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Have You Ever.....?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by meet_the_fockers, 5 December 2016.

  1. simple....... have you ever?

    RULES)....... first answer yes or no to previous persons question.. then ask your question.

    I'll start:

    Have you ever tasted your own cum?
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  2. Yes - quite a few!
    Had anal sex?
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  3. yes, given.
    fucked a complete stranger and left?
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  4. Have you ever..
    Bent your rules completely?
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  5. No,
    Called out someone elses name during sex? Xx
  6. Yes.
    Wished you were fucking someone else during sex?
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  7. Yes.
    Fallen asleep during sex?
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  8. Yes
    Faked an orgasm?
  9. Yes :(
  10. Yes....
    Have you ever pretended to be asleep to get out of sex?
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  11. Yes.....WTF am I like???
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  12. Erm... :eek:
    I counted the flowers on the wallpaper through squinty eyes lol..
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  13. have you ever made yourself cum to get it over with during sex?
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  14. :rofl:We're both terrible, I am just as bad! x
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  15. .........yes....with some folk it's the only way!
    Have you ever just abruptly stopped during sex because it was shite? x
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  16. Yep. Only twice though.
    Ever let someone fuck you while you do emails or social media because they're horny but you aren't? Basically use your sexy bits as a masturbatory toy?
  17. Oh fucking hell, yes to that also.
  18. Finally one I can say no to lol
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  19. Meandlis

    Meandlis PV Sprtr

    No... But...
    Have you ever had to stop a session because you had cramp?
  20. I'm assuming you have, and if so, I like you already lol
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  21. Can't say I have but i don't think it mind :rofl: x
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