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Pushing Boundaries

  1. sthwalescpl

    sthwalescpl Sprtr

    Pushing boundaries.

    This is part real, part fantasy, I’ve been chatting with a lady (and filling Jayne in on all the mucky details!), and it looks like we will be meeting up soon as during our chats it seems we all have very similar ideas about fun.

    I mentioned about my stories, and then decided to write about this one and how things might work out.
    Nothing is ever set in stone, you never know how a meet will go until it happens, but Sarah has some boundaries we hope to push with her consent, so let’s see how it goes lol!


    It starts...

    It was a pleasant surprise to open up our account, and find a message from Sarah, amidst the usual one liners from people who had obviously not read our profile.

    She had sent a pic too, always a good start, and I recognised her as someone we had seen at a social as part of a couple, a fact borne out by her in her message, where she indicated that she’d like to meet. She was single now, and looking to get back into the “swing” of things, (pun intended lol).

    Looking at her profile, and the pic, it wasn’t a hard decision to make for either of us, she was pretty, blond, curvy, sub, and (as she told me during our texts) had a pair of 40DD boobs....I’m not strictly a boob guy as such, (I’m more of a stockings and heels guy..on her, not me lol) but Jayne loves a nice pair, and let’s face it, if they are attached to a fun lady, no guy will resist playing with them.
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  2. sthwalescpl

    sthwalescpl Sprtr

    She was very open and honest about what she was into, and also what she might not be into, which was a good start, plus in my slightly warped mind, it left a little room for exploration, boundaries that weren’t set in stone, and could maybe be expanded, pushed a little.

    Above all, she was keen to let us lead, indicating that she could be a little slow in getting going, and that, if we met up, and all got along, then we should “take charge”, again, that was a big plus for me, our list of what we were compatible on was growing rapidly, toys, mild forms of BDSM, and her being bi really got a big “tick” from Jayne, she enjoyed being a bit of a Domme with ladies on occasion, and was keen to explore this more, and Sarah sounded the perfect willing sub for her to practice on. Obviously it was important to us that she be comfortable with us too, but as we swapped more texts, it soon became apparent that we were all pretty much singing off the same hymn sheet.

    It’s often difficult to juggle the wants of “swinging fantasy” with “real life” reality, so often you hit it off with someone, but then things go cold when they realise you can’t meet straight away, especially as a couple, with two working lives, family, friends and the myriad of other distractions, but Sarah had similar ties, and understood the need for us to plan ahead. Another good thing was that she seemed keen on expanding past the first meet, so we had obviously made a good impression already, we just needed to get that first meet under our belts.


    So far, its all been fact-based, now we move on to the fantasy, how things might go.

    The first meet...

    Eventually, the stars aligned, and we all got a weekend off at the same time.

    Sarah invited us to travel to hers, and we agreed on coming up on the Saturday evening, I’d drive, luckily it wasn’t too far, meaning Jayne and Sarah could drink, not too much, nothing worse than a playmate that’s too sozzled to function, but just enough to take the edge off those “first meet” nerves.

    Jayne spent the days in the run-up to the weekend deciding on what to wear, not sure whether to just wear her usual “swinging” lingerie, or go a little darker with something a little more “Domme”. I suggested maybe start with the former, and then maybe change into the latter, although chances are if we were caught up in the moment, changing outfits would be the last thing on her mind!

    Sarah asked what she should wear, and I was going to give my usual response of “whatever you are comfortable in”, but I stopped myself, realising that this was a chance to start to lead her, as she had requested.

    “Something a little slutty, stockings, heels, some cleavage” I said, “preferably something with easy access”. I had a feeling she wouldn’t disappoint us.
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  3. sthwalescpl

    sthwalescpl Sprtr

    Saturday arrived, and we packed the playbags into the car, and set off, stopping en-route to pick up a bottle of wine. We text Sarah that we were on our way and she replied with “See you soon! xxx”.

    Jayne had kept her outfit for the journey up simple, with a nice black mid thigh length dress, stockings and heels, planning on changing at Sarahs if everything went well and we all decided to play.

