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Lucy And Emma Part 2

Discussion in 'Fantasy & Story Forums' started by Lovernotfighter, 6 March 2016.

  1. Lovernotfighter

    Lovernotfighter PV Sprtr

    As Emma stirred from her deep sleep Lucy took it as an opportunity to roll her naked body within the arms that had softly held her all night, By the time Emma opened her eyes Lucy had managed to completely roll over so that they two were know face to face so that when Emma opened her eyes her vision was filled with the smile that seemed to be a permanent part on Lucy’s softly featured face. To this this sight Emma lightly smiled back and tried to speak but as she did the remnants of last night soon hit her her throat closed parched of moister her head throbbed with pain as the consequences of hare a whole bottle of dark jamaican rum between the two of them started and suddenly hit home. Emma unable to speak move her head a gently kissed Lucy swallow deeply to try and moisten her throat Lucy struggled to say

    “Morin’ babe I think we might of overdone things a bit last night.” Emma’s throat still sore and barely open only nodded as Lucy pulled herself free from her lover's arms and gingerly stood on shaky feet, Once up she paused to gain her balance before rubbing her sore head and walking around the bed to reach the door Emma as always rolled onto her back and watched as she did admiring the soft swaying of her little butt as she did. Lucy taking short careful steps eventually reached the bedroom door and took her white satin dressing gown from it slipped it around her shoulders and tried the belt around her waist, reaching back to the door she pulled a second gown down but this one was a soft pink and very fluffy she turned a throw it at Emma but so little was her strength at that moment that it fell at least a foot short swallowing again so as to speak

    “Now you’ve had your little morning show i’ll see in the kitchen.” Emma simply nodded and pulled herself in to a seat position in bed as Lucy once again spoken

    “kettle will be on babe.” again Emma response was only a gesture this time a low board smile.

    By the time Lucy had reached the kitchen and filled the kettle with water Emma wrapped in her big pink dressing gown was already behind her reaching on to the top shelf of a cupboard to retrieve two mugs seeing this Lucy flicked the kettle on and took two tea bags from a caddy that sat by the kettle and placed them in the mugs, she then turned so that her back was facing Emma and leant back instinct took over and Emma started to softly hug her as the two waited for want in these circumstances seemed like a age for that comforting click of a kettle turning itself off. When it did both smiled knowing what revitalizing powers tea seemed to have on these and all english girls and men a like.Aloud click sounded in the kitchen as the kettle boiled and Emma’s first notice of the day was a quite squeal of excitement as Lucy moved out of her embrace and poured the hot water once filled and a little milk added the two drank each had similar feelings as the hot refreshing liquid returned moisture to they throats and eased grumbling stomachs.

    Over the next few minutes nether girl spoke much but the kettle did get plenty of use as each of them drank an almost incalculable number of mug of tea. It was Emma this time that came up with the next idea to help rid themselves of the spectre of the night before as she buzzed

    “Bacon” then paused “Bacon thats what we need, well Bacon butties.” Lucy smiled and looked in ore at Emma as if she was some great wise thinker or oracle of her time and nodded knowing she was right. As Emma rushed to the fridge, she stated now able to speak increasing easily

    “A Bacon buttie can clear any hangover what me mum always says” Once retrieve Emma place the bacon under the grill to cook and drank yet another tea and started

    “Well last night was fantastic babe”

    “I know, just a shame i did get to see you wearing you little present.” Lucy retorted wickedly

    “Yeah well seeing you in yours did get me a little excited and i know how much you love it when i wear that pink dress”

    “Umm you know me so well you looked hot.” Lucy purred back looking at the ruined make-up that still clung to Emma’s face.

    “Don’t look at me like that you don’t look much better your self” Emmas snapped noting that Lucy beautiful volumus blonde hair was pulled now into a near mat on the right side of her head and that the only sign of the soft brown lip-stick that she had worn the day before as a smudge across her left cheek.

    “I think we need a bath after Bacon don’t you?” Lucy asked in both a cool but also knowing voice.

    “I think we do babe, not please no bubble this time you know how i hate them.”

