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How Do You Pronounce Facebook.?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Lips_Pearls, 22 September 2016.

  1. Lips_Pearls

    Lips_Pearls PV Sprtr

    Ello all,
    We have a member of staff who helps run our FB page right.. we quite often chat on the phone and their accent is often topic of humour.
    So to help settle an argument ( a fun one don't worry :D ) how to you pronounce Facebook?

    Do you say;
    Facebook as in LOOK: Face-book
    Facebook as in BEWK: Face-bewk (Northern...)

    :D x
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  2. Meandlis

    Meandlis PV Sprtr

    Yep, it's deffo a northern/Scouse thing. My mum says BEWK and LEWK rather than BUK or LUK.
    However @Lips_Pearls , as citizens of the lovely, ugly town, how do you pronounce 'tooth'? TEWTH or TUTH? ;)
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  3. Well my favourite is farce book as it were everyone airs their dirty laundry were people look but don't interact or talk to you.I alway thought it was were you get and stay in touch with old friends and new that live near or far and you have a laugh and banter or am I thickle were social media is concerned ????
  4. Lips_Pearls

    Lips_Pearls PV Sprtr

    Yes but how to you pronounce it?
    As in the book part.
    Bewk, or Book as in look? ;) x

    Muahaha It's a TUTH Mun. :D :rofl:
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  5. Book as in book:rofl:
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  6. Meandlis

    Meandlis PV Sprtr

    100% correct! :D
  7. Lovernotfighter

    Lovernotfighter PV Sprtr

    Face book is how I say it or if i'm feeling silly (which is most of the time) the book of many faces
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  8. I love facebook but that's because I usee it to keep in touch with my huge family, a lot of them are in Australia and I love all their updates and travels.
  9. Face ache!
  10. Lovernotfighter

    Lovernotfighter PV Sprtr

    God have you being tall to my mum that's what she calls me.
  11. Miss-Sexy-Legs

    Miss-Sexy-Legs Admin PV Sprtr

    Book but if im bored with it its faceache
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  12. Admin

    Admin Admin

    You mean book as in look not book bewk? :D :D
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  13. Yes, book, not bewk, nor buck. You speak gobble-di-gook anyway!
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  14. Face...book as in look for us. Although i prefer to call it more trouble than its worth lol xxx
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  15. I've not got weirdo's, so I enjoy it, lol.
  16. I had alot of trouble from a complete stranger. She harrased me and my friends for nearly a year. She was awful. I reported her numerous times but fb didn nothing so i left and havent been back since xxxx
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  17. Luckily not had that, just once in a blue moon I get a random bloke from Turkey or somewhere asking to marry me :rofl:
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  18. It's face book. As in book, look, hook, took, cook. Who calls it bewk? Don't you think it's hard work calling it bewk? Or is it because I'm just from down sarf? Lol x
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  19. Oh pops, I love ya! It's not coz you're down saarf, I've asked the same question on facebook and the majority said what you have x
  20. I'm sat here trying to pronounce facebewk. And my face is making all sorts of shapes and sizes. My jaw is getting a proper exercise lol x
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