    Jayne and I discussed how we thought the meet would go, and what we might try if things went well, I could tell Jayne was feeling very horny, and so was I.

    Sarah answered the door...she hadn’t disappointed us with her outfit. Heels, seamed stockings, a short-ish black skirt, and a tight-ish white blouse with a couple of buttons undone, showing a lot of cleavage, the remaining buttons straining to hold her ample boobs in check. I could tell she was nervous, but she hid it well, as we all exchanged pleasantries. We headed into the lounge, and Sarah went to grab a couple of glasses from the kitchen as we made ourselves comfortable.

    Soon the conversation flowed, the ladies were chatting like old friends, the first glass of wine had done its job, Sarah was more relaxed. We swopped funny stories about our swinging experiences, and chatted about people we knew.

    Soon I sensed that the timing was right, everything was going well, so I asked Sarah to stand.

    “You remember what I asked you to do for the meet?” I said.

    “Yes Mart, I do” she replied.

    “If you are happy to do it, show us” was all I said.

    Sarah didn’t hesitate, pulling up her skirt. She was without panties, and she spread her legs slightly to show that she had shaved her pussy. Jayne was closer than I, and she ran a hand up the inside of Sarah’s leg, keeping eye contact with her as she did so, her fingers finding her pussy, and delving gently in between Sarah’s lips, which elicited an intake of breath, and then a moan, as Jayne’s fingers gently circled her clit. After only a few seconds Sarahs legs began to shake, so Jayne stopped playing with her, and licked her fingers, savouring Sarahs taste.

    “I’m going to get changed” said Jayne, “Sarah, show Mart where the bedroom is so he can set up some....stuff!” she grinned wickedly, taking her bag upstairs.

    “Are you ok?” I asked Sarah, who seemed to be a in a bit of a daze. “Oh god yes!” she replied, “I’ve been looking forward to this all week!”

    I grabbed the other bags, and Sarah led me upstairs, into her bedroom.

    Our playbag “system” is pretty basic, one small one with condoms, lube, some silly dice for “ice-breaker” games, spare stockings, and the toys, and a bigger one that jingles and clanks when you carry it, which raises quite a few eyebrows!

    I placed the smaller one near the head of the bed, on the floor, and then walked over to Sarah.

    I leaned forward and kissed her, and then as she leant in, parting her lips and searching for my tongue with hers, I pulled her close to me, undoing her blouse buttons as we kissed. When her blouse was undone, I told her to take it off, and the skirt, until she stood there, in a corset that barely contained her boobs.

    “Sarah, can you give me a hand please?” Jayne called, and Sarah walked quickly to where Jayne was, in another bedroom. Jayne stood there, having taken off her dress holding out a leather basque, and said “Can you help me into this?” Sarah nodded, taking the basque and wrapping it around Jayne, doing up the rear zip. The basque is straightforward enough to put on, but has a few buckles and straps that add to its “dark” undertone, and when Jayne teamed it with some knee-length black suede boots it completed her transformation from “sweet swinger” to “bitch”, the effect not lost on Sarah who seemed to revel in the change, kneeling to help Jayne pull on the boots and do them up.

    I, in the meantime, had used this period to lay out a few bits and pieces on the bed from our large playbag, which contained our restraint items, a couple of spreader bars, chains, and a few “ouchie” toys (as Jayne called them) some small paddles, and a set of nipple clamps. I wasn’t sure how far Sarah wanted to go down that route, but it wouldn’t hurt for her to see what might be in store for her.

    Jayne sat on the bed, and invited Sarah to sit beside her.

    “Remember, you can always stop this at any time, it’s supposed to be sexy and fun, if you want to stop just say so” and she went on to explain that we used the “traffic light” safe word system.
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  4. sthwalescpl

    sthwalescpl Sprtr

    Jayne and Sarah kissed, hands wandering, before Jayne said “Right, let’s see what Mart has in store!”

    The ladies came into the bedroom, holding hands. “I’m shocked,“ joked Jayne, “I thought you would be naked by now!”

