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Never Judge A Book ...

Discussion in 'Fantasy & Story Forums' started by sthwalescpl, 12 November 2016.

  1. sthwalescpl

    sthwalescpl Sprtr

    I'd met them 5 or 6 times over the past two years, they were a married couple a bit older than me (at this time I was 25) and they would be somewhere in their early to mid 30's, part of a group of friends that started coming to the Outdoor Pursuits company I worked for, first time as a combined stag/hen do for a weekend of adventure, and after that as a smaller group of hardcore funseekers (about 10) who wanted more of the same.

    Over the visits they'd whittled down the activities that they wanted more of to three, climbing, caving and kayaking, pretty hardcore, although one or two would sometimes sit it out if we really pushed them hard, harder climbs, harder, sportier (wetter lol) caves, and bigger water for kayaking.

    Simon and Trudie were fun, he was a bit of a joker, and she was quiet but would come out of her shell during apres-activity drinkies down the pub, "fraternising" with clients was a bit of a no-no usually, but with this group it was set from the start that they bought a meal and drinks for any instructors that had been with them that day, and the owners liked the return business, so they turned a blind eye.

    One or two of the single ladies would be a bit flirty with the younger guys, some of them had been doing this sort of stuff for years and had the bodies to show for it, lean, muscled, I, however, was a bit of a late-starter to climbing etc so I wasn't as buff, I guess it saved me from too much unwanted attention.

    Until one Saturday....

    I got a call in the evening, and it was Simon. Swapping numbers with clients wasn't unusual, we'd call them with changes to the next days activities, or text them to remind them to bring spare clothes etc.... however, getting a call out of the blue was definitely a first.

    Simon asked if I was free the following weekend for a private booking. I was a freelancer, meaning I could pick and choose who to work for, and when to work, but most of my work came through the one company, and I didn't want to piss them off, it was a large chunk of my annual earnings.

    I decided to tell Simon this, random one-off bookings from unknowns was fine, but taking clients like this would be frowned upon.

    He explained that they had something different planned, it wasn't a group booking, it was just him and Trudie, and they wanted to do something a lot less hardcore, Simon was a keen amateur photographer and they wanted to do some hiking with the chance to take some pics... then he dropped the bombshell!

    "We want somewhere a little off the beaten track Mart, somewhere a little secluded" said Simon, explaining that they had got into taking pics of a more "personal" nature, and as they we going to be trying for a baby soon, Trudie wanted some "hot" pics to look back on, and as a target to aim for to get back in shape after.

    Simon mentioned a possible location, I remembered giving the group a little history of an area we used for some of our activities, and I knew that a bit further up the valley there were trails that were little used.

    I mentioned to Simon that they were capable of trekking on the trails on their own, but Simon said they would need someone to help carry the cameras and "other stuff", plus act as a lookout for some of the more "risqué" pics... my mind boggled!
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  2. sthwalescpl

    sthwalescpl Sprtr

    Well, I wasn't going to turn down 2 days easy work, so I told them yes, and faxed them the details, timings, where to meet etc and they decided to book a BnB close to the start point.

    Saturday arrived, I was providing lunch so I loaded that into the car, along with a couple of rucksacks and daysacks for the gear, and set off.

    The weather was good, which was a bonus given what was to happen later, not that I knew that at the time.

    I arrived at the carpark, and they were there too, so we parked up, and got to packing the gear. Trudie was a lot less reserved, and seemed to be very "touchy-feely", not that it bothered me, we were all having a bit of a giggle, they were happy, it was going to be an easy day, and I was getting well paid, lets face it, it was all good.

    I did start to notice that Simon and Trudie were especially "flirty" with each other, and I started to get a feeling they were keeping something from me, especially when Trudie produced a bag, and when I went to open it, she grabbed it and said "No Mart, that's mine, I'll carry it, if you are lucky you'll see the contents later" as she crammed it into a daysack. I looked at her, and then Simon, and he just laughed. His camera gear fitted easily into one rucksack, and I took the lightweight tripod strapped to mine, filled with lunch, drinks and sundries.

