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Pissoir - London's Ultimate Bi-sexual Watersports

Event: PisSoir - London's Ultimate Bi-Sexual Watersports
Discussion in 'Club Promotions / Events' started by BiZarreEvents, 27 December 2015.

This adult sex party is for PISS and WATERSPORTS fetishists.
You may be 'giving' or 'receiving' (or both). You may be Male or Female, Single or a Couple, TV/TG/CD or Gender-Fluid, Straight, Bi or Gay... Everybody is welcome!
If you are looking for respectful, free-spirited, open-minded, sexually intelligent piss & watersports play-mates then this is the party for you!
READ REVIEWS & FEEDBACK HERE: Bizarre Events - Adult Sex Parties in London

Tickets and memberships will be sold on the DOOR ONLY for this event. Membership IS REQUIRED because these are exclusively PRIVATE events. We have tried to make the prices as fair as possible for everyone, no matter whether you are male, female or 'anything' else.
To attend you MUST Reserve Your Tickets / Pre-Book here:Bizarre Events - Adult Sex Parties in London
READ REVIEWS & FEEDBACK HERE: Bizarre Events - Adult Sex Parties in London

One of London's most unusual, luxurious and appropriately kinky fetish venues, the truly unique MURDER MILE STUDIOS in North East London (E5 9NA), a well-established, internationally famous, purpose-fitted and very luxurious BDSM dungeon and kinky play-space, which also frequently hosts upmarket kink- and fetish related photo and video shoots.
Downstairs (Reception, Cloakroom, Bar, Smoking Area, Boudoir)
The downstairs venue consists of an elegant Reception Area with leather sofas with separate staffed Cloakroom, a welcoming (and of course free!) Bar with service area, tables and chairs, as well as a Fridge (if you want to bring your own drinks) and access to a private Smoking Area. And of course there is the truly sumptuous Boudoir Room with a beautiful, large Four-Poster Bed.
Upstairs (Dungeon, Medical Room, Prison Cell)
The upstairs venue offers a large, furnished, large Dungeon space, fully equipped with many bespoke pieces, including:
* Custom four poster bondage bed with cage underneath
* Gothic series steel St Andrews cross
* Gothic series steel bondage chair
* Custom mummification bench
* Versatile leather upholstered spanking/examination bench
* Versatile leather upholstered bondage horse
* Steel black powder coated fetters puppy cage
* Steel black powder coated suspension frame
* Huge dark wood and leather Goddess throne
* Huge raised custom steel throne/bondage chair
* Fetters bondage wheel
* Steel bondage chair with cut out
* Steel vertical dancers/bondage pole
Adjacent to the large Dungeon area is theMedical Play Roomwith:
* Black Hydraulic dentist chair
* Red Vintage examination chair
* Versatile white leather fully reclining chair
* Medical trolley
There is also a fully functional Prison Cell with single bed & steel toilet - perfect for isolation and slave storage..!
We will of course, as always, provide fresh towels, toiletries and condoms for free.
All of our adult parties are explicitly Pan-Sexual. Everyone is welcome! That means that literally anyone is genuinely welcome, whether you are straight, bi, gay, male, female, transgender, transsexual, a cross-dresser or a voyeur.
Single males, single females, couples (MM, MF, FF) are all welcome. Anything goes... The only thing that matters is that you are open-minded, respectful and very, very sexual.
There will be a limited amount of drinks available (soft drinks, beer & wine). But please do bring your own favourite drinks as well if you like. Glasses will be provided and there is a fridge.
We have a staffed, secure cloakroom where you can check in your clothes and belongings. Our cloakroom is free of charge.
Our events are always supervised by female Stewards / DMs who are available to answer any questions you might have, and to make sure everyone has a good time. They are also responsible to enforce our Event & Club Rules.
She may, at her discretion and solely for her own personal pleasure, decide to dispense Her purifying corporal punishment and humiliation to those yet uninitiated. Or perhaps you are already experienced but yet uncorrected..?
All of our events are always professionally protected by SIA licenced door & security staff.
To attend you MUST Reserve Your Tickets / Pre-Book here: Bizarre Events - Adult Sex Parties in London
READ REVIEWS & FEEDBACK HERE: Bizarre Events - Adult Sex Parties in London

We are Nina & Aidan, and besides of being natural 'perverts' and predisposiotioned fetishists we also have many years of first-hand and direct experience in the adult industry working as a PROUDLY independent escort couple specialising in kinky & extreme sex and fetishes: 'London's Hottest Bi-Sexual M/F Escort Couple'
For quite a while now we have grown more and more frustrated with the lack of full-on adult sex parties catering to extreme kinks and fetishes. This sort of party normally ONLY happens in the gay scene (Aidan's enjoyed many of those but Nina's always left out - and that's simply not good enough). So, that's why we thought of this...
Basically, we are creating the kind European-type of adult sex party we dreamt of as kinky fetishists but were unable to find anywhere!!! Somewhere to make our fantasies and perversions a reality - in a safe, sane, consensual, clean and sexy environment.
To attend you MUST Reserve Your Tickets / Pre-Book here:Bizarre Events - Adult Sex Parties in London
READ REVIEWS & FEEDBACK HERE: Bizarre Events - Adult Sex Parties in London
Lots of Love,
Nina & Aidan xXx
BiZarre Events - London's Most Extreme Fetish Sex Parties!
Web: Bizarre Events - Adult Sex Parties in London
☎ 07722 587 951
  1. BiZarreEvents

    BiZarreEvents VIP Member PV

    BiZarreEvents created a new event:

    PisSoir - London's Ultimate Bi-Sexual Watersports

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  2. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Welcome back both, hope you enjoyed and Christmas was everything you hoped..
    Wow that's one serious sounding party! :p xx
  3. It sounds super organised.. and fascinating.. a dentists chair?! Oh my..
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  4. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Their dungeon looks bloody outstanding! :)
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