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Partners Swingers Club, Bury

Discussion in 'Swinging Club Reviews' started by Admin, 2 September 2015.

  1. Admin

    Admin Administrator Admin

    Admin submitted a new link:


    Partners swingers club, Swingers club Bury

    Welcome to the sexual utopia that is Partners, the UK's Premier Swingers Club.

    An oasis of relaxation and fun conveniently located in a quiet suburb of Bury, Greater Manchester and approx 1 mile from the town centre.

    Our aim is to create a relaxed atmosphere in which you can fulfil any of your desires or fantasies in a stunning environment.

    We have facilities that are un-matched in the UK and we offer an assortment of spaces, each with its own unique atmosphere. You can frolic in one of our pools, take a leisurely sauna or slip off to one of our many well appointed rooms with the man or woman of your dreams.

    Take a look at The Club page to see just what we have to offer, we are sure you will find it very hard to find another club anywhere that compares with Partners.
    Last edited: 5 January 2018
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  2. WET AREA.... amazing.. Love, just love, sitting off and chilling in their plunge pool.. With a drink in hand... This for me is the crowning glory of this club...
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  3. Pearls

    Pearls Site Owner Staff Admin

    Sounds very kinky Miss Sparkles :love:xx
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  4. You'd love it. If you don't mind getting your hair wet! :)
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  5. Pearls

    Pearls Site Owner Staff Admin

    Cant get my hair wet, Id turn the pool red:rofl::rofl:xx
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  6. Nice place, was busy, being the last bank holiday Sunday evening couples night. Our first visit here. Bar area was busy and a good atmosphere, people then dressed down and went to the play areas. Not sure the Maze was our thing, different however, but the couples room and suspended bed was fun, with the wet room being fantastic.
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  7. Great little club, we've only been once - celebrating our Swingerversary but had lots of fun lol... Fantastic wet area, great vibe and lovely people... We will be back for more fun, been a bit busy on our club tour, but as it's only 45 mins away from us we do hope to get back on a regular basis very soon. xxx
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  8. Admin

    Admin Administrator Admin

    That's fantastic to hear both.. x (y)
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  9. Pearls

    Pearls Site Owner Staff Admin

    Swingerversary...Love it :lol::lol:
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  10. Miss-Sexy-Legs

    Miss-Sexy-Legs Moderator Staff Sprtr

    Oh wow fantastic venue that caters for everything from a relaxing drink and chat to the BDSM dungeon, pool, sauna and hot_tub spacious and welcoming , staff are very friendly and extremely helpful, nothing is too much trouble , will definitely go again absolutely loved the dungeon area xx
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  11. mrclouse

    mrclouse PV Sprtr

    Nice club, two pools plenty of rooms and a pool table
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  12. Therapon

    Therapon Admin Admin Sprtr

    Great club, friendly welcome and really helpful staff. Didn't get a chance to sample the hot tub or pool but the dungoen, sauna and bar areas were really good. I would certainly go back.
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  13. SexyS

    SexyS PV

    Our first visit, well worth the drive from Hertfordshire. Lovely friendly staff and really helpful. The pool area was very relaxed and "friendly".... Particularly enjoyed the suspended bed and couples areas :sneaky: xx
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  14. My first visit to this lovely club and won't be my last the staff we welcoming and helpful nice relaxing seating area for you to chat and pool table for relaxing game n chat...Well I loved looking round the suspended bed area and orgy room is a future must.lovely pool area to relax chat n have a giggle or two....would love to see the dungeon more next time xx
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  15. 80sbabe

    80sbabe PV

    What a great club. My first visit but definitely not my last!
    Great staff, lots of little nooks & crannies to lose yourself (& inhibitions!!) in. Loved the pool and jacuzzi area. In fact, loved everything about it (y) x
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  16. StokeChoke

    StokeChoke PV Sprtr

    First visit to this club and definitely won’t be my last, amazing place with very friendly staff. Great social area and lots of places to play in. Especially like the wet area ;)
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  17. No bloody learner arm band needed for you lol x
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  18. Vanezza

    Vanezza PV

    This was our first visit to a swingers club and we had a great night, nice friendly staff. Had some great fun and enjoyed the swing bed and pool and hot tub area's. Would visit again if we lived nearer.

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  19. Scott&Lexi

    Scott&Lexi PV Sprtr

    My first visit to the club, staff were so very welcoming and friendly, fantastic social area and loved the suspended bed! Not sure about the little maze but it didn't matter as the atmosphere was incredible and pool was lots of fun! I'd certainly go back xx
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  20. Really, really lovely staff. Nothing was too much trouble for them and they were still full of smiles at the end of the night whereas other clubs just want you gone. Loved the amazing suspended bed with the mirror ceiling. Every club should have one! It did get a little warm in the rooms to stay in them for extended periods but the atmosphere all night was great.
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  21. MP386

    MP386 PV Sprtr

    this is only the second club I have visited overall it was a relaxed pleasant experience ,it did get a little warm ,everywhere was clean and tidy .....the maze bit pitch black was unusual to say the least ...
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  22. Nigel&Julie

    Nigel&Julie PV Sprtr

    Was a bit dark for me......but the social area was good...enjoyed seeing old friends.....and meting newxxjxx
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  23. The-Gent

    The-Gent PV Sprtr

    Been trying to contact Partners 2 Partners are they closed?
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  24. Pearls

    Pearls Site Owner Staff Admin

    I don't think so hun x
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  25. Vanezza

    Vanezza PV

    Sites up and seems to be fine :)

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