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Here's One For You..

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Lips_Pearls, 9 February 2017.

  1. Lips_Pearls

    Lips_Pearls PV Sprtr

    After a post, one thing I personally don't like is the Americanisation (or as they would write; Americanization) of the English language.

    I detest the word 'panties' - no no no, it's knickers....
    Color, desensitise(ize) humor (humour) and so on.

    One thing that I see more and more of on here and Twitter, is Panties.. Drop your panties, sell your panties.. hell even sell soiled panties, used panties.. you get the gist.
    I could go on, believe me.

    So is this a discussion on Americanisation of the English language, or the term panties?
    I've included both.. so feel free. :whistle:
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  2. Therapon

    Therapon Admin PV Sprtr

    The use a z as in hospitalization. However the language has been changing for thousands of years so I guess we just have to accept it. At least English is a living language.
  3. Miss-Sexy-Legs

    Miss-Sexy-Legs Admin PV Sprtr

    Ok so I didnt have me glasses on lol panties
  4. Definitely agree on this. I'm a real stickler for languages!
  5. Lovernotfighter

    Lovernotfighter PV Sprtr

    I use the panties ever since dating an American so :p. The increased use of Z's in the ....sation's fucks me off.
  6. Therapon

    Therapon Admin PV Sprtr

    Panties is a short version of pantaloons so it is english ..... from a french origin.
  7. Ooooo so stressy lately :D
  8. Therapon

    Therapon Admin PV Sprtr

    We know this :D
  9. Hush Daddy.x
  10. Erm.....
  11. uk2002

    uk2002 PV Sprtr

    So do many people
  12. Oh ello k9 :D
  13. uk2002

    uk2002 PV Sprtr

    Hello oh lacy knickered MTF
  14. Therapon

    Therapon Admin PV Sprtr

    Lol right im out of here MTF your canine friend will keep you company :D
  15. uk2002

    uk2002 PV Sprtr

    Only if she tickles me under the chin :sneaky:
  16. We rather like the term panties but all other American rubbish get us mad

    Also the term "2 times" really breaks my balls its "twice" you idiots
  17. AutumnH

    AutumnH PV

    It's knickers, the letter U DOES exist and they're tits or boobs! Not titties!
  18. Therapon

    Therapon Admin PV Sprtr

    Please be respectful of other nationalities.
  19. uk2002

    uk2002 PV Sprtr

    No bothered either way
    Also long as she gives me a good tickle :D
  20. uk2002

    uk2002 PV Sprtr

    The Yankies say titties

    Would you accept bitties (Little Britain)
  21. AutumnH

    AutumnH PV

  22. Colin

    Colin PV Sprtr

    Don't matter what there called I love them all ( .) ( .) lol
    AutumnH likes this.
  23. In America "he made out with her in the back of the cab".
    In Britain "he fingered her in the back of the taxi".
    Read it on Facebook today, ah the joys ....
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