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Safety On Meets

Discussion in 'FAQ's, Help & Suggestions' started by Crezy, 16 March 2016.

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  1. Crezy

    Crezy PV

    Hi Admin

    First off fantastic site weldone, now humor a side if some of the members wanted to set up a meeting let's say a couple wanted to meet a single male or female, is it possible for them to send you the details of the meet, then after inform you you that all is well and no problems, you have our real names and e mail so should a problem come up they have a safety net and know that some one is keeping an eye out,

    If you want to put this idea out to the members please do, I think some may agree

    Crezy (mr)
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  2. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Hi @Crezy I created a new thread for you. (y)

    To everyone reading... As discussed in PM's;
    Hello and good evening,
    Thank you for the kind words. :)

    Hmm it could be tricky for logistics but I shouldn't see that being a problem. As long as people are happy to extend that level of trust then I don't see why not?

    If you wish, by all means make a post about this in the site help and suggestions and see what others think?

    But initially I will say I have no issue with that and think for safety, this is a pretty good idea. :) (y)
    Best wishes

    @Pearls :) xx
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  3. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Fixed the 3rd line @Crezy :)
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  4. I think this is a fantastic idea personally. Extra protection especially for single fems on meets. I would have no problem trusting that info to Admin xxx
  5. Crezy

    Crezy PV

    Thank you
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  6. When you think about it we can sometimes put ourselves in real dangerous situations here. I really think this is an excellent idea. It also helps set this site apart from others cos no one else does it. Could maybe make it optional xxxxx
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  7. I think it's a really good idea. Not just for single ladies but single men as well.x
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  8. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Agreed, for everyone.. Single females, males, couples, tv/ts/cd - everyone.. :) x
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  9. Meandlis

    Meandlis PV Sprtr

    How would this work? I'm assuming it wouldn't be in a public forum?
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  10. It's protection for everybody. There become people who don't want to give that sort of information. But if there's the option to do so....it's gotta be a good thing. That way @Admin can also keep an eye on no shows....or any other issue arising. Xxxx
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  11. Crezy

    Crezy PV

    I would see it as just a PM to admin that's all nothing to add to there already heavy work load on this site just needs to be as simple as that but an option
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  12. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Okay my first suggestion is this.. I can create a forum where no one can see the info besides the poster and myself.
    The poster will also not be able to see anyone else's posts.. So all they will see is literally their own thread and info and our (my) replies.
    That's one suggestion.. There's many other ways of course but this is my first suggestion. No one else will see anything besides the poster and me/us etc
  13. Seems like a great idea in principal x
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  14. Could you not have a database so the people fill in a few details and save the document. It goes to the database that @Admin has access to. It could kinda be automatic. Maybe an alert to Admin of a new entry. Xxx
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  15. Yeah its a good idea admittedly.. i used to have a lot of close girlfreinds socially re swinging.. if one of us, arranged a meet.. we would exchange txts.. let them know when, where, we were ect..
    when we had arrived safely..
    These where called saftey buddies.. x
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  16. Brilliant idea in theory. So long as @Admin was on hand to check the posts 24/7 ... unfortunately meets do happen at say 3.00am. X
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  17. Admin

    Admin Admin

    The trouble instantly with this is people would see other people's information?
    Whereas if a thread was done in a section where the poster only sees their own threads and posts, it's totally secluded?
    With the database others would have read access if they had write access..?
    Just thinking with you..

    @meet_the_fockers exactly. (y) x

    Yes and that's where this is flawed... But the details after could prove to be invaluable if any problems took place etc. x
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  18. Could it not just be a case of completing the details and then it's gone and you can't get back into it? I can't see a reason you'd need to review it. Then Admin would be the only person with access. I might be being a bit thick here lol xxxxx
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  19. Crezy

    Crezy PV

    I think it would only work on prearranged meets with time to give details and only if you are meeting others from this site so any thing out site of this site is down to you
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  20. Agreed xxx
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  21. So say a meet did go wrong? Admin missed the alert for whatever reason.
    He would feel awful, you would feel let down.
    Ultimately people have to take responsibily for their own meets own actions.. inform a freind.... xx
  22. What if they have no one they can confide in. Some people live this lifestyle in secrecy from friends and family xxxx
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  23. Crezy

    Crezy PV

    That is very true, that's one reson to keep it members only, but I do see your point
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  24. Meandlis

    Meandlis PV Sprtr

    Yes, I would worry about this aspect of it.
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