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How do I use the site & its functions from a mobile device?

Discussion in 'FAQ's, Help & Suggestions' started by Admin, 20 October 2015.

  1. Admin

    Admin Admin Sprtr

    At Social Swinging, we have made sure that as features as possible, are accessible from your mobile or tablet etc.
    99% of the site's functions are available from mobile devices.

    Below is a table and images highlighting the various options on how to use the site, and its functions from a mobile device.

    So in order, the images are;
    1. The default landing page (homepage) after logging in. This is where you will be taken to when logged in. Here you can control many things for your account and post updates, see notifications etc.

    2. Your profile page; here you can see 'Profile Posts', 'Recent Activity', 'Postings' and your verifications along with your photos page (if any).


    3. If you continue to scroll down, you will reach the field where you can update your status, and see any previous statuses you've written.

      login 3.PNG

    4. The view of the forums from a mobile, very easy to navigate, use and see. No clutter and clear. You have two sliders; one to scroll up or down the page and the smaller ones on the forums, for up and down in the forums. Meaning no endless scrolling on your phone!


      Following Images;

    5. Menu tab showing; Gallery, Members, Events, Calendar and the member search. Simply press the menu bar to bring the page drop-down menu.

    6. Messages tab. Here you can view all of your messages, reply, and send messages to someone providing you know their name.
      So if you've been in chats for some time and wish to start a new conversation with the same member, simply do; Messages > Start a New Conversation > Participants and enter the user name. The messaging system is very advanced, very complex but so easy to use!

    7. Alerts. Same as the site viewed from a PC/Laptop, you still receive alerts and notifications. Once you've experienced these alerts, you will want them on all other sites you may use. You get to almost rely on them as flags for activity within the site.
      You can just click on the alert button and it will show your alerts.

    8. Gallery tab, using the gallery tab is so easy. Select Gallery then create your album and upload your photos or videos.
      Once they've been approved, they will show in your album. Browsing the gallery is a seamless experience - as again, everything is designed to be fully compatible with mobile devices.

    9. Searching for members couldn't be easier with the new search page and layout. What you see on your phone is exactly what you will see if browsing the site using a desktop PC or mobile.

    10. Your News feed, with content and updates from accounts you follow.
    IMG_0046.PNG IMG_0047.PNG IMG_0048.PNG IMG_0049.PNG IMG_0050.PNG IMG_0051.PNG IMG_0052.PNG IMG_0053.PNG
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  2. Admin

    Admin Admin Sprtr

    Oh I will add, these were taken on an iPhone and will of course appear differently to you. I also have a Windows phone and the layout is very similar, Android there may be one or two differences because of how mobiles render pages. :) x
  3. Admin

    Admin Admin Sprtr

    Just to let everyone know, we are looking into ways to enhance the site experience for mobile users.
    A time frame is completely unknown right now, but we are looking at ways of enhancing things and making it a better experience all round for anyone on mobile. :)
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