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Jenny (part 2)

Discussion in 'Fantasy & Story Forums' started by Lovernotfighter, 29 February 2016.

  1. Lovernotfighter

    Lovernotfighter PV Sprtr

    Jenny sat twirling and spinning the soft purple package tied with white ribbon on her hands, thinking of of the beautiful Rebecca that had given it to her nearly a week earlier. She stopped spinning the parcel her hands almost shock as she read the label

    Do Not Open until Friday my love

    Jenny took a deep breath as she twisted her wrist and checked the date on her watch to check that it really was Friday, which of course it was she had waved good bye to Sarah for the weekend an hour earlier.

    Jenny excitedly resisted the urge to rip the package open instead carefully pulling the bow open and allowing the ribbon to fall away, looking at the now bare purple package Jennys hand started to shake so filled with nerves she was, all she could do was squeeze her hand in to a fist and take and hold a deep breath, before giving in and with childish glee ripping the the purple paper to shreds and relieving the hidden contents. A soft pink satin dress with was studded with sequins.

    “Becky this must of cost a fortune.” Jenny sighed as she pulled the dress out and sat just looking at it thinking that this was the first time anyone had bought her a gift like this.

    Jenny sat looking at the dress smiling as she realized that as she pulled the dress free an envelope had also flown out and was now laying on the floor. carefully Laying the dress on her dresser Jenny stood up and moved to retrieve the envelope as she did she traced her finger over the butterflies and flowers that Rebecca had drawn all over it. Jenny smiled as she carefully opened the letter doing her best not to damage the drawings, she then pulled out and sweet and softly read the letter aloud

    I hope you like the dress

    I’am very sorry but i won’t be able to come over tonight

    Instead I will be waiting for you by the fountain outside the art gallery at seven

    You’re Love


    P.S. please wear the dress and don’t worry it will fit, I don’t know why but you have lost weight honey

    Jenny smiled as she ran her hand over stomach and realized that her top was big and hanging off her.

    “Well you do give me a good workout” Jenny giggled in response to the letter, “Now what goes with pink.”

    Rebecca stood wiggling and tapping her toes within her blue grey heels trying to relax her feet and relieve the stress caused by the 4 inch heel but also trying to pass the time, it was only five past seven and Jenny was by no means late but Rebecca been so excited to actually go out with her special girl for the first time had be stood by the fountain for for almost half an hour already, the cool autumnal air had caused her to pull the a lacy shall tight around her bare shoulders and grasp her hands tightly together.

    By the time the curvy figure of Jenny appeared her dress paired with sheer tan stocking that shimmered in the low sun, her shoulder cover by a white bolero style cardigan and her feet clad in sandals with a small kitten heel, Rebecca had almost started to shiver but even in her heels she made confident strides which became a near run as she made her way to Jenny. Both girls heart raced and pounded hard as they reached one another both instinctively wrapping her arms around the other not caring who saw. It was only as Rebecca tenderly kissed her that Jenny realized what was happening that for the first time she was in public wrapped in her girlfriends loving arms but was shocked that she didn’t care who saw them or what people would think.

    “Thank you” Jenny whispered into Rebecca's ear

    “It’s fine i know you liked the dress you spent enough time looking at it the other week.” reassured Rebecca even though she knew it wasn’t what Jenny meant

    “That to it is beautiful, but for…” Jenny paused she was lost for words

    “I know but your my girl” Rebecca added with a tender kiss

    “Well there's no point in hiding us any more is there, someone i know will find out now i’m sure.” Jenny plainly stated before her pulled Rebecca tighter and shockingly gave her a deep loving passionate kiss, Rebecca purred with joy and an excited shock as she melted into Jennys surprisingly powerful arms.

    “Come on we should go eat, i haven’t had anything and i am starving.” Rebecca purred as her stomach rumbled, “And they is a nice place we could go dancing maybe?”

    Jenny answered by giving the beautiful young woman a soft kiss, she smiled thinking that this was the first time that anyone had ever taken her out on a date as Rebecca softly took hold of Jenny's hand and lead her to a small but very nice nearby eatery.

    The two girl ordered Jenny a simple light salad as she had already eaten and Rebecca a chicken paprikash, as the they waited they sat a delicately held hands smiling at each other Jenny was almost lost in Rebecca’s silver blue eyes when she spoke

    “You look great babe, the blue of your dress really suits you”

    “I wore it just for you” Rebecca lyrically chimed back as she rubbed Jenny's hand softly with her thumb a young and clearly disapproving waitress appeared carrying the meals.

    “Who’s is the salad” The waitress barked glaring at the couple

    “That's mine” Jenny answered, nervy of the stern looking young woman

    “I hope you enjoy it my love” Rebecca clearly and loudly said as she glared at the waitress her eyes filled with rage. Jenny acted quickly sliding her foot up Rebecca's leg and pouring the angry woman a second glass of wine.