    “But I like ‘em” Lucy offered before sticking her tongue out.

    Lucy was the first into the bathroom and started to fill the large corner and reached for the same bottle of bubbles that Emma had used in her bath the bay before and empty a rather large amount as to make sure that the rose smell filled the room and that a mass of bubble wood be formed.

    “Babe, bubble really” Emma protested as she entered the bathroom and could already smell the rose scent even through the bath was far from full

    “What honey is there something wrong?” Lucy asked trying to play dumb as if nothing was wrong

    “You know I don’t like bubbles and prefer to put the rose bath in once the bath is drawn”

    “Well you should of got here faster and run the bath your self” Lucy cheekily retorted before continuing by saying “well I like bubbles and lots of them” Hearing this Emma started to laugh and Lucy quickly reciprocated for a moment before turning off the taps the bath now filled to the correct level with water but was nearly overflowing with bubbles a smile crossed her lips as she untied her robe and let it fall from her delicate shoulders stepped into the bath and lowered herself into the beautiful smelling water with a lower satisfied moan.

    Emma followed suit but upon stepping into the tub lowered her so that she was sat between Lucy's now opened legs and lent lightly back so that her back was resting on Lucy's chest. Lucy then quickly but softly wrapped her arms around her girlfriend giving her a gentle loving hug but as she did and with a near mind of it’s own Lucy's dominate left hand lowered itself firstly on to Emma thigh but then worked it’s way up and reached her hairless crotch and the prize that it so longed her and wrapped itself around Emma’s beautiful but still soft cock as it did Emma let out a soft moan before spinning the best she could and looked Lucy in the eyes and said

    “Hey stop it, you’ll get you girl all excited and look at us we’re both a mess”

    “Sorry Hun I didn’t mean to, I didn’t even realise I was” Lucy responded as she realised that her hand was wrapped around and had even start to slow stroke Emma’s cock “Turn back around and I’ll do your hair and back for you” without a word Emma swung back to her original position to allow Lucy to get to work the rest of they bath went almost without incident only the matter of Emma almost falling over as she stood to allow her and Lucy to change place give either of the girls reason to make a sound outside of the soft moans one allows to escape they lips as the hot water and massaging movements of sharing a bath with a lover make all the problems of the world seem to vanish.

    Once finished washing the girls exited the bath and took two matching soft pink towels and made their way out of the bathroom and into the bedroom as they did Emma quickly picked up the bottle of moisturiser that she had open the day before. When they reached the bedroom Emma placed the bottle on the dressing table and excitedly and full of pride proclaimed

    “Look I remembered this time to bring in with us”

    Looking at the bottle Lucy smiled raised her eyes to meet Emma and almost sang

    “Great babe we’re both starting to get better at these baths, now I’ll be able to smell just as good as you did yesterday.”

    “I’m might be getting our routine better but i don’t know about you, Every time do you try and play with my little girl” Lucy just giggled and started to dry herself before saying

    “Well, She is very pretty but she isn’t what i would call little.” Emma might of loved been a girl but loved when Lucy commented on the size of her dick even with that floating round her head she unwrapped her towel and started drying her self. Both girls took their time in making sure that no trace of water was left on them. Emma watched as Lucy sat on the bed dried her feet and at the moment she finished.

    “Why don’t you lie down on you’ll belly I have been thinking and it should be easier for me to moisturise your back that way.” Emma half asked and half ordered Lucy

    “Can you give me one of your amazing back rubs while you do?” Lucy asked as she rolled on to the bed so that her back as it the air.

    “I didn’t think of that but just because i love i will” Emma paused for a moment “And it will help me work the cream into.” Emma then squeezed a large amount of lotion in to her hand and started massaging it into Lucy’s shoulders and slow making sure as to not miss a patch Emma worked her way down Lucy’s back applying more lotion to her hands anytime she felt them start to dry out. Emma’s well lubricated massage lead Lucy to let out a number of low moans of pleasure but it wasn’t only Lucy that was enjoying the moment as the feeling of her soft skin and the well formed muscles throw well oiled hand was starting to get Emma excited, It was only when Emma reached Lucy's perfectly shaped butt though that her mind was filled with the thought of sex.