    As people who'd been hitting the hills etc regularly, they had good boots, and decent hiking gear, so we hit the trail.

    We'd discussed the possible locations, and they were looking at some "back to nature" stuff for the first day, and then something a little more "industrial" for the second, I knew of a few likely spots, the main priority being privacy, so we'd hike for a couple of hours, check the first locations, set up if ok, shoot some pics, have lunch and then look for another location, grab a few more pics, and then head back.

    Simon had a camera out, and every now and then Trudie would pose, maybe against a tree, and he would snap away.

    The next time I turned around, Trudie was off the side of the trail, leaning against yet another tree, but when she saw me looking, she smiled, and started undoing the front of her loose shirt, revealing a sports bra. Simon suddenly brought me down to earth with a bump when he turned to me and said "Looks like Trudie likes and audience!", I guess I must have blushed, as they both laughed and Trudie said "I bet he wants to see them!". The next words out of Simons mouth stumped me... "Well, go on then Tru, get them out!"

    She looked at me, and then removed her bra, saying "Well, it's too warm for that anyway!", as she then posed for a few shoots, on the last one cupping her boobs and pinching her nipples, before tying her shirt closed, meaning her boobs swung freely as she walked, and she headed off up the trail, walking past me and giving me a wink as she did so.

    I must have looked a little out of my depth, as Simon turned to me and said "Chill Mart, don't worry, it's just a bit of fun, don't worry, just go with the flow". We moved on, and Trudie got a little more daring whenever it looked like there was no-one around, which started to be much more often as we moved further up the valley, sitting on a rock, with her shirt off, arching her back so her boobs were thrust forward, or stood against yet another tree, coyly looking into the lens of Simons camera as she fondled a boob, or pinched a nipple.

    One thing she did quite often was to look at me and bite her lip, and soon I was trying to hide a hard-on that felt like it was very obvious.

    Then, suddenly, she was stood next to me, and Simon was clicking away as she asked me to hold her, her naked boobs pressing against my chest through my t-shirt. I lowered my rucksack to the ground, and looked at Simon, expecting him to be pissed off, but he was smiling. She turned to me and said "Am I pretty Mart?"

    "Erm... yeah, sure" I managed to say, and she laughed, turning to Simon, "See, I told you he would be shy!" Simon laughed again, and then said "Well, I think she's pretty, but a handful, or maybe two handfuls, what do you think Mart?" and I replied "Yes, very pretty" I realised he was hinting at her boobs, which were full, very round, and pressing against me more and more, the nipples seemingly even more pronounced. I moved to pull away, but she grabbed me, pulling me closer, before saying "Hold me Mart, surely you've held a woman before?" and she did the lip bite thing again, pushing into me, which made me squirm, trying to make sure she didn't notice my hard-on, unfortunately she wasn't fooled, and squealed "Oh my god... is that because of me? Simon, he's got all excited!" I looked at Simon, so far it had all been a little playful, but I expected this to be the line crossed, however, his response was the same, "I'm not surprised hun, you are practically all over him, poor bugger!"

    "Well, you did say I could, if he was up for it" she replied.

    She turned to me "Look Mart, relax, Simon is cool, we want some pics, and we'd like there to be another guy in them, Simon likes taking the pics, so it looks like you get to be the model, are you ok with that?"

    I looked at her, then Simon, who winked, then back to her, taking it all in. She was still naked from the waist up, and wearing a pair of hiking shorts that clung to her arse like a second skin, her legs tanned, and her blond bobbed hair loose. There were worse situations to be in, but I still didn't know how far this was going, and as if reading my mind Trudie said "You don't have to do anything you don't want to, we'll start off slow, I'll lead, you just stop if it gets too much, ok?"

    "Yeah, sure, ok" I said, and with that she grabbed my hands and placed them on her arse, telling me to try and forget that Simon was there, although he might throw in some direction if the angle, light etc needed sorting.

