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Kestrel Hydro

Discussion in 'Swinging Club Reviews' started by KestrelHydro, 16 January 2017.

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  1. KestrelHydro

    KestrelHydro VIP Member PV

    KestrelHydro submitted a new link:


    Relaxing, adults-only, all-year-round naturist spa - You and your friends are invited to Kestrel Hydro's mixed gender adult naturist spa which is located near Heathrow Airport. The Hydro, which has a warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere is a naturist spa. We welcome regular members and day visitors. Open daily from 10.30am.
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  2. Steed99

    Steed99 Oldest Swinger In Town PV Sprtr

    Hopefully making my first visit of 2017 to this great venue on Sunday 5th February after 2 busy nights at VA's.
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  3. Steed99

    Steed99 Oldest Swinger In Town PV Sprtr

    A most enjoyable day at Kestrels. Met and chatted to lots of wonderful people, chilled out in the pool, hot tubs and sauna (can you chill out in a sauna?) and had some extra special fun as well.
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  4. Steed99

    Steed99 Oldest Swinger In Town PV Sprtr

    Another enjoyable and worthwhile visit today. Probably not get another opportunity to visit for a while but always look forward to seeing the helpful staff and making full use of the facilities.
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  5. Kestrals/Abfabs is where I am most comfortable with a playmate, a mixture of night club, health club, sex club,
    social club, day times and evenings. Friday nights, always too many predatory males, some too forward.
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  6. Steed99

    Steed99 Oldest Swinger In Town PV Sprtr

    Had probably my last Sunday visit to Kestrel Hydro of 2017. Relaxing and enjoyable day with lots of other wonderful people. Nice to see Kestrels now has Private Members Club status which is a good step in the right direction.
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  7. I visited that place many times and it was totally nice.
    I had opportunity to meet lovely people there and very respectful.
    Also it's huge and spacious place where you can enjoy all the facilities. I'll recommend for people who wants to relax and have a good time
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  8. Kestrals and Abfabs now closed.
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  9. No planning permission for Change of Use/
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  10. Admin

    Admin Administrator Admin

    Indeed, thank you. I will lock the thread.
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