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Infusion Swingers Club Blackpool

P and myself were firstimers there and were made to feel very relaxed and although we didnt swing we had full sex in the lounge area with other couples in the lounge enjoyed it so much we are going back on the 7th october hoping to fully swap this time or at least have fun with another couple.
Bolton, United Kingdom
Well as a review I would say its a country mile better than anything else in Blackpool. It has a proper swimming pool (as in you can actually swim in it) always very clean. Very friendly owners. Plenty of places to play upstairs. Large seating area down stairs that has room for a dance floor, pool table, stage with pole. Very nice place all round. Deffo one of the best clubs in the north we would say.

Deleted member 9925

We had a really good night in this club although it was quiet to start with it soon filled up with friendly folk. We arrived very early being our first time to this club
The pool is nice there's plenty of options for play rooms and the staff are welcoming. It's a unisex locker room but it's a good size and didn't feel too crowded.
Sure we will be back
Manchester, UK
Now that summer is approaching and the sun may just make an appearance in the North West, I may take some trips to Blackpool promenade for some cycling or running during the day. Infusion sounds like a good place to wind down especially as it's open at midday.
I'm just wondering if it's quiet enough to relax in the jacuzzi / pool, yet busy enough to be able to play?