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My First Married Woman

Discussion in 'Fantasy & Story Forums' started by SixFtThreeUK, 9 December 2016.

  1. My heart raced as I typed out my text.

    Surely she wasn’t just playing when I told her I might not go into work today. She had told me to let he know and she might keep me company.

    The wait was agony. Then the reply.

    She will be here for 12 midday.

    My nerves were going. Would she show up? I remember my heart being in my mouth.

    I had adored this woman for years. Yeah she was 15 years older than I but damn was she sexy.

    She was a natural flirt. Curves galore and so pretty. I had masturbated over her in my head so many times growing up.

    I knew she was married but I didn’t care. I wanted her so badly.

    I remember thinking that she would come over and that nothing would happen. She would come to her senses.

    I heard a car pull up.

    My hands were shaking. It was about 12.05.

    I opened the door. She walked in wearing tight jeans and a loose fitting white jumper. I asked her if she wanted a coffee and her reply was yes as she walked past me on the way into the living room.

    I thought ok maybe she is embarrassed. I made her coffee and she seemed quiet. I took the cup into her worried that she might change her mind.

    I passed it to her. She was sat on the settee with her knees up as if to protect herself.

    My heart sank. I sat next to her and put my arm around her. She leant into me and I kissed the top of her head.

    She put the drink down and I kissed her cheek.

    I thought what have you got to lose?

    Then I kissed her. I felt her kiss me back our mouths opening. Exploring each other’s lips.

    I pulled her close into me.

    I felt like I had won the lottery. The woman I had dreamed about fucking was kissing me, devouring my lips like there was no tomorrow.

    My cock had been semi hard since she pulled up in the car. Now it was straining in my jeans. I remember taking her jumper off. Underneath she was wearing a black bra. I undid the bra fumbling with my nerves at first.

    I let out a gasp when I released her breasts. They were big and firm with big dark nipples. I had to kiss them. I licked and sucked them making her moan and gasp. Holding my head to her chest.

    I felt her hands go to the hard bulge in my jeans. She unzipped me and pulled my jeans down. Then my boxers.

    My hard cock sprang out. She grasped my shaft by the base and licked the end. Looking up at me she wrapped her lips around it and started to expertly suck my cock.

    I had the woman of my fantasy’s devouring my swollen cock in my dad’s living room. Any thoughts of her being married and a long-time family friend went out the window. The fact she was married added an extra bit of spice to the whole affair.

    Her hands were playing with my balls as she ran her lips up and down my hard cock. I remember holding her head and pushing forward. She just moaned and redoubled her efforts.

    All of a sudden she stopped. I thought that she had come to her senses and decided not to go through with this.

    She looked at me and said do you have condoms? I realised I didn’t buy any as I didn’t think this would all happen. I said I would run around to the shops and get some. She told me to lie down on my back. I did exactly as I was told. Lay on the floor with my hard cock pointing skyward. She took her jeans and knickers off so fast and straddled me. She looked into my eyes and said she needed to feel me bare inside her.

    This was such as turn on I didn’t care and let it just happen.

    As her warm pussy eased itself over my cock I remember thinking I must be dreaming this.

    She pushed herself down on my cock; it felt like heaven as her pussy gripped me. I remember thinking I won’t last long. Then she told me go and get some condoms.

    I ran to the local petrol station and back my heart racing. I was so sure that she would have changed her mind when I got back.

    But no there she was ready for more. However I needed to bite and suck her amazing breasts. I remember hearing her moan and feeling like a child at Christmas. I pushed my fingers inside her soaked pussy while we kissed.

    I felt her hand at the buttons to my jeans and she pulled them down again. I slid them off along with my boxers and took my shirt off so I was naked again with this married temptress who clearly knew what she wanted.

    Her hand was now gripping my rock hard cock gently wanking it back and forth. I kissed her my tongue exploring hers. I wanted her so badly.

    Again she told me to get on my back. I never moved so quick in my life. She rolled a condom on over my cock it felt like forever as she put it on me.

    Then she straddled me. I felt her tight warm pussy swallowing my hard shaft again as she moved up and down on it. I was just there trying not to come too early, all of this was so horny that I couldn’t believe it was happening to me. She kept riding me until she could feel that I was ready.

    All of a sudden she got off me and sat on the kitchen chair. I asked what’s wrong. And she didn’t say a word just motioned for me to stand up in front of her. Taking my hard cock into her mouth she pushed it as far as she could to the back of her mouth and beyond. I had never had a woman do this to me before and I warned her I would come. She just looked up and sucked harder.

    I felt my balls twitch and my spunk start to rise. I warned her again that I needed to cum and she gave me a look that made me realise that’s what she came here for.

    As my seed erupted down her throat I looked down at this woman who I had known for years and knew that I had finally seen the real her. She needed this so badly. I emptied my balls and pulled my cock out of her mouth and to my amazement she just swallowed down my come. This was porno stuff to me at the time. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that a woman as gorgeous would want to do the things she did to me.

    In the aftermath I remember kissing her deeply and asking her if she was ok a lot. I realise now that it was me trying to work out if I was ok with it. As she left I thought I would never see her again. I was wrong.
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  2. Oooh lala Mr. Very hot xx
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  3. PRG978

    PRG978 PV

    Very very hot
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  4. Thanks for the positive feedback
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