ultra discrete and FREE.
I can accommodate or travel.
should you prefer just to have filthy chats get in touch we could swap photos.


15 September 2014
Hello @kevinlikestolick good morning and a very warm welcome from myself again. Good to see you using the account, been here long enough.! ;)

Hope you enjoy and have fun. :)
Best advice I can offer is, be active - remain active and you will go far.
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