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Indulgence All Female Party 27th May @ Townhouse

Event: Indulgence ALL FEMALE Party 27th May @ Townhouse
Discussion in 'Club Promotions / Events' started by riccarda, 12 May 2016.

INDULGENCE has been running since 2014 now and has been a rip roaring success ever since!

We usually hold these events on the 4th Thursday every other month but this month we have changed the day to a Friday so more ladies will be able to make it.
It’s our 11th anniversary so we are having a light buffet including cake of course and as always there will be free cocktails.

INDULGENCE is all about women enjoying the company of women, getting away from the fambo and indulging in some ‘me’ time through some of the things we lay on for you or getting down and dirty for some lady loving!

The theme for this event is ‘GREASE’…think pampering, PJ’s and Pink Ladies!
There is no need to dress up as a Pink Lady (or down into pyjamas), but it adds to the fun! lol

So our pamperings this month are:
Indian Head Massage
Acrylic Nails

There may be a small additional charge towards materials if having acrylic nails.
We will have giant Jenga out with dares on each brick PMSL and Twister..remember the naked/skimpy twister we had? haha

For those who came to our parties last year, you will remember that a load of us (inc me) indulged in some naked frolics on our bouncy castle?? Well we’ll have that out again! But don’t get cross if my hand slips mid bounce! lol

But be sure to make some time to enjoy some jiggy jiggy if the mood takes you as there will be plenty of bi and gay fems who will be horny and looking to be naughty

I seem to recall a mountain of bodies in our group room one time lol
If you want to make it a slumber party, then why not sleep over with us for just £15 each and carry on the party!
Friday 27th May from 6.30pm till 1.30am

All girls (yes, no guys even if you offer to glass collect, wait on, hand out towels, be our doorman lol )

£10 entry

Open to non members

No need to book, but you can express your interest on this forum if you wish.
It’s my night off and as it’s our 11th anniversary, I’ll be letting me hair down!

See you there!


  1. riccarda created a new event:

    Indulgence ALL FEMALE Party 27th May @ Townhouse

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  2. I can't wait, I'll be there again. :)
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  3. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Out on our newsletters :)
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