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Knicker Fun With Marie And Julian Pt 1

Discussion in 'Fantasy & Story Forums' started by Seamstraight, 1 August 2017.

  1. Ok.. So, I thought I would write a story concerning my first swinging experience and friendship, that happened to me 20 years ago. Although, I have had wonderful times after this. I find, like your first love, that your first is the one you treasure greatly.

    I made contact with Marie and Julian through a little indie publication, now sadly defunct, called Pamela's Knickers and Upskirts. It was a great little mag that catered for enthusiasts of traditional underwear. And, the ladies and gents who enjoyed the viewing of, the wearing and the kinky fun related to these erotic items of clothing.

    We corresponded, initially, by post. Being in the days before the real boom of internet social activity. Marie, 51, Julian, 57 and I, 23 would write about our fantasies etc. And, found we had much in common. They would send me Marie's worn underwear and various video's of their favourite porn films and clips of themselves too!

    We eventually started to chat to each other over the phone and the friendship and connection grew to the point, that they both invited me to stay at their home, for one weekend.
    I arrived with flowers, wine and we pleasantly chatted over a meal Marie had prepared.

    Afterwards, we changed into our favourite underwear. Lovely rayon directoire knickers. Julian and I had cream ones on, whilst Marie chose peach coloured ones with tan stockings and her favourite fluffy slippers. We settled on their living room couch, Marie between Julian and I. My cock was already tenting the silky material, which felt fabulous, as was Julian's eager member. Marie smiled, as she exclaimed that she adored seeing the sight of stiff pricks straining at the confines of silky knickers.

    She then pressed play on their video system so we could watch our favourite porn at the time. Which was old ladies extreme and a pussy pump clinic themed one. Julian told me that his wife had inserted some vibrating balls in her warm cunt prior to us relaxing. She grinned, as my cock twitched in my knickers at the thought. Marie then started to gently stroke and fondle my excited, knickered tent pole. I moaned her name at her touch. 'Oh, look Julian! Young Rich is staining our beautiful knickers.` Precum had started to ooze out of my cockhead at the lovely situation I was in. 'Well, i'm not suprised, dear. Between these knickers, your touch and his age. I am suprised he has'nt spunked in them already!' With that, he reached over, his hand joining his wifes, to stroke my throbbing knicker bulge.

    Their combined fondling had me in heaven! Julian gently massaged my silk covered balls, as Marie deftly worked my shaft. They both stopped when they could see I was getting near the point of no return! We settled back for a breather and watched a bbw granny having a pussy pump used on her excited cunt by a young doctor. Marie then started to use both her skilled hands to start wanking Julian and I, at the same time. We gasped and moaned as her hands worked their sensual magic. 'I think we are going to enjoy having young Rich as a guest, are'nt we, dear?' 'Yes, darling.. Certainly!' Julian gasped. I looked down and his thick cock was visibly red and straining through his DK's.

    Marie squirmed and giggled in excitement. 'I am going to adore having you both fuck my wet pussy later. And, of course, my husband and I gobbling your young penis too!' I moaned. 'Yes, Marie, please do.' I started to buck in her grip. 'Maybe, you could help me pleasure my Julian too? With our mouths. What do you think, Rich?'

    At that, I cried out, 'Oh, Marie! Yes! I'm going to shoot my creamy cum in your lovely knickers!' My balls tightened, as I shook and exploded in her knicker grip. A dark stain appeared, as I flooded my DK's with hot cum. 'Ooohh! Rich!', cooed Marie. As, Julian started to tense, almost on cue at seeing myself spurt my ballcream. 'I'm cumming, darling! I'm c..c..cumming! Fuucckk!!

    And, with that, she pulled his knickers down to release his thick, angry red cock that started pumping thick wads of jizz into the air. 'Mmmm! Now then? My turn!' Marie laughed devilishly, as she spread her nylon-clad legs...

    To be continued..

    P.s. That is, if anyone enjoys my writings?! Names have been changed within the story.
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  2. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Well that's certainly fruity! :sneaky:
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  3. Thanks. Still trying to get that subtle fine line, between the erotic and explicit, just right. ;)
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  4. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Seems pretty good to me so far! (y)
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  5. Cheers! Thank you for the encouraging feedback! :)
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  6. Meandlis

    Meandlis PV Sprtr

    Mmmm, great story :sneaky:
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  7. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Most welcome! And I read it word for word. No skipping.. :D
    Anyway, I am sure everyone else who reads it, waits with anticipation for Pt. 2

    Love the knickers, nylon thing you have going on too! @PRG978 will also appreciate that! :) Good luck and happy writing...
  8. Thank you very much! I adore writing.. Especially, if other likeminds appreciate! Cheers :)
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  9. Thanks for the compliment. Really appreciate it :)
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  10. Certainly looking forward to part 2:)x
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  11. Thats great to hear! Thanks for the feedback debe. Will start writing pt2 very soon. Look forward to your opinion of it xx :)
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