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Poems In Autumn Blue.

Discussion in 'Fantasy & Story Forums' started by The-Gypsy-Tangerina, 14 October 2016.

  1. Memories Seen From My Fingertips.

    Who dares to touch in places
    touching shouldn't usually be.
    Grasps not the flesh but more
    they find the thoughts of you I keep.

    Season's Farewells.

    Your smile was my Indian Summer.
    Your eyes my Arab Spring.
    Your heart was the Winter of our discontent.
    Your hair was the Autumn wind.

    My Mana's Eyes.

    Why is it when you look at me
    You see things I find hard to see?
    Is it because in you I see
    Myself reflected back at me?
    In your eyes I try hard to be
    Myself reflected back at me.

    Things Heard on the Edge of a Kiss.

    Words can roll like pebbles,
    Or hiss like windswept sand.
    They can roar like open ocean,
    And be soft as lovers hands.

    A word can paint a picture,
    Of a thousand different words.
    Just a word can move a mountain,
    Less unspoken or unheard.

    Lee. Xt
  2. Beautiful hun. Very talented. Seasons farewell is my fave xxx
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