    She turned to Sarah “You do the bottom half, and I’ll do the top” she said, reaching out for my shirt buttons. Sarah knelt, and her hands took hold of my belt. Jayne and I kissed, as Sarah undid my belt, and Jayne undid my shirt buttons. Looking down, as Sarah smoothed my jeans down, followed by my boxers, and my cock sprung free, Jayne placed a hand on the back of Sarah’s head and guided her forward. I don’t think Sarah needed any encouragement, as she engulfed my cock, rocking her head forward and back as she sucked, licked and generally just enjoyed sucking me. Jayne gently entwined her fingers in Sarah’s hair, pulling her head back and pushing it forward, slightly deeper each time, and Sarah ran a hand up Jayne’s leg, finding her pussy and delving in between the lips, which brought forth a moan from her. I prised Jayne’s boobs out of her basque, and tweaked her nipples, and soon, between Sarah playing with her clit, and me playing with her boobs, Jayne cried out as she orgasmed.

    We all moved apart, and I took Sarah by the hand and led her to the bed. I pointed to the few items I had laid out, “Pick two”, I instructed her.

    She didn’t hesitate, picking up a set of four cuffs, and a small soft leather flogger. I took them from her, and indicated she should lie on the bed. Jayne took a pair of cuffs, and restrained Sarah’s ankles to chains I had placed at the corners of the bed, as I did the same with her wrists. Once spread-eagled, Jayne moved up the bed, kissing Sarah, and playing with her nipples, having liberated Sarah’s boobs from her corset. I ran my hand up Sarah’s leg, and started playing with her pussy, hearing her moan as the dual assault on her body overloaded her senses, sending her into a delirium, squirming and writhing on the bed as our fingers plucked, tweaked and stirred her towards her orgasm. Almost as if by telepathy, Jayne and I stopped just before Sarah achieved her orgasm, and she moaned, this time in frustration.
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  5. sthwalescpl

    sthwalescpl Sprtr

    Sarah had mentioned about having a wand, and she had laid it out on her bedside cabinet. I picked it up and turned it on, and handed it to Jayne, who suddenly had a wicked look in her eyes. She ran it down from Sarah’s neck, paying close attention to her nipples, which made Sarah gasp and writhe, pulling ineffectually at her restraints. Jayne continued, lower, as she bent down, trapping a nipple between her lips as the wand traced a path down, buzzing as it found its way across Sarah’s shaven mound and down, caressing her pussy lips as Jayne sucked on one nipple before moving to the other one, pressing the wand onto Sarah’s clit.

    Sarah was moaning loudly now, and Jayne looked up, “Hun, I think you need to shut her up” looking at my cock, which was hard. I knelt on the bed near Sarah’s head, and she turned to take my cock in her mouth, hungrily sucking me deeper, bobbing her head, and moaning as Jayne slid down the bed, placing her lips onto Sarah’s clit, flicking with her tongue, alternating with the head of the wand, as Sarah tried to grab me to pull me closer, forgetting she couldn’t move her hands very far. Jayne’s efforts were bringing Sarah closer to cumming, and her frantic sucking and bobbing on my cock had me close too, so I pulled away, much to Sarah’s dismay. Jayne looked too good to pass up, knelt between Sarah’s legs, so I moved round behind her, with a plan in mind. Sarah was relatively inexperienced with women, not having licked pussy, and unsure if she could, I wondered if she would enjoy the taste of pussy juice off a cock, as she seemed very keen to suck me. So I nudged my cock into Jayne, who moaned and pushed back as she tongued Sarah’s clit. I pushed in as deep as I could, thrusting back and forward, and Jayne being wet meant I was balls deep pretty much straight away. “Oh fuck,” Jayne moaned, as I rammed into her, nudging her forward, and she plunged her tongue into Sarah’s pussy. I could soon feel that I was likely to cum if I kept going, so I withdrew, and moved back up the bed, waggling my cock in front of Sarah’s face. “Do you want to taste it?” I asked, “you know where it’s been?”

