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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jamboreene, 13 July 2017.

  1. So you're sat at work tucking into your dinner with your fellow collegues, a discussion arises about how you shouldn't give ducks bread as it can cause a deformity in their wings making them flightless. I am horrified at said news just thinking how many poor ducks I may have disfigured in my youth. To alleviate the guilt I immediately try to disprove this theory and press the Internet button on my phone. With a couple of colleagues peering over my shoulder the page loads and……….‘Social Swingers’ loads up with a picture of me scantily clad :) . I will not describe my reaction but please describe what your reaction would of bin?x
  2. Pearls

    Pearls #PearlsTechSupport

    I'm still thinking about the poor ducks :lol:
  3. I know and they call it angel wings for some sick reason!
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  4. Tut tut tut tut
    Silly boy ... day three lol

    So tell us the ribbin you got
    Or indeed did you flip it open in hope to catch / impress a colleague
  5. Dayyyy three in the big swinging ouse, i passed it off as a pop up non related to my search history, and my pic was small so they coukdnt see it hopefullllllly x
  6. TherLegs

    TherLegs PV Sprtr

    Where'd work we'll give um a bell :lol::lol:
  7. Pearls

    Pearls #PearlsTechSupport

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  8. I had a similar incident at work where I was showing a male colleague a perfectly innocent photograph on my phone when a very naughty message appeared from a man who was not my husband..... what you need to understand is that me and Lew work in the same place.. . Awkward or what? I said nothing and neither did he.... :rofl::rofl:
  9. I'd just turn and say "fancy a threesome " :whistle::whistle:
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  10. p

    Lol my only advice is remove yer naughty pics from your everyday pics folder

    Awww hey you not seen you for years , how's the kids ...great ! I reply

    Oh look here's mine ... look how's she grown up can't believe it's 6 yrs

    Have you any pics of your wee one , oh yeah of course

    Open phone flick flick flick
    Boobs n lips. Oppppppps !!!
    Red face to match the bra n lips
  11. And delete from the deleted folder!
  12. Well I cant say I have ever been so careless with our picks as I keep them on an SD card on my phone so never access it if folks around. However quite a number of years ago when my good lady had a near on perfect body shape we had some pics taken of her and due to some clever posing and pic taking she looked naked on a lot of them. 1 pic in particular I loved as she looked naked draped in a flag of St George and for many years I had it as my works screen saver. not being allowed to have pics of anyone but family on our lappies the MD of the firm looked over my shoulder in the canteen full of co-workers and spotted the pic and in a loud voice whilst that young lady looks fantastic your not allowed it on your computer. Quick as a flash I shouted " That's my wife your looking at" Exit the canteen 1 very red faced MD who never slowed long enough to hear everyone laughing.
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  13. Is it just me or does site make you really dirty? I mean I never used to get this dirty on a Friday! X

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  14. Baldrick

    Baldrick PV Sprtr



    B x
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  15. I was asked in Iceland today if my mouth piercing hurt.. I said no but my nipples did..
    I said it loud.. Everyone stopped..
    We all make mistakes..
    The question is will you stop doing what you do now that that people suspect...?

    If no..
    Then no matter what people say about you won't change you..
    In truth people were probably talking about you behind your back back already.. It didn't stop you from being you..
  16. Hahah i like that @The_Bibas :lol:

    Hell no I won't stop but tbh I haven't really done anything yet except write a poem and post it:lol:
  17. Well maybe we should change that..
  18. Lets turn this maybe into a definately :)
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  19. Xxx
  20. Oh did you you think with me ?

  21. I had made no asumptuous it was a site wide invitation :lol::lol::rofl:
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  22. Oh!
    I am sorry that I am not your type..
  23. My type is naughty, do you fall into that category? :)
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  24. Absolutely not..
    I am completely innocent and almost almost virginal
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