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Most Important Parts Of The Site For You, Are?

Discussion in 'FAQ's, Help & Suggestions' started by Admin, 26 August 2016.

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  1. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Good morning Sexy Peeps,
    What are the most important parts and links of the site, for you?
    Such as for example;

    Updating your status..
    Searching for members,
    The boutique/shop
    the 'your account' page
    Site FAQ's
    Recent Activity
    News Feed..
    Etc etc

    I would like to know (okay I need to) - as we're changing some things as you may know, and I am working out the priority pages high > low.
    So feedback would be most welcome.
    Thank you
    Admin :) x
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  2. The members..
    Told you i was a contrary madame today... :whistle:

    News Feed
    Recent activity.... i like to keep a breast of our members.. ;)
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  3. Ok so news feed, recent activity and gallery are pretty essential for me xxxxx
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  4. Therapon

    Therapon Admin Sprtr

    The forums, my profile, gallery,recent activity and the news feeds
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  5. Come on dooberries, improvements can't be made without your input ahem.
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  6. Er hello... is there anybody out there..
  7. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Exactly..! x
    I see people viewing but not responding. I have to have input on this one, or I will just end up moving what I think are the priority pages, and then will suffer weeks of; "Where's this page gone now?" or things like..."Why can't I see page X anymore, have I done something wrong."
    :confused: :D
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  8. Eggggsactly!!
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  9. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Speaking of eggs, time to cook HRH her poached eggs.
    Will be keeping an eye, but please take time to let me know what you see are the most important pages and features of the site as I need to declutter the scale of links we have. That's my target; cutting down on the amount of links.. Even though most/all are essential.
    Dropping some can be achieved but only with feedback. :) x
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  10. Well so far all we seem to look at is the .news feed and what's new in the forums. Can't say we have had much else to look at really but that might be cos we access through our phone.
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  11. Our own profile page, new posts & the new members are probably the 3 most used bits for us
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  12. New members ai always on the prowl you two ommm... ;)
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  13. Incidently.. has anyone looked at the wiki side of the site..
    A lot of interesting reading, there
    and a lot of hard, work, went into it.. just saying :whistle:
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  14. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Can say that again. Huge amount of work.. :) x
  15. Alerts, profiles, galleries and member search which we haven't used much but will be when we get settled in. Agree there is lots of good info here which will be really useful for those starting out in the lifestyle, wish we'd had access to such instead of having to discover a lot of it as we went along.
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  16. Thankyou. X
  17. Admin

    Admin Admin

    That's very encouraging to read. Thank you for that. :)
  18. Hi,
    We like profile pages, new members, forums (although I think there are way too many subsets, makes searching for a thread difficult) new media feed, chat, private messaging, info on club meets. Oh, and alerts.
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  19. XX



    Forum - Particularly the New Posts Button
    News Feed

    N & C
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  20. Miss-Sexy-Legs

    Miss-Sexy-Legs Admin PV Sprtr

    New posts news feed profiles and activity log for me
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  21. Have to agree with this, there are swinging topics under several different headings. Good discussions, but spread around the place.
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  22. Thankyou.. you see this is whats needed.. input.. :) x
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  23. Hi mate.
    My most used features:
    News feed
    Status update
    Profile access.
    I think the site safety link should remain prominent
    My least used:
    Recently uploaded photos - Media
    Swinger Clubs

    Quick link to new threads/created forums
    Easier access to "New 21 days" only shows after I select "Forums" and then select menu again.
    Ability for myself to remove an unwanted post to my profile
    A "who's near me" and "nearest club" filter/search function.
    A "bright idea" suggestions link

    Of course some of the above may already be in play as I use my android phone with Chrome to access the site.
    And please bear in mind that all of the above are constructively intended as I love the site anyway.
    I'd say out of all the site functions the chat rooms are very under utilised by the members.
    Otherwise I'm happy overall. :)
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  24. Ermmm.......mainly to welcome newcomers:sneaky:;):D
  25. How about creating a log page of recent changes so if you encounter frequent traffic you can direct the member to it?ie "where has xxxx gone?"
    Response " check out the changes log. If you don't find your answer then email enquiries@socialswinging.com.
    You could even set up a enquiries page with different email options relevent to the enquiry to help you manage the most urgent/priority issues- for example:
    technical@ss.com and so on. May be a good time saving exercise for you. Free up your time to do other things. Just an idea. :)
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