    “Yes, you’ve fucked Jayne, lucky bitch, I want to taste her” Sarah replied, gasping as Jayne lightly slapped her pussy “I’ll give you lucky bitch you slut!” said Jayne, pushing a finger into Sarah, and placing the wand head back on her clit, bring forth yet another groan, which I stifled by placing the tip of my cock in between her lips, letting her take as much as she wanted. Sarah’s tongue ran around my cock, and she bobbed her head, taking more and more of my cock, and Jayne’s juices, into her mouth
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  6. sthwalescpl

    sthwalescpl Sprtr

    Further down the bed, Jayne was still playing with Sarah’s pussy, running the wand over her mound, touching it to her clit and fingering her, meaning that Sarah’s moans were becoming louder, and more rapid, as Jayne pushed her towards an orgasm. I was benefiting from this, as the vibrations as she sucked me meant that I was again finding it hard to hold back. By this time Sarah had engulfed my cock, cleaning all of Jayne’s juices of it, showing no signs of reluctance. I pulled away, watching as Jayne dipped her head, running her tongue along Sarah’s slit, finding her clit and paying particular attention to it, making Sarah squirm and moan even more. I reached over and tweaked her nipples, and soon she was panting and wriggling her way towards a huge orgasm, straining at her bonds as she crashed through it, her pussy leaking fluid as she shook and moaned. We released her from her bindings, allowing her a few moments to recover, sipping some water as she came back down from her high. I picked up the flogger, and she smiled, “How do you want me Mart?” she asked, and I grabbed two pillows and put them in the centre of the bed. “Bent over them” I said, and she quickly got the idea, going face down over the pillows, as we again used the cuffs and chains to secure her in a position with her bum high, a perfect position for access with the flogger. She looked over her shoulder, wriggling her bum as she did so, as if inviting me to start. I dangled the flogger strands, dragging them up her legs, over her bum and up her back, before re-tracing the route back down. Jayne rooted around in the bag, and bought out a blindfold, placing it over Sarah’s head, covering her eyes. I raised the flogger, and started flicking the strands across her bum, gently at first, getting harder and faster as she relaxed into it, alternating with stroking her bum with the strands, and then flicking it so that they stuck her bum, the skin slowly reddening.
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  7. sthwalescpl

    sthwalescpl Sprtr

    I leaned down, close to Sarah’s head, and said “Remember, let us know when you reach your limit”, before re-applying the flogger, this time a little more firmly than before. I saw Jayne reach under her, no doubt searching for Sarah’s clit, and when she found it Sarah groaned, her body shaking as Jayne strummed Sarah’s pussy, the wetness as her fingers danced on Sarah’s clit very audible, making a sexy accompaniment to the thwack as the flogger struck Sarah’s arse. I increased the firmness of my strokes, and eventually Sarah said “Amber”, indicating her limit, so I eased off slightly, smoothing her cheeks with my hand, feeling the slight warmth, as Jayne continued to play with Sarah, edging her once again towards orgasm, before taking her hand away. “Oh god, don’t stop” pleaded Sarah, “I’m almost there!”.

    “You seem to forget your place” said Jayne, a stern tone to her voice, “You only get to cum when we decide!” and she bought her hand down on Sarah’s arse, not too hard, but it brought forth a yelp, Sarah wriggling as she did so. Jayne was getting into her Domme mode properly now, and I was looking forward to seeing her in action. “Don’t move” she said to Sarah, as she released the chains holding her to the bed, “Ok, get up”. Sarah got up, and Jayne turned her around, clipping a short chain to one wrist cuff before moving Sarah’s hands behind her back and clipping the other wrist to the chain. Jayne removed Sarah’s blindfold, and stood in front of her, taking hold of Sarah’s nipples and gently pulling her forward, so that their lips met, kissing frantically. Jayne pulled away, and placed a pillow on the floor a couple of feet from the bed, “Kneel” was all she said, looking at Sarah, wo meekly complied. Jayne walked behind her, clipping another short length of chain to the ankle cuffs, attaching it to her wrist cuffs to immobilise her.

