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Someone to watch over me.


Rushden, United Kingdom
Having had a conversation with someone last night about previous activities I thought I'd take time to write about one such event. before I met the lovely Linda I was a single swinger for a number of years. The club I used to go to had their own website and I would regularly post on there just like I do here. one night a new face turned up, or should I say a new profile name with a question post in the general section. She was asking how you go about going to a club and if they accepted single women? I PMed and asked if I could be of assistance, I also added that I was quite happy to give advice and not necessarily expect anything in return.
After a few nights of exchanging details facts and stories we arranged a meet at the club so I could show her around. She turned out to be a very gorgeous brunette with lovely figure and very pretty face. As had been arranged on this first night she just walked around took in the sights and ask plenty of questions. No play, this was made clear before we met. At the end of the night we arranged to return in another 2 weeks.
So second night and she arrives dressed up extremely sexy wearing I thin dress end sexy red lingerie underneath, high heals and smelling sweet. after a while in the bar she politely asked me when did I think it was the best time to go into the playroom? and I replied as soon as she felt ready for it. she smiled and said indeed ok let’s go. She remarked that she was looking forward to finding out exactly what it was she'd been missing, she had it appears in a long but lack luster relationship.
After going to our respective changing rooms we met up at the entrance door to the large playroom, she was now smiling from ear to ear and looked very sweet in her bath towel, I could see that nerves were not particularly going to bother her. She asked me where I suggested we started, and I said that usually I had a dip in the hot tub. We made our way over and disrobing she climbed in. As she slid in opposite me, I took in her gorgeous body and firm breasts, I could tell by her nipples that she was extremely excited. She noticed me looking and with a playful smile waved her finger at me and down pointed down at my erection now hidden under the surface and repeated that I had promised not to try and have any fun with her, I was there to chaperone her and make sure she was safe while she enjoyed this new found lifestyle. I held my hands up and pleaded innocence adding that I was only human and she was an extremely sexy woman. I was cool with the hands-off promise and she would have no problem finding willing play friends tonight.
Normally I would spend quite some time in the hot tub which was a favorite place of mine, in fact sometimes a nice hot dip was the only thing I got out of a Friday night. we didn't stay too long but suffice to say she had sufficiently warmed to the moment. We left the tub and dried off. Taking our place on one of the beds around the edge of the room we took in the sights of early play. In front of us a nice middle-aged couple had begun to get it on and after a few moments a man in his late 20s came and sat on the bed beside them watching their action. his robe fell open allowing her to see what by my own admissions was an extremely thick and long cock. his gaze on the couple in front of him he didn't notice us watching as he had a discreet little stroke of his manhood. she leant over to me and whispered, “That's nice, do you think he would give me some of that”? I replied that if that was her wish I see what could do. I politely walked over to him and said that my friend quite liked what she saw, she would like to know if he would care to join her?
Returning I took my place on the bed next door so that they could be together. She wasted no time and after a brief introduction removed his towel, caressed his enormous cock and took it into her mouth, she worked on him for a few minutes then he gently held her head as he rocked back and forth slipping between her lips. Sensing that any longer and he would come he moved down and after a tender kiss kneeled and lifted her legs. she arched her back and moaned Oh! fuck as he slid into her, after a few gentle strokes he increased his rhythm and was soon ramming into her, I’m a big voyeur and I was thrilled watching her being fucked. Stopping he gestured for her to rollover which she did happily and pushing her arse into the air I muttered quietly “Oh! Yes”, at the site of her extremely wet and pink pussy taking in his cock. She began to moan, and it wasn't long before his last few thrusts hit home.
By this time a number of other guys had gathered round. She rolled over onto her back and saw the sight of two more cocks waiting to be her friend. She started to give them both a hand job and they both enjoyed the action until one of them took his place behind her and she started a nice rhythmic spit roast. for a woman who is new to this scene she was beginning to look like this was second nature to her and after receiving both their cocks she was absolutely purring.
Before the night we’d already discussed preferences and what her wishes were, we’d also arranged a set of hand signals, ‘Yes him’, ‘no not him’, and I dutifully watched over her, holding a hand up to politely turn one guy away, giving the thumbs up to another.
Action abated and all departed so she asked me to come and sit beside her. “Oh! my God” she said, this is just what I wanted, after all those years with that idiot it's time I had some real fun, I've had more cock already in just an hour then I've had over the last 4 years. I commented that the night was still young, how much did she want? To which she replied “Why do you think I could have all of them”? In order to get her breath back we decided to go and get a coffee, and while sitting in the bar area we got chatting to a nice couple who asked about our relationship. I explained that I was acting as chaperone for the night as my friend wanted to have a good time without the fear of being dived on buy a scrum of hungry guys.
The couple indicated that they were about to go back into the room and asked if he would join them and taking to the bed they began to play. Both were about 40, he was thick set and she curvy with gorgeous large breasts, she indicated that she would like her to get involved her husband. My friend happily joined her beside him on the bed and they began to take it in turns to suck his cock I sat there happily enjoying the sight. There was a couple beside them who soon took note and before long all 5 of them were having a good time. my mate date proceeded to have both husbands while unknown to her above her head both ladies began to kiss fondle and touch each other.
At this point others joined in on the main bed and while flat on her back as she proceeded to give yet another man the benefits of her lips and tongue a pretty young blonde placed her head between her legs and begins to lick gently. Now at this point I remembered in our conversations online she had said that she was straight, and girls did nothing for her. For a moment I wasn't sure whether to request politely that she desist or wait and see what happened. A few seconds later my date mate looked up in surprise, looked down to see this blonde head all soft long hair gently working her magic. In shock she looked at me and mouthed “it's a girl”. I laughed and quietly said back “Is that a problem after all you said you weren't into girls”, she looked back again then up to me and said no let her carry on.
I have never forgotten the beautiful sight as I watched her discover a side of herself she never knew, before long she was riding against her tongue in total bliss eventually coming hard with a deep satisfying moan. The two girls introduce themselves to each other and lying beside each other preceded kiss fondle and chat. At this point the woman from a couple in the bar turn to me and said “I think she's quite happy now and in safe hands, your turn now”. Gesturing to me to move up she took my cock into her mouth. As we played the blondes’ fella starts to let out the excitement he had on her and my date mate rolled back towards the woman I’m enjoying. They lay together and start kissing as I slipped into a deep and wet puss. After all the sexual tension I was quick to rise and it wasn’t long before I was throbbing into her, doubly excited watching them kiss.
Our night wound up and she kissed me politely on the cheek before we parted. True to her promise though she admitted I was of interest to her and that our next meeting would be on different terms. We did indeed meet again a few months later and I got to enjoy what the others had. She made friends with a couple that night and as far as I’m aware became a sort of girlfriend to them. Our paths never crossed again. I had no regrets that night, the ‘pact’ not to play was both wise and necessary, my reward a few weeks later made up for it anyway.