    The first few pics were pretty tame, I think she was just letting me settle, a few poses where she would press against me, placing my hands on her bum or legs, and then things got hotter, as she placed them on her boobs. I felt her hand squeeze mine when she did this, the nipple between some fingers, and her breath caught in her throat as I, tentatively at first, gently squeezed again.

    "How about you lose the t-shirt Mart?" came from Simon.

    "Oh yes!" said Trudie, and she helped me off with it, before snuggling up to me again, this time the skin on skin contact making my hard-on twitch, something that didn't go un-noticed by her, and she smiled. A few more shots, and then she turned to Simon and said "I'm going to get changed", and took her daysack into a small dense group of trees.

    I felt a little self-conscious, and moved to put my t-shirt on, but Simon stopped me, "Leave it off Mart, she prefers it".

    Where we had stopped was a natural clearing, just off the trail, far enough into the trees to be hidden, and there was a log bench, so I moved the rucksacks near to it and sat down.

    Simon sat down too, fussing with his camera, and then, looking around, he said" "I'm going to set up the tripod, Trudie will be ready soon." I unstrapped it off the rucksack and Simon said "You ok?"

    "Sure, I'm ok" I replied, "I'm still not exactly sure what's going on though".

    "Yeah, it can be a little confusing, but it's quite simple really, we decided to do some pics, we've done it before, and this time she wanted another guy, instead of us trying to do timed shots of us, and when I suggested you she loved the idea."

    "Ok, I get that, but..."

    "You are wondering if she's just teasing you, and how I feel about you fondling her?"

    "Uh... well, yeah" I said.

    "Well, she's no prick-teaser Mart, and as for me, I like to take pics, if she's happy, I'm happy, so stop worrying lol".

    Simon decided the bench would be a good starting point, well lit by natural light, so I moved the rucksacks out of the way, and when I turned back there she stood.... I guess that's what the "other stuff" was!

    All white, maybe to make sure it stood out if the shots where a little shaded, she was wearing lingerie that would be the stuff of many a guys fantasies, high heels, stockings, a basque that thrust her tits up and together, tiny panties, and topped off with the fullest, reddest lips I had ever seen!

    She was carrying a bag too, perhaps with a change of clothing, although I didn't really pay that much attention as I stared, my cock now about as rigid as it would ever get, almost painfully throbbing in my Rohans.

    I heard the click of Simons camera, and it brought me back to reality, I looked, and he grinned at me. "Sorry, I just had to get that one" he said, "The look on your face!"

    "I'm sorry" I said, and Trudie replied with "I'd have been pretty miffed if I hadn't got that kind of response lol, that was the whole point!"

    Simon indicated that the bench would be where we were going to start, and Trudie looked and said she wasn't going to be parking her arse on some dirty log, so I got out a picnic blanket and folded it over a couple of times before draping it along the top of the log.

    "Right, lets get going before somebody decides to crash the party", said Simon "Mart, its Trudies show, just let her do her thing and go with it, and try to look like you are enjoying yourself" and he laughed... little did I know what he meant.

    She came over, and turned, presenting me with her stunning arse, which she backed into me with, wiggling it into my lap. My hands naturally fell to her hips, and as her head came back to nestle against my chest, she placed her hands on mine and slowly moved them up, over the basque, before placing them on her boobs. My cock twitched yet again, a fact she couldn't help but notice, and she wriggled her arse again.
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  3. sthwalescpl

    sthwalescpl Sprtr

    "Kiss my neck" came from Trudie, and after a moments hesitation I did so, placing my lips on her shoulder, before slowly tracing a line of kisses up her neck. I could feel her doing something, as Simon busily clicked away, sometimes with the camera on the tripod, sometimes from a different angle with the one around his neck, and then her hands came back to mine, which I had moved to her sides, and she placed them again on her boobs, bare this time as she had undone the front of the basque a little. I needed no prompting this time, I knew she liked her nipples played with, so I squeezed them gently, until she whispered "Harder", which I did. her hands fell away form mine, so I busied myself with kissing her neck, and playing with her nipples, which seemed to please her, until she whispered "Remember, just go with it..." and moved my one hand down, lower, across the front of her basque, lower.... until I felt my fingers touch her lacy panties. At the same time her other hand moved and she gently rubbed the front of my trousers, finding and caressing my cock, which was throbbing.

