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Lucy And Emma Part 4

Discussion in 'Fantasy & Story Forums' started by Lovernotfighter, 29 April 2016.

  1. Lovernotfighter

    Lovernotfighter PV Sprtr

    It was mid morning and Lucy was wrapped in Emma sleeping embrace when she awoke. Lucy just laid there they trying neither to move or make a sound just laying there enjoying been with the woman she complete and utterly adored, but this moment didn’t last long as even though as Emma began to stir and with a laboured moan said


    Lucy didn’t answer for a moment but when she did it was by the way of rolling with in Emma’s arms so that she could give her a long loving kiss before saying

    “Let say in today just have a quiet day, what do you think?”

    Emma just smiled at this and pulled Lucy tight.

    As Emma sat on the sofa wearing a very pale green nighty see gave Lucy smile and hugged the beautiful oversized floral pyjama wearing blonde kissed her tenderly and asked

    “What do do want for breakfast babe?”

    “I’m hungry this morning” Lucy answered as her stomach give an audible rumble. Emma in a slight state of shock hearing this retorted

    “Well you did eat a most of that pizza when we got back last night.”

    After Emma had eaten the two settled down for a quiet day Emma flicked through the television and found one channel showing a Firefly marathon smiled and settled in to watch, Lucy on the other hand received a copy of The Rats and snuggled in to Emma the best she could and started to read.

    Over the next few hours the girls Watched T.V. and read and on occasion one or another of them would reach out and give the other a loving rub or gently hold the hand. It was a little after one when Lucy once again returned from the toilet and cuddled back in to Emma but she didn’t seem comfortable as she fidgeted or tenderly rubbed at her belly

    “Are you feeling Okay?” an increasing worried Emma asked.

    “I fine honey, i’m getting a little bored of reading though.” Lucy answered as she reached and delicately held both of Emma’s hands smiled and asked “Hey anyway you when do i get to see you in your present?”

    “No you haven’t have you, well we’ll put that right.” Emma stated as she left and made her way upstairs still worried about Lucy’s well being.

    As Emma entered the bedroom she know that this was all a ploy by Lucy to try and divert attention, But for now she was more than happy to play along she did want to try on the replica pale blue starfleet uniform and Emma thought to herself what better way to look after an ill Lucy but dressed as a nurse, a sci-fi nurse but still a nurse. Emma laid the the tiny dress out on the bed and stood thinking for a moment before she opened her draw a took a pair of very plain looking knickers and some nearly opaque black thighs careful she put them on making sure to hide her bulge and to not ladder the thighs, Next Emma pulled the dress on which perfectly laid over her body thigh but at no point did it cling or pull. Emma sat at the dressing table and smoothed out her dress and with some difficulty pulled her hair into a bun atop her head and applied some very subtle make-up.

    As Emma entered the living room Lucy with a start jumped to her feet turning to hide the web-page that she had been reading, but she quickly regained her self marvelling at the sight of Emma in her present. Lucy then took a deep breath and spoke she sound almost afraid with nerves but managed to ask

    “Can i ask you something?”

    “Of course you can, you know by now that you can ask me anything” Emma answer quickly yet confused

    “Well it’s kind of some i want to try, well want us to try really.” Emma intrigued by this moved and took the nervous Lucy in to her arms and softly whispered in to her ear

    “You tired something for didn’t you.”

    “Well yes and it made us so much closer and i love you for it but” Lucy paused racked with nerves took a deep breath before shocking herself by blurting “ANAL!”

    With her nerves now somehow eased Lucy rolled her head to look Emma in the eye and calmly said

    “I want to try anal, babe”

    “Well that's not what expect…” Lucy cut Emma off before she could finish and with growing confidence smiled and lead Emma to the sofa and showed her what she had been reading.

    As Emma’s eyes quickly scanned the screen her eye were drawn to the top of the page what read “How To… Anal Sex”. Emma started to read the piece with the utmost care knowing that she would need the knowledge held within soon. As Emma finished reading she turned to the now seated Lucy and asked

    “Is this way you?”

    “Yeah” Lucy knowingly answered hearing this Emma held Lucy hands and said

    “Well in that case i think we should go to be don’t you, babe?” an excited nervous squeal was the only answer Lucy could manage.

    Lucy now naked laid back onto the bed with her legs hanging just over the edge and watched as Emma reached up inside her dress a skilfully in a single movement pulled both her black thighs and plain knickers down to her knees, Lucy smiled soft as she then watch Emma pull her left boot off and almost laughed when Emma nearly fell removing the right one. Emma seeing the laugher in Lucy’s eyes smiled reached for a pillow and slid it under Lucy’s bottom to rise it a little.

    “Are you sure?” Emma asked more to reassure herself than anything. To this Lucy just nodded and a agreeing umm escape from her lips.