    “Mart” said Jayne, moving to the bed and sitting down on it in front of Sarah, “I think she’s having too much fun, let’s show her what she needs to earn”, as she patted the bed next to her. I moved to sit next to her, and we kissed, our tongues exploring as Jayne ran her hands over me, down, across my body, to my cock, which was hard. She looked at Sarah, “This is mine, and if you want some of it, you will have to earn it”, as she gently wanked me, before dipping her head, and sucking on my cock wetly, putting on a show that had Sarah transfixed. I played with Jayne’s nipples, making her moan, before sliding my hand down to play with her clit, her pussy wet, and plunging two fingers in, which bought a gasp from Jayne.

    We played like this for a couple of minutes, Jayne looking at Sarah, giving her a running commentary of how my fingers felt as I fucked her pussy with them, and how my cock tasted. Sarah squirmed, obviously wanting to join in, and Jayne laughed, “Look Mart, the slut wants your cock!”, with that Jayne stood, running a finger between her pussy lips, and offering it to Sarah, “Do you want to taste how fucking horny he has made me slut?”, and Sarah leaned forward, “Stick your tongue out slut, and show me how you lick, and I might let you lick me later, if you are good” said Jayne, putting her fingers to Sarah’s mouth. For someone who wasn’t sure if she could lick a pussy, Sarah seemed keen to taste Jayne’s fingers, as her tongue flicked out, and Jayne turned them so that Sarah had to clean them. Watching Jayne dominate Sarah was horny as fuck, especially when she grabbed a handful of hair, and forced her fingers into Sarah’s mouth, pushing them in and out like she was fucking her with them, before releasing her. “Not bad,” said Jayne, “did you like the taste slut?”

    Sarah looked at me, “Yes, I loved it!” she said.

    “Do you think you could eat my pussy slut? I mean properly, not just a quick lick, but fuck me with your tongue and drink my juices?” asked Jayne, toying with one of Sarah’s nipples.

    Sarah squirmed, we both knew her nipples were sensitive, “I… I think so” she said, breathing heavily as Jayne switched to the other nipple, “Well, you don’t have to, if you don’t want to,” said Jayne, “but it’s such a turn on having a woman suck and lick my pussy, and I’ll make sure you are rewarded”.
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  8. sthwalescpl

    sthwalescpl Sprtr

    Jayne bent down, unclipping the chain between the ankle cuffs, but leaving the wrist cuffs attached, helping Sarah up, and moving the pillow to the side of the bed between my feet. She then guided Sarah down onto the pillow on her knees, pushing her head forward, and Sarah needed no further encouragement as she swallowed my cock, her head bobbing as she licked and sucked me. Jayne quickly rifled through the bag, bringing out a small bullet vibe, a remote control, and a small leather spanker.

    Sarah moaned as Jayne knelt next to her, running the vibe over her nipples, before slipping it lower, finally pushing it into her pussy. Jayne smoothed the spanker over Sarah’s arse, tapping gently, gently increasing the speed and force of impact, bringing forth more muted moans from her as she sucked my cock. I wrapped my fingers in her hair, and pulled her slightly further on to my cock, as Jayne operated the remote, and Sarah stiffened and squirmed, pulling back from my cock to groan. “I didn’t say you could stop sucking his cock slut!” Jayne admonished, as she brought the spanker down firmly with a crack across Sarah’s arse, making her jump, as I pulled her head forward, pushing my cock in between her lips.

    Jayne alternated between gently spanking Sarah, or pressing the remote for the bullet vibe nestled in Sarah’s pussy, making her jump and squirm, as she moaned on my cock, her tongue and lips caressing me as I thrust in and out. Soon Jayne’s fingers joined in the sweet torture, running between Sarah’s thighs to pluck, stroke and rub her clit, making her frantically bob on my cock. I pulled her head back and forth, my own orgasm welling up inside me, as I fucked her mouth. I hadn’t had a chance to ask Sarah if she swallowed, but as she sensed that I was close she didn’t pull back, and that was all the encouragement I needed to cum in her mouth, jerking as she gulped and sucked.

