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Discussion in 'Fantasy & Story Forums' started by Lovernotfighter, 29 June 2019.

  1. Lovernotfighter

    Lovernotfighter PV Sprtr

    “Evening Babe” I call while feeling the reassuring ‘Clunk’ of a doors lock clipping in to place,

    “Hey” I hear you mumble slightly nervously,

    “Are you li….” I start to ask, while walking in to the living room, My eyes go wide as I see you sat perched on the edge of the little black leather sofa in nothing but strapy black high heels and fishnet stockings,

    “Like you asked” You nervously smile, shooting your head towards me even though your sight is blocked by a satin blindfold,

    “More than I asked” I answer, running my fingers over the black satin,

    “Ohh sorry, I thought you’d thin……” I stop your trembling voice by pressing a finger to your full pretty pink lips,

    “I like it, my sweet innocent girl all exposed blindfold”

    “Blah, he, hah, heeee” you giggle your unique dirty laugh before adding “Innocent me.”,

    “Well not really” I answer you as my lips catch yours before ordering “Stand up”

    You stand up as ordered, my heart races I have never told you this but it always does whenever I see you naked whether you skin is glowing with a sheen of lusty sweat or you've called me to wash you back after a long day my heart races like it is the first time, I look you over my eyes scanning your pretty face before falling down to your chest and you full large boobs my cock throbs as the light slightly changes and glits off the silver bar piercing your right nipple,

    “Ummmmmmm” Escapes my lips as I force my glaze lower to the curves and faded pale stretch marks of your tummy, I know you dislike it but you shouldn't it strong and feminine, curvy and sexy, perfectly imperfect.

    I flick my eyes back to your face and think that I am the luckiest man in the world before dropping my focus back down to your neat and totally hairless pussy,

    “Waxed?” I ask involuntarily,

    “Yes this morning” you answer softly,

    “Annie?” I ask,

    “Yeah, she never misses anything”,

    “I know” I remark back as my eyes trace the shape of your full thighs, round calves and little ankles,

    “Turn around” I order next and without questioning you do, as you did I take note of the phoenix tattooed on your right shoulder and fading reddened streeks crossing your buttocks.

    I take a step towards you and run my hand down your back,

    I take a second step the tips of my highly polished shoes resting against your heels and move my right hand to your right buttock,

    As I take my third tiny step my lips kiss your neck and my shirt, tie, belt buckle, trousers, and waistcoat press against your naked body,

    “Ohhhhhh” you moan pleasure escaping your lips, before a loud

    CRACK fills the room as my hand slaps down hard on your arse

    “Ummmmm” you moan with masochistic delight and try to lean forward, to present your arse for further spanks, But I quickly wrap my arms around and hold you up,

    “Later, I have other plans first” I whisper as spin you around and push you back down to the sofa,

    I can yes the excited shock on your face, I am certain that if I could see them your eyes would be giving me their “yes sir” lust look, as I step forward and place your hands on the arms of the sofa and momentarily leave the room with the order “Don’t dare move a muscle, not even one”. I soon return with two hanks of soft rope and set about firstly tying one around your left wrist, then the other around your right, once done I run my fingers over each of your wrists testing the tension I am happy and tie each rope to the little legs of the sofa.

    You wiggle down and get more comfortable knowing you’ll be here for some time, as I open your legs my cock twitches and hardens almost entirely as the light sweet musky scent of your lust escapes from between your legs, my plans for teasing and tormenting disappear from my mind replaced by hunger for you,

    Instead of reaching for the vibrator and running it over your inner thighs, I drop to my knees and kiss them, the feeling of the tight nylon fibres of you stocking opposed with your soft flesh is delightful and makes me twitch and throb even more, but as my tongue escapes my lips my head turns and I taste you, you are sweet much sweeter than normal,

    “Ummmmm yeeee” I hear you moan as my tongue traces along the edges of your lips, as my tongue finds your hard clit I can hear you struggling against your bonds, I know nature is to grab my head and force my tongue hard against you that you can’t excites and intoxicates me, yet I press my tongue hard against your clit knowing it is what you need,

    “Fuucccccc urrggghh” you moan deep and lustfully as I lower my mouth slightly, my lip dragging over your wet lips, my tongue flicks over the base of your pussy and then then laps over it enjoying the little pool of wetness, before I suck your lips between your mine for a moment before I return to work your clit, this time though I slide a finger inside you and hunt for internal sensitive spot,

    “Goooooorrrrrrrrrr fuuuuuuuuu” you cry as I find it, I know you won’t last long and I don’t want you to, I slide a second finger in and hit your spot with it too as I do I pull you clit between my lips and nibble it ever so softly knowing you will scream,

    “Fuuuccckkkkkk yes, ohhh fucking fuck” your legs curl and wrap around my head as my fingers swirl inside you and my lips, tongue and teeth torment your engorged clit. It doesn't take long for you to explode with lust as you do you pussy clamps down hard against my fingers and a little steam of your sweet fluid explodes from you,

    As your legs loosen I rise up to your face as I do I twinge remembering how painfully hard I am, how much I need to fuck you and gain release but I know I can not right now so instead I passionately and lovingly kiss you.
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  2. Leonidas480

    Leonidas480 PV Sprtr

    Brilliant story!
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  3. Well that has left me far too hot and horny for a Monday morning....
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  4. Lovernotfighter

    Lovernotfighter PV Sprtr

    Hehee that's sort of the point ;)
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  5. superking1981

    superking1981 PV Sprtr

    Wow dude.. you are a good writer.
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