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Humourous Signs

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Ant63, 19 September 2018.

  1. Ant63

    Ant63 PV

    Here are a funny sign 20180828_180652.jpg 20180828_180652.jpg
    Last edited by a moderator: 19 September 2018
  2. IMG_20180919_162913.jpg
    More tragic really since I remember taking this in 2016,
    Well the are gifts and jewellery n the second floor,
    Not going to say anything but it's almost as bad as that bloody cheese cloth
  3. I believe that's the off turn before 1200px-Intercourse,_PA_Keystone_Marker_3.jpg , on the highway to 042ce35dbd7ebce84d8b8350fc183d64_1394232091_l.jpg .
  4. Therapon

    Therapon Admin Sprtr

  5. Pearls

    Pearls #PearlsTechSupport

    Maybe worth a look. Road trip :whistle:
  6. Therapon

    Therapon Admin Sprtr

    I will take MSL with me to help check it out :)
  7. Pearls

    Pearls #PearlsTechSupport

    Therapon likes this.
  8. debE

    debE PV Sprtr

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