    I released her hair, and she rested her head on my thigh as Jayne increased the pulses on the vibe, and Sarah was unable to stop the sweet torment as she still had her hands cuffed behind her back. Jayne was relentless, fingering Sarah to another orgasm, making her cry out as she bucked and wriggled, shuddering as she came.
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  9. sthwalescpl

    sthwalescpl Sprtr

    We gave her time to compose herself again, as Jayne unclipped her wrists. Leaving the cuffs on, and we all grabbed a drink.

    “You ok to go on?” I asked Sarah.

    “Oh hell yes!”, she replied, “I’m loving it!”

    I was going to need a few minutes to recover, so I turned to Jayne, “She’s all yours hun, play nice now!”

    Jayne turned to Sarah, who had got up and sat on the bed “Ooo, some girlie time, goody!” and bent down, kissing her, as her one hand moved to caress a nipple.

    “Just remember you can stop me at any time, ok?” said Jayne, and Sarah just nodded, distracted by Jaynes fingers gently twirling her nipple. Jayne pushed Sarah back onto the bed, lying down next to her, and they kissed, more urgently this time, tongues sparring, and they both used their hands to caress each other. Jayne’s hand slipped lower, as Sarah opened her legs, and Jayne ran her hand up her thigh, delving between Sarah’s pussy lips rubbing her clit and making her gasp, as Jayne dipped her head and lashed a nipple with her tongue. Jayne inserted a finger into Sarah’s wet slit, pumping it slowly in and out, making Sarah moan, and then Jayne took her fingers and placed them in her mouth, sucking and licking them, as Sarah watched. “Your turn now” said Jayne, lying back, and Sarah didn’t hesitate, dipping her fingers into Jaynes pussy, rubbing her clit, as Jayne quietly directed her “slower, faster, there, harder” moaning as Sarah’s fingers moved and probed, one of Jayne’s hands behind Sarah’s head, pulling her gently onto a nipple, encouraging her to gently nibble and suck it. You could hear that Jayne was wet, as Sarah’s fingers stirred her honey pot, “Sarah, taste me, show me” came from Jayne, and Sarah raised her fingers to her mouth, not hesitating as she placed them on her tongue, before sucking them into her mouth. Jayne grabbed her again, pulling her down to kiss her, “fuck, you are making me so fucking horny, you slut!” she said, “I want you to eat me, pleasure me with your mouth”, and she pushed her down, placing one hand on the back of Sarah’s head, and opening her legs.

    Sarah slid down, seemingly almost in a trance, and lowered her head, allowing Jayne to push her down, her mouth opening as it made contact with Jayne’s glistening slit, Sarah’s tongue snaking out, slowly at first, just flicking Jayne’s clit, a few small licks, before she suddenly plunged it into Jayne, making her groan out, “Oh yes, fuck my cunt with your tongue!” she cried, as Sarah lashed her clit, and sucked her labia, alternating with deep licks between Jaynes’s lips.

    I saw an opportunity, and took a double dildo from our bag, moving around to come behind Sarah, noticing that she had one hand between her own legs, her fingers a blur between her own lips there. I rubbed the toy against her cunt, and it was instantly wet enough, so I eased the head in, pausing as Sarah groaned deeply, the vibrations transmitted directly to Jayne’s clit, who echoed Sarah’s moan with a loud one, both women lost in the moment, Sarah now as keen on licking Jayne as any bi woman before.

    I eased the toy in further, and Sarah took it with ease, her wetness enabling me to push it in and out easily, whimpers, moans and groans coming from her, and I sped up the toys in and out motion, fucking her with half the length, before easing it out. She groaned, and I laughed, “Can’t have you having all the fun now!” I handed her the toy, and she needed no instruction as she pushed it up against Jayne’s pussy, easing it in, flicking her tongue over the clit as she pushed more in, Jayne’s moans becoming one long drawn out one as Sarah started to fuck her with it, her hand moving faster as Jayne accommodated more of the plastic cock inside her.

