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Lucy And Emma Part 6

Discussion in 'Fantasy & Story Forums' started by Lovernotfighter, 23 June 2016.

  1. Lovernotfighter

    Lovernotfighter PV Sprtr

    Lucy and Emma part 6

    Christmas Party

    Lucy stood in the kitchen next to the table overflowing with drinks and mince pies, nervously she fiddled, smoothed and ruffled the large puff of the skirt of her Christmas elf dress. So lost in nerves she didn’t hear the clacking of Emma’s red heels as she walked down stairs Lucy span her head with great force as she heard a loud coughing behind her and was greeted by the beautiful sight of Emma clad in a tight Miss Santa dress, Opaque white stocking. Lucy green painted lips formed into a tender smile at the sight as she almost silently spoke

    “I like the santa hat”

    “You choose it, and babe don't worry tonight will be fine.” Emma soft reassurance as she moved closer and gently hugged Lucy tightly

    “I’m not worried, I am not” Lucy weak and child like retorted

    “Babe i know you are, you're doing your weird scrunchy nose thing.” Emma paused for a moment her hand swiftly run over Lucys tort bottom “And it is so cute.”

    “Thanks, but Mum will be here.” Lucy said as she reached up and felt her nose

    “I know but don’t worry Harry will be here as well.”

    “I know and Dad does like you” Lucy buzzed as her lips form a smile and she some what relaxed. Emma smiled back as she scanned Lucys delicate face tenderly kissed her and jokingly answered

    “You look silly, I said you would.”

    “Hey don’t be mean, and i seem to remember that a certain little Miss Claus wanted me to buy a reindeer outfit and even paint my nose bright red.” Lucy laughed back as she snuggled into Emma’s embrace.

    Both women stood with Lucy leaning with her back on Emma chest, Lucy softly purred at the feeling of Emma's arms wrapped around her chest in a tender loving embrace, Lucy didn’t want this perfect moment to ever end but end it did as both girls heard the a soft almost nervous knock on the door.

    “Party time” Lucy sighed disappointedly as she pulled herself free of Emma and slowly moved her way to the through the the living to the front door.

    “Hi guys, umm sorry girls.” beamed a very excited Jenny as she passed Lucy a bottle of vodka saying “I brought this Lu.”

    “Thanks… JEN.” Lucy smiled as she examined and then passed the bottle to Emma while all the time thinking about how much she hated being called Lu, Taking in a deep breath Lucy very seriously but also kindly added “Mum says she will help you out with that sarah stuff pro bono.”

    The now three girls started to talk , drink and sing along to christmas songs but were interrupted as a slow but steady stream of other guest arrived until until eventually Emma’s friend Francine and her new boyfriend Nathan arrived Lucy couldn’t help watching Nathan and his beautiful soft light brown hair as Francine smiled at Emma and said.

    “Thanks Emma so much for helping me realise..” Francine paused and was interrupted by a smiling Emma

    “No problem i never, well i am just glad you realised how you felt about him.”

    “UI never thought that i would fall in love with a..” Francine once again hesitated and was met by Emma’s gentle reassuring smile

    “Neither did we.” Lucy called proudly across the already busy room “Nathan the the drinks are this way.”

    A few more people arrived as Lucy passed Emma a bottle of beer and the two nervously looked at each other and tender hugged one and other

    “Only Mum and Dad now.” Lucy whimpered

    “Don’t worry i can look after myself thanks to you.” Emma softly whispered and tenderly kissed Lucy’s cheek. The two girls stood there wrapped in each other singing softly to control they nerves. A loud and stern knock at the door caused Lucy’s ears to prick up and Emma to draw a deep almost panicked breath. The two walked to the door hand in reassuring hand.

    As Emma opened the door Lucy was met firstly by the icey cold night air then by the sight of the stern and disapproving sight of her Mother Susan/

    “You look stupid in that get up young lady, and you're showing far too much of those silly green and red striped tights.” Susan scowled at her daughter

    “I like it.” Emma growled protectively as she stepped in front of Lucy

    “Really?” Susan coldly stated as she scanned Emma’s outfit “Your very red tonight don’t you think?”