    Jenny's actions were just enough to calm her lovers emotions and her soft smile and gentle chat relaxed and put Rebecca at ease allowing the two woman to spend the next hour or so eating, talking and giggling as they drank they way through three bottles of wine.

    “I’ll pay and they is a nice club we could go to if you want?” Rebecca hopefully asked but nervously added “but we can go home if you want”

    “No lets stay out, i haven’t been out dancing in years” Jenny paused glared at the waitress cleared her throat before loudly adding “And it will be nice dancing with my girl”

    Rebecca lead a nervously excited Jenny who couldn’t help thinking the last time that she had gone out to a club was almost ten years earlier for her twenty fifth birthday it had been the night where she had met the man that would break her heart. As the two entered the internal door Jenny was surprised she wasn’t met by a wall of noise and headache inducing flashing lights, Instead it was clean the oak floor was even slightly sticky, even the air was clean and cool rather than hot and filled with the smells of tobacco smoke and stale beer.

    “Come babe the main bar is this way” Rebecca smiled at Jenny as she marvelled at her surrounding “ohh yeah want do you want to drink”

    “Perry, Please honey” Jenny almost sang as she once again tender held Rebecca's hand

    “Okay, I should of known” Rebecca loving smiled back as she lead Jenny up a flight of stair and through a glass door on in to the bar that sat in a glass encased mezzanine making it even quieter, so much so that the well equalised music 3was almost drowned out by the low murmur of a hundred different conversations. The two briefly parted Jenny found a table tucked away in a corner but overlooking the dance floor as Rebecca went to the bar to get the drinks.

    Jenny sat alone for a short time before she was once joined by the glorious Rebecca carrying a small purple tray, she smiled as she passed Jenny her her drink that had been served in a half pint glass with a small fat stem on it. Rebecca took her own drink a well chilled glass of crisp white wine.

    “Here you go, I’m sure you’ll like this” Rebecca smiled as she passed Jenny a small glass containing an almost black liquid topped with a slightly off white cream fluid.

    “What is it? It isn’t Guinness is it?” Jenny quizzed as she carefully examined the glass

    “Well sort of it called a baby Guinness, but it is Kahlua with bailey floated on top”

    “Okay” Jenny said as she sniffed the drink

    “Don’t worry it is really good” Rebecca sweetly reassured as she drank hers

    “Umm Okay” Jenny side as she nervously sips the drink before a smile formed on her lips and said “It’s lovely”

    Over the next hour the girls talked drank and giggled some guy even tied to chat Jenny up as she stood at the bar but he was quickly seen off by a protective Rebecca who clearly wanted not to sit in the comfortable bar all night but instead go down stairs and dance.

    “Come on lets have a dance” Jenny exclaimed as she nearly jumped to her feet and took Rebecca who was shocked by her actions by the hand and lead her through the glass doors and to the dance floor where they spent the next three hours dancing closely together they hands never leaving the other, everyone who saw knew that they were a couple and yet thought the other to be the most beautiful and sexy woman alive.

    The girls danced together and drank plenty over the next three hours until both had sore feet and wanted some privacy but neither wanted to ask the other if they wanted to leave both scarred offending the other or spoiling their evening., Until Rebecca couldn’t hold it in any more pulling herself tightly in to Jenny she said in to her ear

    “Babe, Do you want go, I have kind of had enough”

    “Let’s get off then, they is a taxi office near here” Jenny reassured her younger love.

    By the time the cab turned into Jenny street her head had fallen on to Rebecca's shoulder and even the short car journey had come close to rocking her to sleep, but her peace was broken by the abrupt braking of the taxi and the sounds of the driver and Rebecca talking about the price if the journey, but Jenny also noticed that as Rebecca talked her hand was nestled and slowly stroking Jenny's inner thigh.

    “Come on were her sleepy head” Rebecca softly sighed, as the groggy Jenny pulled her self out of the taxi and to her feet once she found her balance she smiled at Rebecca thinking of her lover hand on her thigh her mind raced as thoughts of sleep and tiredness drifted from her mind replaced by images of Rebecca kissing up her legs and ideas and memoirs of the feeling of Rebecca sweet smooth wet pussy on her finger tips.

    “You done?” Jenny asked her mind filled with lust as she stood smiling at Rebecca and rolling her hand over her exposed cleavage.

    Rebecca looked up after paying for the cab and saw Jenny her hand on her cleavage her painted nails sparkled under the street lights, Rebecca had to pause and take breath at this most beautiful sights, Rebecca had been thinking sexually for some time and now knew that Jenny shared her thoughts.