    “Oh god, fuck the bitch Mart, fuck her hard!” Jayne called out, holding Sarah’s head down onto her pussy. I climbed onto the bed behind Sarah, and delivered a couple of spanks to each arse cheek, before lining my cock up with her dripping slit and, without warning, plunging it in. I drove forward, burying my entire length into Sarah, shunting her forward into Jayne’s pussy. Without pausing to let her get used to it, I started thrusting in and out, grabbing her hips and slamming into her, pulling almost all the way out before doing it again, and again. “Hey, slut, concentrate!” Jayne said sternly to Sarah, who was lost in her own world of pleasure and had slackened off, the dildo hardly moving in Jayne, as I ploughed into her. Jayne took firmer hold of her hair, and pulled Sarah’s face onto her pussy, making her lick harder as I eased off a little, still pushing in and out, but not slamming into her.

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  10. Lips_Pearls

    Lips_Pearls PV Sprtr

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  11. Erm...wow! Those boundaries sure got pushed a bit!


    That was a hot read!!
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  12. sthwalescpl

    sthwalescpl Sprtr

    It will get added to, it isnt over yet lol
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  13. sthwalescpl

    sthwalescpl Sprtr

    Also...currently, we are establishing "our" boundaries, the 3sum dynamic, its a two-way process, Sarah has to trust us, and we have to demonstrate how far we are willing to go too. In future, if things go well, we as a 3sum will move on, exploring the wider swinging dynamic, clubs, parties etc, and that will require another shift in how we interact, not with each other, but with people outside our established group. Its an ever-evolving relationship.
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  14. Makes complete sense, we're trying to do exactly the same - establishing our boundaries as a couple... lots of ideas that appear exciting in our fantasies may or may not be as exciting in real life. But the fun part I suppose is the trying and finding out!! :D
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  15. sthwalescpl

    sthwalescpl Sprtr

    Exactly...nothing wrong with trying something different...if you dont like it...dont do it again, simple lol!
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  16. sthwalescpl

    sthwalescpl Sprtr

    I eased into a steady rhythm, pushing deep each time, pulling almost all the way out, as Sarah whimpered and moaned as she licked Jayne, who was pulling at her own nipples with one hand whilst holding Sarah down between her legs.

    I slipped a finger into Sarah's butt, she had said she had some anal experience but not much, but she seemed very receptive as I gently pushed it in. I pulled my finger back, and then pushed in again, making Sarah buck and moan loudly. Jayne moaned too, as Sarah was still trying to lick her clit, whilst fucking her with the dildo, and I had an idea for something I wanted to try.

    I pulled out of Sarah, who groaned with disappointment, earning herself another spank across her arse.
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  17. sthwalescpl

    sthwalescpl Sprtr

    I'd bought Jayne a new strap-on, and this seemed to be the perfect chance to try it out. I rummaged in the bag, and Jaynes eyes lit up when she saw what I had in my hand.

    It has a 7 and a half inch vibrating dildo for the one getting fucked, and a lower 4 inch vibrating dildo for the person doing the fucking. Jayne had got bored with her previous strap-on, as it was just a dildo in a harness, as she put it "too much work for little reward"... she had asked me to get one that vibrated or had a clit stimulator for her, and I saw this and snapped it up.

    "Ok slut, on all fours" said Jayne, releasing her hold on Sarah, who turned and smiled when she saw what I had handed to Jayne.

    I clipped a short length a chain between the cuffs, hands in front this time, and Sarah knew the position we wanted her in when I placed a couple of pillows up against the headboard and sat back, beckoning her forward. She shuffled forward, and Jayne moved behind her, lining up the dildo as Sarah engulfed my cock in her mouth again, bobbing her head up and down, making eye contact with me.

