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How Much Has Your Swinging Journey Changed Since You First Embarked On It?

Discussion in 'All About Swinging' started by TogNMuse, 14 April 2019.

  1. Morning & hello - Site Newbie :)

    Did you start you swinging journey with a path laid out before you, has you path taken you on any wondrous detours? Or have you firmly stayed on your chosen path?

    I know our path has taken a massive detour / diversion and reroute!

    We started out just looking for Stag & Vixen scenarios, as hubby wasn't interested in having sex with anyone else, however we both were extremely turn on with the Stag & Vixen scenario (and it is still our fave) but through going to clubs meeting some great couples and single ladies, we now play together with other couples, same room, sep. rooms, soft swap, full swap, sometimes he'll just want to watch me play with another couple (I'm enjoying discovering my bi-side) and other times I love watching him play with another woman. Totally different to anything we ever imagined when we started out, but all in a positive way.

    Maybe sometimes its better to never have a plan

    Muse x
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  2. Lips_Pearls

    Lips_Pearls PV Sprtr

    With us it started out with (as it sometimes does) a drunken fumble with our neighbours.
    That soon became a regular foursome scenario - usually most weekends.
    Sadly, the wife of the couple started to get a tad more affectionate towards us and without boring you, or saying too much, after quite some time it had to stop. (He was getting nasty with her).

    We then did our own thing for some time and then wanted to rediscover Swinging again.
    We’d always been into kink pretty much from day one. As in myself (Mr) being more Dominant. But that is separate, to a degree, for us.
    So with Swinging, we enjoy the company of female friends and have gone from enjoying say one specific thing, to exploring more with the same ladies after having that rapport - which is very important for us.

    We’ve reached a point, 15 years later where we’re very happy with where we are. But, there’s always a door that can be opened and we’ve considered some other things.

    Again though, we do prefer lady friends and for us having a solid rapport is important as we enjoy the familiarity and the exploration that comes with that. :) x
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  3. Thanks for the reply (y)

    Don't shit on your own doorstep is definitely something we've always avoided with play mates, we try not to meet anyone who we are likely to bump into locally in town.

    This lifestyle is truly fantastic when you both are on the same page, most (successful) swingers seem to be some of the most level headed considerate people you could meet, we've found its one way of finding out who the 'real' you is which is something many people never get to experience.
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  4. Pearls

    Pearls #PearlsTechSupport

    Mines the same :rofl:
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