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Social Swinging on Wales Online & Wales on Sunday: Inside Wales’ ultra-secretive swinging community

Social Swinging on Wales Online & Wales on Sunday: Inside Wales’ ultra-secretive swinging community
By Admin · 17 June 2018 ·
  1. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Admin submitted a new Article:

    Social Swinging on Wales Online & Wales on Sunday: Inside Wales’ ultra-secretive swinging community

    Read more about this article here...
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  2. Pearls

    Pearls #PearlsTechSupport

    What an amazing article. A fresh and honest piece that finally puts all the trash about the lifestyle in the dark. Well done to a very good friend for this amazing story. Hopefully this will put all the haters in the correct light. X
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  3. Vanezza

    Vanezza PV Sprtr

    Excellent article and a good read and finally getting rid of some of the stigma people have about the lifestyle (y)

  4. Steed99

    Steed99 Oldest Swinger In Town PV Sprtr

    They say there is no such thing as bad publicity and this is certainly not bad publicity. Usually swinging gets into the press for all the wrong reasons and it's good to see good honest text explaining our lifestyle to the wider world. Well done to all concerned.
  5. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Agreed, we really did the right thing by trying to get out there a fresh and honest article that shows the good as well as the bad x
    Thank you V.. our aim was completely to try and undo so many stigmas that are attached with this. I feel vindicated in one sense, because we had a voice and used it to try and help educate and eradicate so many misconceptions x
    I agree completely - it's always for the wrong reasons, which is something I conveyed several times to Will Hayward (the author and journalist) and I made it clear to him that it drags us all down when we see such things over and over in the press.
    So this was our chance to try and right some of it.
    It's taken a while to come to fruition but I think we've all done an amazing job of expressing all points concerned and Will has clearly understood our ethos here. :)
  6. Leonidas480

    Leonidas480 PV Sprtr

    Fantastic article, well done to all involved. Thank you for sharing. Really dispels a lot of the myths about swinging. I also found it informative to get stories from various perspectives. Hopefully this encourages more people to get involved and others to take a more positive view of the community.
  7. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Thank you so much for the positive feedback. Most definitely, it really has allowed us a voice to try and clear a few things up whilst also explaining that it's not typical keys in a bowl job either. :)
  8. MP386

    MP386 PV Sprtr

    Well written article....be nice to see it it published more country wide ...
    Keys in a bowl ...old skool .... theme for a social :hmm:
    Jokes aside for a society that wants to be more tolerant , the stigmas associated with Swinging are being addressed by the article so well done for getting it published Mike and Cathy ;) interesting name chioces:)
  9. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Agreed it would be, hopefully some others may pick up on it. We're Tweeting it as much as possible and sharing it over FB etc.

    Thank you, we definitely needed and wanted to try and tackle the stigmas head on and I think we did it well.
    Haha yes, well, thank Will for that. He chose them... makes a change from Steve though eh? :D
  10. T&C

    T&C PV Sprtr

    Great article that will show that our lifestyle is not the sordid one that had been portrayed over the years.
    Well done to you both in getting this out and we all look forward the positives from it xxxx T&C :0))
  11. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Thank you both and we completely agree. It was needed and we're so glad to have been able to have a voice and use it for once, rather than have to sit back and just watch the continued bashing. Yes, let's hope so. I think it will help tremendously. (y)
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  12. Baldrick

    Baldrick PV Sprtr

    Well done to all those involved in this article. It was a good read and put a positive spin on the community for a change.
    I'm sure I recognise some of the swingers quoted in the article :whistle:.

    I'm impressed that such an unbiased article managed to get written.
    Congrats (y)

    B x
  13. Good read that and very informative. Thought we knew most stuff after all these years but it seems not - Whats this bit of jewellery that we should be looking out for.
  14. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Will mention it somewhere in another thread that's not public. :D

    Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed the read. It's been done well and really gets the points we wanted known, across and to the reader (esp vanilla folk) in an easy manner.
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  15. Lips_Pearls

    Lips_Pearls PV Sprtr

    @DiamondJoe thought you may appreciate this read when you have time to sit sown and catch up tomorrow or something. I think it raises some valuable points about a broad spectrum of subjects within all this. :)
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  16. Will certainly have a look, ta!

    & brave :eek:
  17. Lips_Pearls

    Lips_Pearls PV Sprtr

    You're welcome and thank you.. (y)
    Yeah think we had the chance to have a voice and took it.
  18. Antogs

    Antogs PV Sprtr

    Excellent well balanced and serious article which is nice to see.

    Although personally I couldn't give a damn what ignorant, jealous and hypocritical people think of the way I lead my life and the pleasure I take from it.
    WTF has it got to do with anyone else.?

    I value the friendships and opinions of people within the community who share similar values to my own far more than someone who somehow thinks they have the right to judge me.

    But I do understand the concerns of swingers that live in the "real world" and have no choice but to deal with all sorts and whose future well being is often determined by these people.

    Antogs xx
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  19. I thought the article wasn't too prurient, although the use of the term "unicorn" in the first sentence made me shudder lol

    No. On balance it's fair and doesn't seek to sensationalise the subject more than necessary.

    Publicity around sex/swinging is always such a difficult thing to manage but this article is sensitive to the actual issues.

    What made you go for it?
  20. Admin

    Admin Admin

    I know what you mean :D but bearing in mind it's aimed towards vanilla folk really.
    Yes I think so too. It's always a difficult subject to tackle and of course this is still a taboo, so I think it's balanced, fair and not judgemental.
    To be honest, I/we felt something when we agreed to meet and there was a trust there. We have fended off many journos but Will made me specifically, feel more at ease and I just had a gut feeling about him that it would be the 'right' thing to do.
    It's given us a voice I think and allowed us to express a better point of view to others without having the typical sleazy headlines and swingers bashing that is so very prolific.
    This way, it helped us have more of a voice and for once, have some positivity and highlight not only the fun but the dangers involved too which I believe was so incredibly important to get across. (y)
  21. SteLinda

    SteLinda PV Sprtr

    Ah! And this accounts for the rise in Welsh newbies...
  22. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Surprising how many have PV'd, stayed and become involved though isn't it?
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  23. WolfieGray

    WolfieGray PV Sprtr

    This is how I found out about Ss and joined:lol:, and sent it to my buddy @Shadowfox . Definite influx of Welshies:D

    No regrets, loving it so far, the only negative is that it's very distracting when I have so much to do.. :whistle: which actually isn't a negative at all.. :grin:
  24. Lips_Pearls

    Lips_Pearls PV Sprtr

    Fantastic. Very distracting isn’t it? :D
    Way too. But all good! :sneaky: ;) x
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  25. WolfieGray

    WolfieGray PV Sprtr

    Yes definitely X
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