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Our Sexy Secret.

Discussion in 'Fantasy & Story Forums' started by sthwalescpl, 16 September 2016.

  1. sthwalescpl

    sthwalescpl Sprtr

    This is 100% true, I've changed the names and been a bit vague about other facts to protect the innocent lol! It's basically about the only time we have played with someone who wasn't a swinger.

    Kath and John were new to the area, with two kids like us, and had very "high flying" jobs compared to about 99% of the people around here, and has a nice big house, home cinema, two posh cars, and liked fine wines and dining out.

    I'm not exactly sure how Jayne and Kath became friends, although it was probably through something to do with the kids through school. Soon Jayne was spending time at theirs, and so eventually I went along too and we all became friends, going out to the local eateries, the girls chat seeming to consist of the kids, school, and work, whilst John and I talked about.... well, I'm not sure, as we had very little in common, although he did try to educate me about wine, him being a bit of an amateur wine-buff, (waste of effort though, as I still cant tell a good wine from a bad one) and he also had a passion for after-dinner cheeseboards, which I found I loved too (I know, sad, but hey, we weren't hurting anyone lol). Whatever it was, we all got on well, always having a giggle. Kath tended to be quite flirty right from our first meeting, which was her natural style.

    Over time, it began to be apparent that John and Kath had a bit of a stormy relationship, not all the time, but sometimes, and on occasion they would bicker in front of us after a few drinks. Kath would start to confide in both me and Jayne that John was not the best husband, and if she had been drinking could get a little upset.

    So, long story short, things got worse, and they eventually split up, and started talking about divorce.

    We didn't see much of John after they had split, he moved nearer his work.

    Jayne, Kath and I still met up, mainly at hers, for a few drinks, and Jayne and Kath still went on girly nights out with their group of friends.

    I guess I should describe Kath, she's about 5'7, slimmish, very pale skin, with sort of reddish blonde curly hair, small boobs, and a very firm arse.

    Kath was a very perceptive woman, extremely intelligent, and had been putting two and two together, especially during drunken chats with Jayne, where she would question Jayne about the nights out and parties that we would mention that we were going to, usually in response to an invite from them (Kath and John) that we had to turn down. We were very careful not to mention swinging, but one drunken night at Kaths, Jayne had confided in her that we were swingers, after Kath had figured it out, and she had confessed to being bi.

    The girls had, by this time, become very good friends, confiding in each other pretty much everything, so it was no surprise to me that, the next time we were at Kaths, she mentioned it, pretending to be shocked. We had a laugh about it, she was curious to know some details, but soon the chat moved on to other things and from there on it wasn't discussed much, and soon forgotten, or so I thought.

    Fast forward a few months, during which time Kath would complain about her lack of sex life on occasion, and once or twice would jokingly make a comment about maybe coming to a party with us.

    Jayne and Kath were having a girly night in at Kaths, which usually involved them drinking wine, watching crap chick flicks on their enormous home screen system and bitching about her hubby (they still hadn't bothered getting divorced), and Kath started complaining about the lack of sex, and asking questions about our swinging. Jayne had, by this time, also confessed to Kath about being bi. The chat got heated, Kath asking a lot more "in depth" and personal questions, and being very open about wanting to try a lot more in her own sex life, mentioning that she had toys, but that wasn't "hitting the right spot" as she put it.

    Kath suddenly turned to Jayne, and suggested in a jokey sort of way that maybe, seeing as we were swingers, and if Jayne was ok with it, Kath could "borrow" me to "scratch the itch" as she put it. Now, Jayne's response was probably more to try to outdo, or up the ante, on Kath, because she said something along the lines of... sure, but only as a 3sum, not expecting Kath to go for it!

    Well, I guess Jayne was the shocked one when Kath said ok!

    There was a few moments where they looked at each other, and I think Kath must have said something like "Martin wouldn't go for it anyway", explaining that she didn't think I would fancy her, as Jayne then said, lets ring him and find out.

