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12 February 2023
Hi I’m K. just wanted to share my experience. I was at the local swingers club X. It was the day after Halloween party. A group of us bring our RVs and stay the night. Sundays they open at 11am so when they opened we went in for some breakfast and a couple drinks to shake off the hangover from the previous night. After food and drinks we got a bit horny so we decided to go downstairs where the play area is located. We chose a private room but left the curtains cracked so people could watch if they wanted to. After a bit my bf was going down on me and I looked back and noticed another couple was watching us so I started watching them. After a few minutes she got on her knees and started giving her partner a blow job. Shortly after that he had her bent over and he was fucking her from the back with her head through the curtains (I love watching) before we knew it they were in the bed next to us fucking s was no moaning. Then I looked over and she was sucking my bf's cock so I started sucking her partner’s big cock. Then she went down on me saying on her way down that she has never done this before. While she was eating me out (doing a great job for her first time) her partner was fingering her which made her start squirting all over all of us in the room. After we all had played for over an hour the said they had to leave, we all got dressed. They said it was their second time there, the first was the night before and that they had never played with anyone but each other. We exchanged names that we promptly forgot and haven’t seen them since.