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New Chastity Cuckold Fantasy.

Im with a lover who is Domme. Who loves chastity and cuckold games, and gets horny seeing me in sexual frustration and agony as I swell in my cage.

1 of the rules we have when we play the cuckold chastity game is that she will only have sex with me, after she has made me watch her with 10 other men, and I have liked their cum up with out begging for realise in any way

One friday night she tells me that its time time I was cuckholded again, that we were going to play our usual 10 men game and I was to go lock my cock up and give her the key. Also that I wasn' allowed clothes i n the house for the duration of the game. I followed her instructions and she put the keys round her neck, where they would stay til the game was done. Then she took her clothes off to reveal black lingerie. My cock instantly tried to get hard. She moaned and touched herself as she saw this, and slipped on her high heels.

She then says "it' still 10 men, that over the next month we will go to swingers clubs etc but this weekend I have something special planned".

Just then the door bell rang, she answered it in her lingerie and in walked a handome black man. "This is bob, and he is staying here til Sunday night, we have been planning this for a while and honey, oh and we won't be using condoms". she then got on her knees and pulled out his 10", thick cock and started to greedily suck it, occasionally looking at me, my swollen painful caged cock. . She was even hornier at the sight.

He then bent her over the counter and fucked her hard. Her moans, the pussy juice dripping down her legs was getting me painfully horny. He came inside her and as ordered I licked her clean. Over the next 3 nights they fucked in our bed. Hard and loud. While I was made to sleep on the sofa, directly underneath listening. In utter frustration and agony that only increased as the weekend went on.

Ocassionally at night whilst they were fucking she would call me on my phone and make me listen to her cumming. At the mercy of my imagination. But always ordered up to lick bobs cum out of her pussy and ass after they had finished. During the day I had to watch them fuck on our sofa, the kitchen, in the shower, all over our house that we shared.

On the Sunday night, after 2 and a half days of this, bob's friends Pete and dave came over. Both equally well equally hung black men. They straight away got naked, my girlfriend on her knees sucking and wanking them. They took turns in all her holes for the best part of 3 hours. And she loved every moment, every inch of every cock, and the sight of Me, her beloved boyfriend and sex slave, watching in utter frustration and agony. Then wilst she had a cock in everyhole, the 3 men came together, and so did she. The sight of this. Them all cumming inside her, her muted moan, crying wrything and shaking nearly pushed me over the edge and the precum was oozing out like a water fall.

They then pulled out, she flopped down, a sweaty used cockqueen with a gallon of cum oozing out of her pussy and ass. She beconed me over and kissed me with a mouth full of bob' cum. Then pushed me down and I ate all of dave and pete's cum from her gaping pussy and ass. Then licked her to her 100th orgasm of the weekend.

She then pulled me up to her and kissed me. Softly and lovingly. Looked me in the eyes and said "I've only 7 more men to fuck til you get to make love to me and finally cum, dear cuckie. Happy birthday"