    Hearing Lucy’s agreeing mumble Emma retrieved a small bottle Lucy had placed on the dresser as she had entered, Emma then turned kissing Lucy on her inner knee then lowered her head and began to tease Lucy’s pussy with the tip of her tongue. The gentle teasing likes made Lucy softly moan but Emma’s well lubricated middle finger making circles around her ass hole made Lucy squeal with excitement. Emma continued her teasing until she heard Lucy moan

    “Humm, Hun, Umm” and knew that it was time she ceased teasing Lucy’s now very wet pussy and applied gentle yet forceful pressure with her finger.

    Emma was shocked but enjoyed the feeling of Lucy’s bottom opening around her finger and softly moaned as she slid into her first knuckle, she stopped and looked up as Lucy moaned and tenderly asked


    “umm please” was all Lucy could get out as Emma slid her finger to the next knuckle. Emma continued to watch Lucy and a moment later without asking just knew Lucy was ready and slid the rest of her finger softly in.

    Lucy moaned as Emma’s palm pressed in to her cheek this new sensation was incredible and so exciting that her hand reached down and began to trace along the edges of her wet nether lips causing her to moan even more and even louder Emma was lost momentarily with the sight of Lucy playing with her self and the feeling of Lucy’s thigh ass around her finger. Emma quickly found herself though and started rolling the tip her finger in little circle deep within Lucy. This new motion made Lucy’s moans transform into grunts as Emma eventually pull her finger free smiled up at Lucy and asked


    “Yeah, I think so.” Hearing this Emma returned her hand to Lucy’s thigh little hole and this time pressed both middle and index finger against it.

    Emma once again slowly pushed a knuckle in then took time making sure that Lucy was okay before slid down to the next one but this time once Emma had worked her two fingers in she didn’t make small circles deep within Lucy. Instead starting firstly with tiny strokes in an and out, while doing this Emma also started opening her fingers into a V for the out stroke. As Emma slow worked Lucy’s bottom Lucy once again started playing with herself again caused her to start to growl with pleasured excitement.

    Emma was now sliding her fingers easily in and out as Lucy’s growls became lower and more bestial but to her surprise Lucy grabbed onto her wrist and glazed with excitement stated

    “I think I’m ready.” Upon hearing this Emma’s eyes shot up to met Lucy’s as she first withdrew her fingers and then stood and smiled down at her beautiful blonde lover. As Emma gazed upon Lucy so Lucy did so to Emma her eyes bathed in the vision of the glorious brunette but quickly became locked upon Emma’s cock tenting the tiny skirt of her dress and sighed with anticipation as Emma guide it toward Lucy’s eagerly awaiting bottom.

    As Emma pressed Lucy jumped a little seeing this Emma immediately backed away a little, looked down and worried asked

    “Are you okay, I didn’t hurt you did i, We can stop if you want?”

    “No babe it’s fine it’s just” Lucy paused smiled then continued “You just feel kind of big back there.”

    Hearing this a wide grin formed across Emma face as she once again guided her self to Lucy but this time once the tip of her cock touched Lucy reached out and laid a hand upon Emma’s hip. The reassuring presence of Lucy’s delicate hand was enough for Emma once again press in, this time with greater force than before. Lucy loved the feeling of Emma opening up her ass as with her hand she controlled her lovers entry. Even though Lucy was in near heaven with the feeling she had to stop Emma on occasion to allow herself to acclimatise to Emma beautiful cock.

    The feeling of being completely inside of Lucy’s tight little ass only hit Emma when her balls rested against her girlfriend pert little bottom and it was incredible her cock been squeezed gently from base to tip, making lean her head back and moan. This moment of joy was broken when Lucy move her comforting hand from Emma’s hip back.

    Now free of Lucy’s guiding hand Emma started slowly and almost unperceivably to fuck Lucy’s ass an act that caused Lucy to once again reach for her pussy and trace around it’s edges. The two girls were now moving as one Emma’s strokes both lengthened and increased in speed as Lucy dance her hand around then into her sopping pussy. By the time Lucy’s hand was rapidly desperately rubbing at her clit Emma was fucking Lucy’s ass both fast, deep and now even hard.

    Lucy’s moans now deep guttural and perverse as she reached the most power orgasm of her life, an orgasm so powerful so intense that she ejaculated spraying Emma’s abdomen. This combined with Lucy’s teasing body and howls of pleasure was all Emma needed and with a loud roar came deep inside Lucy’s no longer virgin anus.

    They orgasms had fit with such ferocity and power that both girls had almost fainted, Emma only managing not to fall by wedging her buckling legs against the base for the bed. It was some time before Emma managed to move and that was only to crawl up the bed and to take a still panting Lucy into her arms softly as they passed into a easy sleep knowing that they were each the luckiest girl in the world.
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