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Question Mark Avatars

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Scrumps, 13 February 2016.

  1. Just a general query; does anyone else find profiles with a question mark annoying? If they can be bothered to join, why not put up a picture?
    I understand some people may worry about their identity, but they don't have to show their faces.
    Just wondered if anyone else felt the same.
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  2. i wouldnt go as far to say it annoys me, but it is strange - or maybe it isnt, and those people are actually here for reasons outside of the intent of this website.
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  3. Therapon

    Therapon Admin Sprtr

    Question mark avatars - well we have tried to coax people into adding a picture, first by using the orange ducks and now by the profile completion messages. I agree some people probably do not want to show thier face but that is not a reason to have a ? avatar.
    This question has been raised a few times and there is a thread somewhere but I can't find it just now.

    It did raise some debate so if you want to comment on this please remember the site rules about posting, any rants will be removed.
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  4. Don't worry, I save ranting for Facebook ;) Is there a future view to make it a requirement as part of an account being set up?
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  5. Therapon

    Therapon Admin Sprtr

    Not sure @Scrumps, that is something I know @Admin was considering hence the profile messages as a way to encourage them. It would be possible to force people but then we would possible end up with lots of flowers/cars/sunsets/feet/animals - you get the drift. It's getting the balance right hopefully by example.
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  6. Its very difficult to ... *tell people they have to have an avatar*
    Yes its annoying extremley.
    I give people the benefit of the doubt for a few hours after joining.
    I figure sometimes it not always do-able/possible to upload an avatar straight away. I then try and drop it in politely/or not ..dependant on the *attitude* of the member, a day or two later.
    Its very annoying, when there are members here who have clearly taken the time, to fill out their profiles and add pictures..and then other people join write nothing.. upload nothing and head of course straight to the gallery... one of the reasons a user must have three photos, or they are unable to view any media.
    We are trying.. coaxing telling reminding... asking..
    If its any consolation.. people are starting to listen..slowly.. and those with a question mark avatar.. will fall by the wheyside..
    i mean who would bother to interact with them..
    This is one of the reasons my/our gallery is only viewable to people i/we follow.. and i only follow when theres something to follow.
    As the old sayin goes you can lead a horse to water.....
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  7. Lovernotfighter

    Lovernotfighter PV Sprtr

    yeah i find such things annoying too it only takes a few minutes to upload a picture and put something in your about me so it is not blank, but equally i don't websites should force people to have avatars and filled about mes either.
  8. Therapon

    Therapon Admin Sprtr

    We do expect people to add something to their profile, we want this site to be different, friendly, where people feel safe to interact. As @meet_the_fockers has stated above we do not force people to add avatars etc but we would prefer them too. Who wants to get messages from a stranger, someone not prepared to make any efforts. However people are beginning to realise that a completed profile helps.
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  9. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Okay good question @Scrumps and this is something that has been long debated.
    it came around in a thread named 'Another fake bites the dust' found here;

    please read my post here;

    Also to set the record straight for staff and members alike :whistle::whistle: we DO force avatars as a result of a change I implemented on the site. If you do not use an avatar/profile pic - you will be unable to continue registration. The downside to this is we end up with noobs using flowers, horses, cars, vans, ice-cream, dick picks (bannable offence btw) and a hell of a lot more.
    However, the plus side is - the genuine among us do not upload shitty fake profile pics, instead use creative ones or genuine pics of themselves et al.

    For the forced avatar on registration please read this announcement. It may prove handy for the staff too :D :D

    Also, I implemented a system where users get nagged unless they complete certain steps on their profiles.
    All members must now have photos, information in their information area (about you) and a profile photo.

    Remembering too also, all members must have a minimum of 2 x photos uploaded to the gallery - before they can access the gallery.
    Of course, we vet the images so they must be genuine, authentic and of the members. Once we are happy, they get approved and within a few minutes after approval, said members will have access to the gallery.

    As @meet_the_fockers pointed out above, I have also ensured that members have further protection of photos and albums, by having additional privacy on your albums/photos with the following and followers system.
    You can have your photos set to following only - thus creating a more secure environment for you - as YOU decide who sees them or not... Plus you can have individual photo privacy as well.
    Lots of various ways to protect yourselves from fakers & dreamers.

    Back to the OP, yes the dubious question mark profiles kind of irritate me a little, as they are not what we are trying to encourage on the site, but let's face it - they won't get very far here either.
    Ultimately = their loss. ;)

    Hope this helps a little.
    Best wishes @ all
    Admin :) x
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  10. Therapon

    Therapon Admin Sprtr

    Thanks Admin, wasn't sure about the avatars as I see the odd newbie profile complete with ? so assumed, wrongly, it wasn't a registration requirement.
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  11. Thanks for all the replies on this. It's so reassuring to know that these kind of things are continually being looked at and revised, when needed. That's what makes this such a great site. :)
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  12. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Indeed, that happens when they are unable to use piece of the uploading scripts - on outdated phones or browsers. If using old and antiquated devices, they will be unable to use ajax. (a script) so the system in that case, will allow the registration to go ahead.

    Additionally, if one uses a genitalia image in detail, I usually delete within a minute from asking. Who said patience was a virtue? :p
    Oh and of course, the members may change it or remove it after registration.
    Hope that helps.

    Thank you for the kind words @Scrumps x :)
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  13. Mootje

    Mootje SS Bad Boy! PV

    Thanks @Scrumps for raising the question and guess there is nothing more to add, after all these replies from the Admins, and Mr. @Admin i finally found other threads to Spam hehehehehe :D:whistle::D
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