    Tension built as the two women glared deeply in to each other eyes looking for a weakness and trying to show dominance over the other, Emma’s arm tightened and readied itself to slap the mature woman, as a loud powerful boom of a voice rang out

    “Stop being so cold and mean to them Sue.”

    Hearing this all three woman peered into the dark as large frame of Harry wearing a red jumper with green reindeer lumbered into view, Both Lucy and Emma smiled as Susan submitted and forced a smile at her daughter and her lover.

    “You like red Sue, just look at me and this terrible christmas jumper you made me wear.” Harry smiled as Susan glared at him “Stop it Susan, I know you like the poor the girl.”

    “But?” a newly submissive Susan whimpered

    “But nothing they both love each other.” Harry smoothed

    Susan maternally Kissed Lucy on the cheek as Harry embarrassed Emma so powerfully that the middle aged man almost lifted her off the ground and as he did he whispered

    “She is only jealous, that she isn’t brave enough to wear a tight little dress like that anymore.”

    “Thanks, and i know.” Emma giggled back

    “Good, now now where do i get a drink Emma.” Harry confidently stated as he released a flushed Emma.

    “There is plenty in the kitchen, i even got some of that cider you like so much.” Emma explained and gestured towards the kitchen.

    Over the next couple of hours Lucy and Emma’s living room what filled with the sound of laughter, jokes and christmas songs everyone was having a great time even Susan had relaxed into the mood and was singing along to Wizard and doing a strange bouncy dance with the overly excited and giddy Jenny, then through all the excitement, merry making and drinking Emma noticed that Harry was sat quietly by himself on the sofa looking all forlorn. Emma couldn’t help to smile worriedly at the man as she carefully picked her way through the crowd and femininely sat herself down next to him making sure to smooth out her dress as she did.

    “What’s wrong, I can some other music if you want, or get you a drink.” Emma offered as she placed her hand delicately on the man powerful shoulder

    “Nothing really, don’t worry yourself about me.” a muted harry sighed

    “I don’t think i have seen this side of Susan, especially with me all” Emma paused not wanting to finish

    “She isn’t really cold or hard, she is a big silly softy really.” Harry added

    “Really, until tonight i wouldn’t have believed you.” Emma laughed as she watched Susan struggle to dance in her heels with the giddy Jenny

    “She never could handle heels.” Harry sighed sadly

    “Why do girls do it to themselves?” Emma joked , to which Harry couldn’t help but start to laugh at Emma sat there in her five inch red stiletto heels.

    “Harry tell me what is wrong?” Emma sternly commanded

    “I miss working and the forest.”

    “I know those woods are special to you and to Lucy.” Emma smiled. Harry rubbed his right knee as sadness built up in him, his mind filled with regret over the the fall that cost him his career and stopped him doing what he loved so much. “Things will be okay, and it must be easier for Susan living in town.”

    “You should get back to Lucy she is lost without you.” Harry sadly smiled

    “Okay but you should have a dance with Susan.” Emma giggled as she rose to her feet and started to move towards Lucy

    “I will, but we won’t be here long when i do. She is glowing.”

    Emma couldn’t help but look at Susan before spinning to and say embarrassedly


    “Don’t be coy dear, we all do it and she might be my girl and well Lucy is glowing.”

    “Hey she your.” Emma stopped not knowing what to say

    “Yes and she is so much like her Mum.”

    The merriment continued but over the next couple of hours people started to drift away either because of tiredness or too much drink. When Francine left yo give what she called Nathan very special christmas surprise only Harry and Susan remained now they were together and lost in each other Susans hands roaming passionately over Harry as his tongue explored his wifes mouth.

    “Yuk, you two please.” A very embarrassed Lucy spat seeing her parents canoodle like a pair of loved up teens. Susan broke away from her husbands kiss playfully sticking her tongue out at Lucy, this pause allowed Harry to huskily speak

    “She’s right Sue we should be off.” Harry quickly kissed Susan before continuing “Our bed is where we need to be anyway.”

    “I think so to Honey.” Susan purred at Harry as they too left the girls .

    Emma sighed as she scanned the room which was shattered with empty bottle, glasses and trampled and smeared with the remnants of a hundred mince pies. Lucys hand gently slid into Emma’s as she reassuringly smiled then spoke

    “Don’t worry it can wait till the morning.”

