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Private Dungeon Party

Event: Private dungeon party
Discussion in 'Club Promotions / Events' started by Ruberfunxxx, 6 March 2016.

Ruberfunxxx,s private dungeon party in London. Limited number, fully equipped dungeon. Play event 9pm-5am PM for details.
£12 per person.
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  2. Thought zebo was having a open day:rofl::rofl:
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  3. We would attend :)
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  4. i bet you would as well.. you naughty boy you hehehehehe
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  5. lol price is not the problem lol lol
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  6. pffft ?? you can answer this by private message if you wish, sorry for being old duffers and not into all the speak x
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  7. Indeed @NigelandJulie its not for discussion in here ;)
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  8. But don't know what it means, was just asking the question, enlighten us somebody
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  9. I can only do that when the neighbours are on holiday, they say the screams upset the dog :)
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  10. You are top man pmsl
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