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Pregnant Sex

Discussion in 'Fantasy & Story Forums' started by SteLinda, 15 March 2016.

  1. Prompted by another post I realise this. One turn on so therefore a fantasy for me is sexy with a pregnant woman. I never had kids and so never had the chance. The idea of slipping in and feeling her tum as we rock n roll has me hot at times.
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  2. Oh! yes. I remember meeting with friends after a wile away and she n I used to flirt even though nothing was meant or on the cards, but she was now large and her nipples were huge..DAMN was I turned on and horny.
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  3. Hmmm im guessing one mans/persons nectre is anothers poison.
    My partner was deeply turned on when i was pregnant.. as was i .. we shared an unbelivieable closness. Plus i was super horny, hormones?
    But as for the fact of being turned on by pregnant ladies in general ? Its not for me or mr.. but.. like i say wouldnt do for us all to be alike. :)
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  4. Pearls

    Pearls #PearlsTechSupport

    This is a fetish for a few, I loved being pregnant and felt very sexy, I agree with @meet_the_fockers here its something I feel should be between two people, I know Mr A would never feel turned on by another person who is pregnant but it a dolly mixture to make the world go around :love:xx
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  5. mrclouse

    mrclouse PV Sprtr

    I kindof feel like i want to know what its like BUT i would really rather do it when she is pregnant with my child
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  6. Pearls

    Pearls #PearlsTechSupport

    Yes it isn't something I know @Admin couldn't do, of course it is different when it's your child and even though we had sex all the way through pregnancy it was more gentle, the connection is amazing :love::love:
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  7. Admin

    Admin Admin

    We did.. I was always very nervous and whilst initially it didn't feel 'right' - it was actually really connective and close. Very deep connections.
    As for a fetish I understand there is call for it, and whilst not dismissive of it for others, it most certainly isn't for me... As in having sex with another lady who is pregnant. :)
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