    I heard Jayne squirt some lube, and then she was nudging slowly into Sarah's pussy, easing forward which pushed Sarah onto my cock, and brought forth a deep moan. Jayne grabbed her hips and started to slowly thrust, and I placed a hand on the back of Sarah's head and held her there as Jayne operated the controls on one of the dildos, it didnt take much figuring out which of them was the beneficiary, as Sarah almost screamed, muffled as it was by my cock in her mouth.

    Jayne spanked her, "Shush bitch, don't make so much fuss!", as she leaned forward and grabbed one of Sarah's tits, pulling at the nipple, grinding the fake cock into her and adjusting the vibration to maximum, which made Sarah squirm and writhe between us.

    "Now, lets see what all the noise is about" said Jayne, using the second set of controls to turn on her vibrations. "Oh fuck, yes!" she cried, "that's much better!". She adjusted her control until it was in the sweet spot for her, and then set about fucking the life out of Sarah, holding her hips and ramming into her.

    Not to be out-done, Sarah was pushing back, groaning and moaning around my cock, until I couldn't take any more. I pulled out of her mouth, slipped sideways, and then sat next to her, playing with her nipples as Jayne started to show signs of impending orgasm. "Are you going to cum, slut?" Jayne asked, "Yes, fuck, yes!" moaned Sarah.

    "Dont you dare cum until I tell you to, got that?" said Jayne, and Sarah just nodded, biting her lip as Jayne continued to ram her. By now I was wanking, the ladies were such an erotic sight.

    "Get ready" Jayne moaned, and again Sarah just nodded, it was taking every ounce of self-control for her not to cum, as she screwed up her face, grabbing handfuls of the quilt and moaning, getting louder and louder.

    "Oh fuck, yes, now, cum with me slut, cum now!" screamed Jayne, and they both started jerking, Sarah gushing a little as Jayne delivered the last few jerky thrusts, before pulling out and falling on her side on the bed, gasping as she orgasmed. Sarah too fell on her side, and as Jayne scrabbled for the controls and turned the dildos off, they faced each other, before gently kissing as their breathing slowed.

    "Mmm... look at that dirty bugger" said Jayne, nodding in my direction, Sarah turned, and said "I think we should help him, don't you Jayne?" They slid over to the side of the bed, where I was stood, and sat close together, sticking their tongues out to give me a double blowjob.

    I looked down, as they ran their tongues up and down each side, meeting at the tip to kiss, thrusting their tongues into each others mouths before taking turns to suck my knob. Jayne took my cock in her hand, taking over the wanking, and soon I was ready to cum.

    "Show me your boobs ladies" I said, and they snuggled up together, nipples touching, giving me a target to aim at. I felt the rush growing, and started to spurt, Jayne aiming some at her boobs before directing the rest onto Sarah's ample cleavage.

    We all laid on the bed, and slowly came down from our collective orgasmic high.

    All too soon, it was time to clean up, so we removed cuffs and chains and got cleaned up, Sarah kindly letting us use her shower, and got dressed. The ladies compared notes on the strap-on, voting it a huge hit from both ends.

    We all kissed, promising to set up another date to get together, and I was already hatching a plan for that meet.
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  18. sthwalescpl

    sthwalescpl Sprtr

    So....after a couple of false starts due to work and various other things, we met Sarah at hers last night.

    Sometimes, the reality is a pale imitation of the fantasy.
    You aren't that into them, or vice versa, you just don't "click".

    However, that wasn't the case here!
    I won't go into too much detail, but I can say that, although the meet didn't follow "the script" as it were, we did try out loads of stuff, we all had a great time, the sex was awesome...and we made a lovely new friend! She was exactly as her pic indicated, and she was genuine about what she wanted, so having "broke the ice" as it were, next time we will push our sub a little further, explore, experience, and evaluate.
    We are already scouring our diaries trying to find our next compatible date, and as Sarah lives not far from us it's easier for evenings etc.

    So, to all those sat there, a little disheartened because things don't go to plan and you can't get a meet (this time).... fear not, there are loads of genuine folks out there, but, (you knew there was going to be a but, right?) they won't fall in your lap, you have to put the leg work in, get out there, be "seen on the scene" and network your little socks off lol!
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