    I groaned, a sound which seemed to please her, as she groaned too. She pressed on my hand, rubbing it up and down the front of her panties as she did the same to my cock. Soon I noticed her panties getting damp, followed soon by them getting very damp, the outline of her pussy lips easily felt through the flimsy material. Her finger pressed down on mine, and I felt it slip between her pussy lips, and as Trudies breath caught in her throat, she hurriedly used her other hand to slip her panties aside, and my finger glided into her cleft, and I could feel her push her hips forward, as she reached back and grabbed my cock gently but firmly through my trousers.

    I pressed firmly with my finger at the top of her wet groove, and found her clit, which brought a gasp from her, and she started rubbing my cock harder, seemingly trying to pull it out of my trousers without opening them. I rubbed gently, with firm strokes, and as her breathing became faster and more shallow, her pussy got wetter, enabling me to sometimes push two fingers in, rubbing the clit with my thumb as I did so, her legs shaking as she rapidly approached an orgasm. By now, she'd given up trying to wank me, all her concentration was on the sensations from her nipples, which I alternated between with one hand, and her pussy, which by now was making liquid noises as I plunged two fingers in and out.

    Suddenly she stiffened, her body pressed rigidly against me as she gasped out "Yes, fuck yesss!" and came, spasming against me as I moved my arm around her waist to support her.

    I turned, sitting onto the log with her on my lap as she half-turned, putting her head into the crook of my shoulder and neck as little mini aftershocks trembled through her.

    Simon's clicking camera brought me back to earth, and I looked up, seeing him smiling as he took a couple of shots of us sat there. Strangely, I didn't feel awkward, sat there with another guys wife sat on my lap, semi naked with her pussy pulsing after I'd fingered her to an orgasm, her pussy moist against my leg.

    Her breathing, and the aftershocks, slowed, and soon she lifted her head, and our lips made contact, her one hand moving up to the back of my head, pulling me into her as the kiss went from a gentle touching of lips to a full-on passionate snog, our tongues touching and exploring. Soon, this too slowed, and then our lips parted. She looked at me, her eyes sparkling, and said "You ok?"

    "Yes, sure" I replied, and as she shifted her weight a little in my lap she felt the bump of my still throbbing hard-on. "Oooo... I think it's your turn next!" she said, dropping one hand to gently run it over my cock, which twitched, "but first, I need a drink!".

    She stood, and Simon put his camera down and reached for my rucksack, fumbling around until he found two bottles of water, which he handed to us.

    He returned to the bag, and brought out a thermos, saying "I need something a little stronger after watching you two, that was a great start!"

    Trudie sat next to me on the log, and twisted the top on her bottle, taking a drink, before turning to Simon.

    "Did you get all that?" she asked, "Was the light ok?"

    "Yes, I got it all" he chuckled, "You will be able to look back and almost feel the energy from the pics, don't worry!"

    "Mmmm... I hope so, but they won't be as good as the real thing" she said, running her hand up my leg, brushing my cock, and looking at me, which caused my softening cock to harden almost instantly!

    She giggled, and then reached for her bag, bringing out a small make-up kit, with which she fussed around, checking her face in the little mirror, and re-applying some lipstick.

    She saw me looking, and smiled at me, before pouting and blowing me a kiss.

    "Are you ready to go again hun?" Simon asked Trudie, and she turned to me "Sure, if Mart's ready?" she asked, raising an eyebrow. "Yeah, sure" I said, I felt more at ease now, as if some boundary as been crossed and we were into a whole new reality, I wasn't sure how far they wanted to take this, but I was sure I would enjoy whatever happened!
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  4. Meandlis

    Meandlis PV Sprtr

    Great story..... so far ;)
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