    A throat that quickly proved to be too much to control as Emma lowered her head to the nape of Lucy’s neck and kissed with this new act Lucy let out a soft moan before rolling on to her back this act forced Emma away for a moment but once Lucy had settled it to her new position Emma’s lips returned not this time to her neck but to her bare lips, Both the girls mouths opened in unison allowing their tongues to roll against each other. Emma soft pulled away kissing and nibbling as she went working her way to Lucy’s sweet pret B cup boobs then worked her way to the left one and took it’s nipple in her mouth startin to gently sucke upon it break every now and then to flick her tongue over the tip or softly bite it. To this Lucy was moaning with sexual pleasure her nipples had always been sensitive her right nipple which had until then had no attention soon did as Lucy reached up and started rolling and pinching it between her fingers. Emma felling this against the side of her head took it as a sign to work down Lucy’s flat abdomen which she quickly did only taking a moment to roll the tip of her tongue around Lucy’s belly button before reaching her already wet pussy.

    Lucy’s pussy quivered with excitement as Emma's tongue traced around her outer lips as Emma parted them and moved towards her clit the feeling of pleasure was too much to take Lucy now had no choice but to grab hold of great wodges of bed linen in each hand and bite down hard on her lower lip to try and hold back the orgasm that was building within her, But this wasn’t going to help Emma knew where Lucy’s most sensual points were and more importantly how to give them maximum pleasure.

    “Oh babe, oh babe, babe, yeah, babe you're making me” Emma couldn’t make any thing else out as Lucy's word turned into orgasmic cries as she reached one if not the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced.

    It took some time for the wave of pleasure to subside but once they had Lucy open her eyes rolled her head and smiled at Emma as she went to speak she was blocked as Emma moved in and give her a deep kiss, at this point Lucy knew that Emma wasn’t done with her yet. She was right as Emma keeping their lips locked together as much as possible moved so that she was on top of her lover again kissing her deeply Emma's hand moved and carefully slid across Lucy's pussy, Emma then released the kiss as she did inserted a finger into Lucy, Lucy’s pussy still extremely sensitive from her earlier orgasm let out a powerful lust filled roar biting her lip once again to gain some composure, she took a shallow breath before rapidly and beggingly said

    “I want you baby not you hand” this was all the signal Emma needed as she withdrew her finger and moved her whole hand so that she guide her now fully hard cock to Lucy’s entrance. Emma then moved her head again so that the two once more were kissing but this time as Emma’s tongue penetrated Lucy's mouth so did her penis do to her pussy Lucy’s moans were stifled by Emma’s mouth as she slid her entire length in easily. Once fully in Emma paused for a moment let Lucy relax a little before she started to first make small gentle movements in and out but which quickly became fast and deep trusts Emma nearly pulling all they out before trusting all the back in. They excitement grew as both approached climax both girls moan in to each other mouths they tongues wrestling with each others as they reached their peak in near harmony powerful roars bellowed from them.

    They exertions lead Emma to quickly move to Lucys side once they both gently embraced each other and fell into a soft easy sleep. It was a couple of hours before one of them awoke and like always that was Lucy how propping herself up with her arm lying just watching her lover sleep, until the point Emma finally woke a few minutes later and smiled at Lucy

    “I’m such a lucky girl to have you.” Emma offered

    “We’re both lucky Em” Lucy softly and loving purred back at Emma “But you know what we should go on picnic tomorrow, we haven’t done that in ages.”

    “Where were you thinking of?”

    “Bishops wood you know in one of those clearings hardly anyone know about.”

    Emma softly smiled and looked at her pink nails before offering “It’s pretty harsh terrain to get to them I think I might have trim my nails.” To this both girls laughed and moved to hug each other
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  2. Pearls

    Pearls #PearlsTechSupport

    Another great story xxx
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  3. Lovernotfighter

    Lovernotfighter PV Sprtr

    Thank you a few more with these two charaters to post with the next one being about my favourite
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  4. Pearls

    Pearls #PearlsTechSupport

    Look forward to it hun xx
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