    “But look at it, even the tree has mince pie on it.” Emma moaned

    “Tomorrow, i’m exhausted right now babe.” Lucy side as she wrapped her arms around Emma and kissed her love deeply and passionately.

    Emma responded by running a hand over Lucy’s bottom and sliding her tongue into her mouth. Lucy pulled away slightly and purred

    “You're being naughty Miss Claus”

    “ Not really my sexy little glowing elf.” Emma purred back before once again moving in and kissing Lucy before pulling away again and smiling seductively as she said “the cleaning will wait.” Lucy just smiled as she pulled away and lead Emma to the bedroom.

    As the girls pushed into their bedroom they lips were locked together Lucy’s hands lustfully racing over Emma’s body as Emma had reached down and a hand working it’s way up Lucy’s short green dress to feel her satin covered bottom.

    “Babe” Lucy growled her left hand now unzipping Emma’s dress “Take ’em off me”

    Emma was more than happy to comply and pulled Lucy’s knickers down and allowed them to fall to the floor before raising her hands back to Lucy’s now naked butt and powerfully lifting her lover. For a moment Lucy wrapped her legs around Emma’s waist letting Emma carry her the short distance to their bed. Emma nearly throw Lucy down on to the bed.

    Lucy now laying on her back looked up as she marveled at Emma desperately pushing her dress down and off the sight of her glorious girlfriend disrobing for her wasn’t the reason for her marvel it was the sight of Emma’s totally toned hairless slim body, her flat chest and it’s delicate pink nipples and most excitingly the growing bulge in this very special womens knickers. Lucy gasped with joy as Emma lowered herself to her knees and locked her lips on to her already wet pussy as she did this Lucy didn’t realise but Emma pulled off her laced knickers freeing her now hard excited cock. As Emma’s tongue traced and flicked over her hot clit Lucy couldn’t help but to try and squeeze her left tit through her dress, but the material and her satin bra dulled the feeling.

    “Fuck.” Lucy moaned as she leant on her arms to raise herself up alittle “I need to” Lucy was stopped from talking by Emma’s skilled mouth leaving her pussy and once again kissing her lips. Emma instinctively knew what to do as she reached behind Lucy and quickly started to undress the now lust filled Lucy.

    Once Lucy was naked Emma wasted no time in trying to return to Lucy’s hot wet pussy, But Lucy held Emma in place with a single arm as they lips locked together as they tongues wrestled. As Lucy reached down and expecting to find red lace knicker but was instead greeted by the feeling of Emma’s long hard veiny cock. Lucy tenderly stroked Emma’s hard cock freeing her lips she lustfully smiled and huskily purred

    “I love you babe.” as she guided the beautiful cock in to her wet wanting pussy both girls grunted and moaned “Fuck” as Emma easily slid fully into Lucy’s hot wetness. The two kissed again Emma didn’t move instead just enjoying the feeling of Lucy and the closeness she felt at that moment, But Lucy needed more and with great and unpredicted strength manage to roll Emma on to her back while keeping deep.

    “I need this” Lucy growled as she started to slowly move up and down on Emma

    “God yes, bounce baby” Emma grunted as her hands reach Lucy’s waist to guide her movements which as both moaned and growled at each other became increasing quick and powerful. It wasn’t long before Lucy give in to her passion throwing her hands and head back she started bucking uncontrollably and started to scream

    “Fuck babe, FUCK BABE, FUCK SHHHIIIIITTTTTT” Lucy lost controlled bucking and twitching as she was hit by a huge powerful explosive orgasm, as her pussy locked down and twitched Lucy dropped down forcing Emma deeper inside her as excitement overcame Emma too as with a great guttural roar the pretty crossdresser fired a massive stream of cum deep into Lucy, time seemed to stop for a time as both were filled with joy but moments of bliss don’t last and Lucy orgasm ravaged body buckled and collapsed on to Emma.

    The two women panted as they eyes locked on to one and others Emma held her lover in a tender embrace as they shared a soft kiss neither knew at that time that a little miracle had happened with Lucy who breathlessly spoke

    “Wow, that was wow.”

    “I know i haven’t felt like that since that day in the woods.” Emma struggled to say

    Lucy just struggled in to the woman she loved as the two fell into a soft loving easy sleep.
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