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Musings. Cross Dressers Vs Sissies

Discussion in 'BDSM & Fetish Forums' started by BatDan, 15 November 2017.

  1. BatDan

    BatDan PV

    Musings. cross dressers vs. sissys.

    Today I went to buy a pair of simple black hold ups to go under my work uniform, to keep my shaved legs a bit warmer. As suspender straps would show, but being 6'1" its hard to find xl.
    Then I got to thinking about how I cross dress, why I cross dress, how it makes me feel. And how a sissy feels. This is also sparked by a sub asking me to be a TV Mistress. which I really hope happens.

    I am a genderfluid man, I love having a penis and a beard. but my brain is anywhere between 50%-99% female at any given moment. always has been. I also 1st experimented with cross dressing when I started puberty I at 10.

    I feel more natural and comfortable in a long fitted skirt, fitted top and shrug than I do In jeans and a tshirt. I feel more natural, sexier and more desirable in a lace thong/silky frenchies (cut as man'gerie), stockings and suspenders than I ever have in tight black man pants. Though I don't do make up or bras (as I don't have boobies).

    In fact the other day I took the scary plunge (top) of wearing my black fitted plunge top tshirt over a black lace shrug outside, in public, near my work.

    And whilest part of my brain identifies a link between my sexuality and cross dressing, even though traditionally it has associated it with my more submissive side (pos as my brain used to have negative connotations to both), I don't consider myself as sissy.

    This has been high lighted by the sub guy asking me to be a TV Domme. I found it very erotic indeed, started wanking over it.
    I figured this is because the way my switchy mind must work is...

    ->I sub to ladies because I see them as strong and sexy.
    ->I Dom men as I see them (well the guys I get) as weak and submissive.
    ->Women =strong and Dom me as a man
    -> I'm genderfluid, largely female, and Dom men
    -> so that part of me must be Domme, or atleast switchy too.
    Though I couldn't Domme a woman, tried it b4, soooo doesn't work.
    (this I just my brain, not a generalisation)

    Now for underwear I wear only black, more elegant sexy items, as you can see from my pictures. not pure slutty stuff. seemed stockings and lace suspenders etc. and whilst I could wear this for sex with men and women, I could also wear as a Domme or sub. its just part of me.

    Sissys in my experience dress largely for humiliation and submissive sex. a lot wear just purely slutty stuff (either for their Dom/me or for themselves).
    They also like pink (not my bag) and very frilly underwear and clothes (again, not my bag baby) and are exclusively submissive in their behaviour, attitudes
    and sexuality.

    Any thoughts, comments etc, please feel free to post.

    As ever, I hope you have enjoyed my post.
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  2. Pearls

    Pearls #PearlsTechSupport

    I just love how you share everything so openly and are proud of who you are, we now live in a gender fluid society and everyone should be free to express themselves where ever they wish, good legs btw (y)
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  3. BatDan

    BatDan PV

    Thank you :)

    This is one of the only places I can be open and honest :)

    My legs are so my best girlie feature ;)

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