    The girls quickly entered the house and as soon as they entered the house Rebecca span Jenny around and locked their lips together, They kiss passion and lust filled as Rebecca probed her tongue into Jenny mouth she also relaxed her shoulders allowing her shall the fall to the floor and her hands to explore the pink dress clad Jenny. As she Jenny responded her tongue loving wrestling Rebecca’s as her hands worked down the younger woman's back, pulled up her dress until she had access to her lover bottom.

    Jenny pulled her away slightly as Rebecca moaned at the feeling of Jenny's dexterous hands working and massaging her exposed bottom. The moan became a growl as Jenny slipped and ran a finger under Rebecca's thong, Rebecca's Marauding hands pulled Jenny's cardigan off throwing it to the floor before returning to her back and first unzipping her dress and then totally removing it.

    Jenny now stood they wearing a white bra and knickers set which she knew drove Rebecca crazy but in the lust filled atmosphere Rebecca hardly noticed as her head lowered to kiss the exposed upper of Jenny's breast, this act lead Jenny to inadvertently touch and then purposefully role a finger over Rebecca's anus.

    “Babe” Rebecca weekly protested before pulling Jenny’s breast free of her bra and slightly parting her own legs giving even greater access to her nether hole. Jenny responded by continuing her teasing finger motion before pulling Rebecca back to standing kissing her deeply once more then in a single quick motion pulling Rebecca's flowing blue dress off over her head. Rebecca moved in and kissed Jenny again before she pulled her hand away from her bottom and lead her gorgeous lover upstairs.

    Once the two passionately enter Jenny bedroom they both quickly pulled away they underwear neither of them were in the mood of slow sensual and teasing strips. The now naked women once again kissed and pulled each other tightly into a lust filled embraced. As the two kissed their tongues wrapping around one another both women waited each wanting the over to throw them down and take them something that Rebecca had always done but tonight was different Jenny was the one the took control spinning Rebecca around pulling free of the embrace and push the tort bodied woman down on to her bed.

    Rebecca moaned with surprise and lust as she rolled the nipple on her pert left boob between her fingers, seeing this Jenny smiled lewdly as she lowered her next to her lover and sweetly kissed her before working in small tender loving kisses down to Rebecca's other breast and rolled her tongue around and then flicked over her nipple. Rebecca moaned as her hand left her breast and laced itself around Jenny's hand as they both lowered themselves over her gently muscled stomach and towards her waiting and wanting femininity.

    As they interlaced hands traced over Rebecca’s already wet pussy Rebecca could help but squeeze hard on Jenny’s hand as she tried and failed to control her moans and grunts of pleasure, Her moans we met by Jenny flicking her tongue over her nipple shocking Rebecca so much so that her hand freed itself from Jenny’s. Feeling this Jenny raised her head and planted a deep kiss on Rebecca’s full lips before she once again worked the head down this time not to tease a nipple with her delicate tongue instead she continued down, Rebecca moaning as Jenny kissed past her breasts, her fingers traced up and circled the fringes of Rebecca hot and excited clit.

    “Umm good babe” Rebecca almost screamed as Jenny's long tongue rolled around and then pushed into Rebecca's little belly button as two fingers slide into her wet waiting desperate pussy.

    The moaning lust filled Rebecca grasped huge handfuls of Jenny's hair as she pushed her lovers head down

    “GOD, Fuck” Rebecca cried as her legs wrapped over Jenny's shoulders due to the shot of pleasure caused by Jenny's tongue tickling her exposed clit and Jenny’s fingers swirling circles inside her. Jenny teased harder and harder on Rebecca’s sweet clit as her fingers not only swirled but started moving back and forth with the tight wet pussy.

    Rebecca pulled a hand to her mouth bite down hard trying to control her building orgasm but struggled Jenny knew exactly how to please her lover and her mind was filled with one desire that was quickly being fulfilled.

    “FUCK …. FUC….FU……” Rebecca screamed as her body convulsed her hot pussy squeezing and locking around Jenny’s swirling fingers as she was hit by a huge orgasm.

    The two lied they for sometime Jenny’s head lying limply on Rebecca's thigh her now wet fingers slide free and rested on the bed between her lover's legs, while Rebecca panted near exhausted from the ordeal but as she came down the only thing she could think of was Jenny’s pleasure and the feeling of her soft downy hair covered pussy.

    “I love you” Jenny sighed as she looked up at Rebecca with a smile

    “I love you you too” Rebecca struggled to pull Jenny up besides her, once she did she smiled and tenderly kissed her lover while with hidden and unknown strength rolled Jenny on to her back straddle her and smiled once again before purring lewdly “Your very special”
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  2. Wow so very sexy. Well done you xx
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  3. Lovernotfighter

    Lovernotfighter PV Sprtr

    thank you I have a few other stories i may post but this is it for jenny and Rebecca's adventures
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  4. Well I enjoyed reading it hun x
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  5. Lovernotfighter

    Lovernotfighter PV Sprtr

    good i aim to please
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