    So, there I am, sat at home, in my bathrobe having just had a shower, watching tv, when the phone rings.

    It's Kath, sounding nervous, a little drunk, very giggly, and finding it difficult to ask me something, so she puts Jayne on to ask me.

    Jayne can be very straightforward sometimes, so she says in a very matter-of-fact way, can she bring Kath over for me to "service her" as she hasn't had sex for ages? Cue lots of squealing and laughter from Kath in the back, and I reply laughing "Stop arsing around you pair, making wind-up calls!".

    Jayne tells me they are very serious, and to prove it she says she will put Kath back on the phone to ask me herself. Kath comes on, and between giggling and laughing she asks if she can come over and maybe, if we are all comfortable, have a play.

    So, what do you think I said lol?

    Fag break....

    They say they will wander over, Kath only lives a few minutes away, so I put down the phone, and wait.

    Ten minutes later they are home, and as Jayne dives upstairs to get changed, I'm left with Kath.

    I explain we prefer not to play with someone who's too drunk, and Kath assures me she isn't, they've had a couple of drinks, but not too much.

    "I wasn't sure if you would go for it, or Jayne, for that matter" Kath said.

    "Why?" I asked. "Well, you've never shown any interest in me" she said, and I explained that flirting is one thing, but actually playing is a whole different ball game. I told her she didn't have to do anything if she didn't want to, and her reply was that she was horny, fancied both of us and wanted to play with us, but wasn't sure how we felt. I decided to put her mind at rest and said "If you are really sure, then we would love to play with you, we wouldn't have let it get this far if we wern't sure."

    Jayne appeared, and she had changed into a basque, stockings and heels, and Kath told her she was showing off lol.

    We chatted a bit, and Jayne asked me if I was ok with this, I replied "Sure, what guy wouldn't be happy with two ladies!"

    We had all relaxed after the initial nerves, and Kath said she wanted to try something first with Jayne, so they sat together and had a kiss, which got very steamy very quickly, hands wandering, and groping each other.
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  2. sthwalescpl

    sthwalescpl Sprtr

    Watching them had the inevitable affect on me, and Jayne noticed, and told me to sit in between them. Kath noticed too, and made some comment, and so Jayne just opened my bathrobe to reveal my cock.

    Jayne told me to kiss Kath, and as I did so Jayne wanked my cock, her hand soon being joined by Kaths.

    Jayne seemed to have taken charge, and so as I sat there getting played with, Jayne looked over to Kath and asked her what she thought, and Kath said something like "Mmmm looks tasty" so Jayne said "be my guest".

    Kath got off the sofa, and knelt down in front of me between my legs, taking my cock in her mouth.

    Jayne got up too, and knelt by the side of Kath, running her hands over her, undoing her clothes, and eventually stripping her naked, playing with Kaths nipples, and fingering her pussy.

    Soon Kath was really going to town on my cock, moaning and touching Jayne too.

    Kath got up, and sat on the edge of the sofa, kissing Jayne, so I hung back, letting them set the pace.

    Kath sat back, and Jayne lowered her mouth, first to Kath's nipples, and then to her pussy, which left me at a loose end. I went up to Kath, kissing her, and playing with her nipples and asked her if she was ok.

    "I'm fucking loving it!" she said, with a big smile, which turned to a gasp as Jayne really got stuck into licking her.

    "Can I see you fuck Jayne?" Kath asked, "i'd love to see that", so I got in behind Jayne, and slid easily into her, she was dripping wet.

    We all then got well into it, I was loving watching and listening to Jayne and Kath, and I was having real trouble holding back, especially when Kath started talking dirty to Jane and myself!

    "Does that feel good Jayne, him fucking you?" she would ask, and Jayne would say yes, and Kath would then say "Go on Mart, fuck her, make her moan", and I would fuck Jayne harder.

