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Jaffa Cakes

Are jaffa cakes, biscuits or cakes.

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Haha forgot I made an alternate character about Jaffa cakes

Godfrey Jaffaclack
House - Cakendor
Jaffaclack has never been confused and always knew he was destined to be in house Cakendor. Jaffaclack is very distinguisable due to him constantly wearing a very large brimmed brown hat and with his orange completion and ginger hair he is quite unique. His spellcasting ability is Snackyarmus and it makes the recipient wanting more and more. There are many who feel that Jaffaclack should not be in Cakendor but rather it's bitter rival Biscuipuff. Because of the ongoing debate he never goes soft on anyone during the discussions. This debate has been going on for quite some time and doesn't look like ending anytime soon. Naughtylia Knickertwang isn't fussed though as she is quite easy going and happy to accept anyone, but that is another story.