    I wanted to see them in action together again, and needed a break or I was going to cum too soon, so I said this and they dived onto the floor together, Kath first taking time to suck Jaynes juices off my cock, before they arranged themselves in a 69, licking away at each other, fingers going into each other pussies too.

    I helped out by running my hands over both of them, tweaking a nipple here, and sometimes slipping a finger into a pussy too.

    I could tell they were both getting close, and did what I could to help them both cum, which they did, Jayne first, it doesn't take much with her, and Kath a couple of minutes later, apparently she said later she doesn't come much, and it usually takes a lot more effort, so I guess she was really enjoying what we were doing!

    They disentangled themselves, and I made us all a drink.

    I grabbed a towel too, thinking they would want to clean up, but when I got back, drinks and towel in hand, I found them sat together kissing and groping each other. They looked at me, and when I offered the towel Kath said "I hope we aren't finished yet?" looking at me and Jayne.

    Jayne replied “No, that’s just round one!” and they laughed.

    We sat, finished the drinks, and then Jayne turned to Kath and said something like “So, how about we scratch that itch then?” and looked at me, handing Kath a condom that she had brought down when she got changed. Kath was definitely up for it, and the look she gave me was pure sex, as she got up, came over and knelt down, sucking my cock until it was hard, trying to deep throat it, and generally getting me very excited very quickly, before stepping up onto the armchair I was sat in and pulling my head in between her legs, I took the hint and licked her, the soft reddish blonde pubes a lot different to Jaynes shaved mound. She soon dropped down and sat on me, facing me. She rubbed herself against me, and my cock hardened rapidly, and she sat back, rolled the condom on, then she reached down and slid it into her, slowly riding me.

    Jayne got up, came over and kissed Kath and me, stood by the side of the chair, running her hands over us. As Kath got more excited, she was finding it difficult to maintain a regular pace, so Jayne suggested we swop things round a little.

    Jayne got on the sofa, and Kath got between her legs, licking her, as I slipped in behind Kath and slid in easily. I started slowly, but she was soon pushing back, so I started to slam into her, which seemed to drive her wild. Soon she had Jayne cumming, and as Jayne slid out from in front of her I really went to town, banging into her as hard as I could, which only sent her wilder, moaning ask gasping out things like “Fuck me!” and “Do it harder you fucker!”. This had its effect on me, and I was rapidly approaching orgasm, so I said to Jayne “Help me make her cum!”.

    Jayne reached underneath, playing with her clit, and nipples, whilst saying things like” Come on slut, cum for us!”

    And then ... bang.. without warning, Kath came, hard, and as she tightened up that set me off too. I blasted what felt like a gallon of cum into her in the condom, and our mutual orgasm seemed to go on for ages.

    I softened, and slid out, taking off the condom and, wrapping it in a tissue, disposed of it. When I got back, the girls were sitting together, kissing, but in a more subdued way, like lovers after a session.

    We chatted a bit, it was good that there was no awkwardness, in fact Kath seemed to be more relaxed than she had been for a long time lol! Eventually, Kath said she had better get back, So Jayne and I got dressed properly and walked her back, the two girls having a quick snog in the cover of Kath’s porch before we headed back.

    We only played with Kath once, although we still went to hers for drinks etc regularly, and flirted a lot, and it looked like a return match was on, until her and her hubby got back together. Kath has asked that we don’t say anything to John, which is fair enough, they were separated, so he doesn’t need to know, plus he might not be too happy at finding out, and we would never play with them as a couple as he’s a little too “straight-laced” for that sort of thing.
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  3. PRG978

    PRG978 PV Sprtr

    Sounds like you all had an amazing time....
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  4. definely sound like a fantastic night
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  5. sthwalescpl

    sthwalescpl Sprtr

    It was great fun, even more so seeing as Kath was up for it as much as we were, and we would have loved to do it again, but sometimes life tends to go in a different direction, they are now happily back together.
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  6. that it does as long as all you guys are happy with where you are
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